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Comments "StickDeath CrackHouse Cleanup Full Gameplay":

Author: Virg
Such a sweet story, I love happy endings.
Author: Maugar
This game was the reason I even found out about StickDeath. Thanks Newgrounds (R.I.P.).
Author: Kazisida
Played this in 3rd grade.
Author: Arashigami
Haha excellent! I never did figure out how to get past the 2nd floor. Is the game still playable anywhere? Good ol days.
Author: Ker
This used to be the shit! The memories!
Author: Nikozahn
where is that this is effin war line from?
Author: Kazralkis
Oh wow this is solid 1999 freshman high school memories
Author: Faulkis
Still remember let rhe bodies hit the floor with the killer vampire red stick dude 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Author: Faulmaran
"You fargin sneaky bastage"
Author: Goltim
The ending is the best haha! He just goes back to bed.
Author: Mokora
i remember waiting hella long for my dial up connection just to watch these vids
Author: Grogor
I used to love this and had been trying to find out what happened to the site and the games...I miss playing this...
Author: Doumi
Do anyone know the origin for that scream?
Author: Araktilar
The sound the guy makes when he's shot at the top of the stairs at 3:08 . lol
Author: Kazrazuru
blue lives matter
Author: Doshicage
hahah i never went thru that game used to play many time when i was in high school man Stickdeath was great !
Author: Gardazil
Hotline Miami in 2000
Author: Zulut
that scream though!
Author: Magar
Computer class in highschool nostalgia. I lived for rip ❤️
Author: Shaktisida
We used to be entertained with so little, gotta miss that.