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Comments "Patch 5.4 PTR battle pets: Moon Moon, Aspect of Yulon and Pierre animations":

Author: Garn
Pierre looks awesome!
Author: Yorn
God dammit Moon Moon!
Author: Volkis
I want da aspect!
Author: Braramar
I'll have to make myself a Pierre... After I've finished making the Sky Golem, obviously.
Author: Makora
Dammit Moon Moon!
Author: Dourr
i love how the description for Yu'lon describes the aspect as "...himself." Either Blizz made a typo, or person doing the voice over work was extremely feminine. 
Author: Shakanos
who the fuck invited Moon moon?
Author: Vugar
Hope that model is placeholder
Author: Akimi
moon moon should have a different model to look like the derpiest fuck in existence