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Comments "ELDER SCROLLS 6 - Birthsigns and Standing Stones":

Author: Kigagore
My life.
Author: Jugul
If the game was set in Argonia the standing stone powers you get could be given to you by a Hist Tree after doing a quest or something (a Hist Tree for each standing stone of course).
Author: Zugami
The overall character development and choices need a over haul to be honest They were all quite straight forward and narrow progression also id like to see greater customization of character and weapons ect.
Author: Masida
Low level characters with Disparity's Ritual Stone be like:
Author: Zuluramar
Pfft, the only stone I ever use is the Steed.
Author: Kazit
Being able to change signs at all basically means that you can change your birthday at will... and that kinda doesn't make sense. lol
Author: Shalabar
i think having a saint or god your character follows for buffs should be a thing you have/ can change whenever. but birth sign is chosen for you at birth, therefor not switchable
Author: Fenrikinos
i always thought it was stupid changing birth signs as it should be, like in morrowind the sign under which you were born, not like some star powered underpants you can just switch out whenever you feel like it.
Author: Mera
Author: Mikazahn
I really think that the star signs NEED to be tied to your birth (start of the game and unchangeable without some history-altering quest), because the entire idea of the birth signs is that they are a play on horoscopes and zodiac signs. The idea is that the arrangement of stars/planets effects your personality and/or your physical/mental traits.
Author: JoJora
I also think that the inability to change stone mid-game would punish people who haven't planned out their character before-hand which, for the first play through at least, I imagine would be the majority of people.
Author: Yozshulrajas
you should be able to pick more than one sign
Author: Kagalkree
In this case, I prefer how Skyrim did it.
Author: Mezihn
Fudge muppet just wants to get the lord stone at the start of the game rather than having to go climb the mountain to get it. Lol
Author: Migis
Gr8 m8 8/8
Author: Taugor
I think there should be birthsigns at the beginning, however, unlike Skyrim, have those be unique effects. Disparity is on the right track for sure, especially with the Serpent and Ritual stones (not with the Mage/Warrior), but of course I'd like it to define you even more.
Author: Dunos
I'm not early. Let me think of a joke.
Author: Mikazahn
The Lord sign all the way.
Author: Tahn
As for midgame switching, I don't want another "Go collect stuff and sip." How about a lesser-scale Daedric artifact type quest unlocked at a certain level (10 is my ideal) where you do things according to what sign you're attempting to switch to and at the end you change your sign (and can't change to another one, perhaps until another 10 levels?).
Author: Vushakar
Yes go back to morrowind/oblivion setup for birthsigns. they are called birthsigns for a reason. they are specific to your birth. you should not be able to change the sign you were born under.
Author: Nashura
And yes the birthsigns from Morrowind should be brought back instead of the ability of changing it whenever you please like in Skyrim.
Author: Kasho
I would personnally prefer an "intermediate" system: one could choose to change starsign when they want but there would be penalties for changing signs too often, such as starsigns taking some time to reach their full power (I think an in-game week would be a good "charging" time), but rewarding the player for their fidelity with greater buffs once the starsign is "charged". There would also be penalties for changin starsign during the "charging" time, such as decreasing all stats damage and resictances by x% for some amount of time, and the next starsign taking x% more time to charge for (I think 10% for 1 or 2 days would be good in this case), and this would stack every time the player changes starsign within the charging time. About their effects, I think of something related to the symbolic behind the signs, for example the Apprentice could make mage skills progress faster and fortify magicka (represanting the "open-minded" part of the Apprentice), but decrease physical and magical resistance (representing the "reckless" side of the Apprentice), and for the Atronach the player would have increased resistance to magic (25% or so) plus increased spellpower (+25% or so) and decreased spellcasting costs (-25%), but would suffer a magicka regen penalty (-75% including spells such as Equilibrium), representing the chaotic nature of the Atronach.
Author: Tedal
I forgot the tower stone existed.
Author: Kazimi
I want Oblivions system of birthsigns back
Author: Mazugul
Birthsigns start with a given set of effects that then become more powerful as the character ascends to a higher level?
Author: Zunos
I think you should definitely be able to change your birthsign/ standing stone mid-game because it allows you to role play character progression: with my current character I started out with the Atronach stone, but then as my character developed a darker side (I feel really sad while typing this) I changed to the ritual stone because they became interested in necromancy.
Author: Maubei
Fudgemuppet, what is your mod list and load order!?