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Comments "Mi Ru (Unknown Fox Wyvern) - Battle Theme [Monster Hunter Frontier G2]":

Author: Dourg
this music....ITS TOO HYPE!!!!!!!!!!! YADGPIYFGBPAI*YFGBO why cant we have this game and its soundtrack. the soundtrack of mosnter hunter frontier is definitly the best mosnter hunter soundtrack ever.....
Author: Netilar
"Mi Ru's most well known ability is its ability to change its appearance, shape, and size. With this ability it is able to change its fighting style, looks, and characteristics depending on its enemy"
Author: Mikam
this theme is not for this cloned version of the old good monster
Author: Kazratilar
Where is then head?
Author: Goltik
a cougar dragon
Author: Mesar
Author: Mojind
they are the same
Author: Shakus
At some parts I picture jumping off a cliff with rocks falling everywhere. Heavy rain coming down and lightning as this beast tries to finish you off. Other times I picture running while trying to take this thing down. Running through thick woods while he leaps gracefully from tree to tree trying to rip you apart with its sharp talons. I must be weird...
Author: Mobar
When ever I see a frontier monster i'm both in awe of how awesome they look and mad they havn't shipped any copies to western countries
Author: Magore
I really wish majority of the coolest monsters aren't exclusive to Fontier G. It would be really nice to see them in future Monster Hunter games and fight them.
Author: Malajinn
01:00 The beat makes me want to do stupid things..
Author: Zuk
I can think of this beast if he had a deviant form if he was in MHX/MHG.
Author: Zolotilar
One of the most unique themes, and easily one of the best. And in true monster hunter fashion, it screams "You're about to die horribly in the jaws of a gigantic beast"
Author: Kazijinn
Call it willpower, call it instinct, call it viciousness, whatever it is hunter, do it.
Author: Kabei
sure, you have the name, but the devil rathalos, there is NOTHING known about it other than it's just a nope fight.
Author: Maular
This is so intense... O___O
Author: Magis
a fox-nargacuga-gore magala thing?
Author: Voodoogore
Capcom get this game to the US pleeeaaaassssse
Author: Gardagrel
The start kinda sounds like a rendition of Donkey Kong’s final smash XD
Author: Gardadal
Long ago in a distant land, I, Mi Ru, the Shapeshifting Wyvern of Darkness, unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE EVIL. But a foolish hunter wielding a long sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I threw open a portal in time and flung him far into the future, where tonfas are law. Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undot the future that is Mi Ru.
Author: Gardasida
"Mi Ru'...hmmm..."Mirror"?
Author: Akizil
The agility from Nargacuga , Tigrex aggresion and brutality, anatomical datas from the Dhuragua p-wyfern sosshte the altered Crystal Manipulation from Akura.... THATS MY CREATION!! HAHAHHARHARHE..HEh !! Sa which should be my next Experiment....
Author: Moogujin
The step you need to survive, the step that sepperates you from what you are huntiing.
Author: Gardak
The hunt, the battle... it just gets multiplied a hundred times over while it plays music like this. You dont hunt monsters with this music. You survive them.
Author: Mautaur
So, Gore Magala went out one day and had a threesome with Nargacuga & Rathian, thus, the unknown wyverns.
Author: Vizahn
Nargacuga on steroids. nuff said.
Author: Tam
Monster Hunter Frontier simply has the best monster battle music, I wish we had it over in the USA :(
Author: Gataur
You have learned things hunter. You have learned to push yourself to the limit and then go this little step more.
Author: Tazragore
is it flag monster? if not, it should be
Author: Voodoobar
What makes a monster a fox wyvern? Especially an unknown flying fox wyvern. I know for SURE Zinogre is a fox wyvern and it dosent fly. But if something flies and is a fox wyvern, then can it only be a flying wyvern with fox wyvern-like features? I am so confused.
Author: JoJocage
and now...
Author: Vuzil
This song sounds like if Two Steps from Hell made a song rendition for Monster Hunter.
Author: Samuhn
This song sound like if Two Steps from Hell gave a try to make a Monster Hunter song. How did I noticed; well just listen to the rapid-beated synth wave and the part that sounds like you were being chased(it is the one that has a fast drumbeat and the creepy flute part of the song). However, tis' an amazing performance.
Author: Kajirg
Mi Ru is Naruto and Naragacuga's son.
Author: Nisho
MY Experiment was a great Succes,the results are amazing ....
Author: Tygonris
awesome theme^^
Author: Kazragami
This reminds of Nargacuga, he needs this as his new theme
Author: Vugal
Good LORD, this thing's armor set. On top of making both genders look like ninjas, moreso than Nargacuga armor ever did(and looking damn awesome on both to boot!), those skills are borderline ridiculous, being akin to, again, Nargacuga skills amped up to 11, along with a set of nifty new tricks, one of which being...less than welcome.
Author: Nigal
....... No words can explain this AWESOME THEME
Author: Talabar
0:10 - 0:24 .... Dat taiko drumming... its so epic :3
Author: Tygolkis
This is about a beast and its prey and about a hunter able to decide who is who.
Author: Gardasar
Looks VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY similar to Gore Magala. Anyone else notice?
Author: Dukinos
Would you look at that narga’s long lost cousin
Author: Kihn
The black color and the body of nargacuga + wolf jinouga form??,
Author: Zulkishakar
When i read this on the wiki, my mind went wild and thought this guy essentially changes stances (basically, "becoming" a different class of monster, like a brute/bird/flying wyvern) that would work as a shape-shifting power without it seeming too drastic (advanced imitation, basically). (imagine a monster that has a Rath's posture, but when enraged drops down and goes all tigrex on you? Just one of the many ideas that could stem from this...)
