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Comments "WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010: Road to WrestleMania #14":

Author: Nijind
are you going to restart this
Author: Akinogrel
If u win, then there is a different cutscene but either way, u still kick JBL in the face. Good times.
Author: Nikonris
I really hope after like 5 years people still fell for CM Punk returning.
Author: Goltiran
You could win the match i have before
Author: Melmaran
what matches u see being on pre show match at maina
Author: Tolrajas
Author: Totaxe
who hates JBL?.
Author: Meztilrajas
It is possible I played it so I know
Author: Mauzshura
All man Easter is over now.
Author: Kigami
who loves me, more than JBL?.
Author: Tojakinos
A WWE game predicted HHH taking over and the authority stuff and so much other stuff
Author: Taurg
@Attackslug you got the bad ending for Shawn
Author: Malagami
You can either win or lose, there’s a cut scene for each
Author: Moogujar
That is a alternate ending the other ending is you winning
Author: Bralar
because I am the king of King
Author: Akinolrajas
Seeing how roman reigns is vinces boy the main event probably will be reigns vs lesnar
Author: Kigazil
You could have lost any of the road to wrestlemanias however you are always meant to win
Author: Mekus
i hate JBL.
Author: Memuro
It was alternate ending bad one
Author: Akigor
I just realized this game predicted hbks career ending 🤔