Author: Meztikus
What are the instruments in this?
Author: Zulusida
Shit just got real
Author: Bataxe
That is a reskinned Akantor, or, basically, the five millionth reskinned tigrex wannabe.
Author: Mudal
Author: Zululmaran
Its a mix from nargacuga and tigrex
Author: Doujind
Everybody keeps telling that he looks like a NargacugaBut I only see a Zinogre/Tigrex
Author: Vugar
Whouaaa ♡^♡ 20/20 !
Author: Kir
onna the best in monster hunter
Author: Moogurr
nice ^^
Author: Zuluktilar
dark jinouga's mega evolution.
Author: Kagajinn
Why Japan? Why would you hold off something as terrifying and as beautiful as frontier. This NEEDS to see stateside.
Author: Kazisar
It is still kinda funny how the reskin/technical subspecies is infinitely more popular then the original.
Author: Akilmaran
Most mysterious monster in all of monster hunter to me. I always shiver at the sight of the Mi Ru.
Author: Vozshura
AKA My Erection Song,
Author: Maular
Ok who would win toph and anag vs this fox
Author: Gomuro
It's just Duraga and Tigrex son on steroids.What can go wrong?
Author: Shakara
Reminds me of garm from God eater tho
Author: Mira
Author: Faekora
This monster is like if Tigrex had a child with Nargacuga and then that child had way too much caffeine
Author: Mozil
So, if Mi Ru doesn't have his own quest & only appears as an Unstable monster...
Author: Kagrel
hunter...... time to play 😈
Author: Brakazahn
so we have:
Author: Mikazahn
Capcom shoud change this into odogaron's theme that would be so frikin cooooool
Author: Zulkit
Mi Ru was that kid.
Author: Madal
Author: Kajiramar
Author: Shakalmaran
Author: Vudonris
How are you supposed to efficiently farm him?
Author: Vugrel
Author: Kazrarn
is it just me or does Mi Ru look like Nargacuga?
Author: Samum
i hope this monster will be in MH X
Author: Najind
Might be just me but...this is made by Capcom obviously but VERY Strongly reminds me of... Akuma.
Author: Tezuru
Immune to 90% of monster roars, if not all of them? Check. Evade Extender AND Evasion +2? Check. +50 attack with an additional +100 if it's just you and/or a Halk? Check. Sharpness +1? Check. Critical Eye +FOUR?!!? CHECK.
Author: Mazahn
This thing is actually a subspecies of the Tigrex, no joke.
Author: Vusho
Make this a flagship monster CAPCOM!
Author: Turamar
If anyone watched avatar they should know
Author: Shajin
such epic :D
Author: Majind
Love child of barioth x gore magala ;v
Author: Tygozil
This one is a bit of crapy to kill or repel cause when I set a trap after beating him to finish it retrets
Author: Tauzilkree
Dang this music is creepy...
Author: Nikosida
Put this over poogie footage
Author: Faegor
what makes it so special that it got a badass unique theme song like this?
Author: Aralabar
Hm...would love to fight this thing someday.
Author: Shakall
uhhh, guys, seriously, we ALL want frontier, uhh, ireland?
Author: Yozshukazahn
Nargacuga and Tigrex had a kid. Narga didn't wanna pay for child support so he left Tigrex on her own to take care of the baby. Tigrex misses Narga and as a result neglected the kid. The kid became a crystal meth addict.
Author: Kajizuru
Unfortunately i later found out that it doesn't do that, simply changing its spikes, size (through muscular inflammation), tail, and horn design. Regardless, that's still cool and i don't mind that.
Author: Fenrinos
Author: JoJolkree
Symphony of Destruction riff :P
Author: Arashit
J'adore je l'aime je la kiff sette musique !!!
Author: Akinotilar
Author: Mezshura
_ "
Author: Mautaur
Something tells me this is one of the best speedrunning armors in the game, which is hilarious, considering how it uses the ninja aesthetic. Those offensive and dodging skills, along with the "lol don't get hit or ded" just SCREAM Ninja Gaiden.
Author: Voodookus
As I like to call him, "The Oni elemental wyvern."
Author: Yozshuzil
Thats one candidate they could easily reuse in Monster Hunter World Iceborne and no one would complain. Just give us the strongest, dirtiest and most dangerous monsters you've ever made. Us veterans don't fear.
Author: Gujas
Author: Kijinn
As a hunter, my blood is boiloing when i hear this kind of music. You. The Beast. Only one will remain ^( O )/^
Author: Togrel
a tiger dragon
Author: Mule
I love this theme. Like a lot.
Author: Tygozshura
Author: Meztilabar
Do it and you shall live another day.
Author: Sat
It ate xeno jivaa's food thats why its growing crystals..... HOW DID IT GET TO THE NEW WORLD!?
Author: Maujin
02:48 Lol jinouga theme.
Author: Zuluhn
It's so awesome that it's now a song LOL.. But seriously when are we gonna stop complimenting their 'songs' lol..
Author: Shakasida
a polar bear with saber tooth tiger fangs dragon
Author: Jubei
Author: Shaktik
WOW! this is a lot better than Zinogre's and Brachydios's battle themes
Author: Mibar
this is the direct descendant of narcacuga and ukanlos for sure
Author: Bagal
that Mi Ru just like an ordinary monster..
Author: Bragis
This sounds AWESOME!!
Author: Tojazahn
My brain exploded
Author: Doule
Congratulations! Your ZORUA has evolved into