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Comments "Top 10 Attractions, Beijing (China) - Travel Guide":

Author: Shaktigrel
@geobeats no problem
Author: Tygomuro
Where's the great Wall????
Author: Golkree
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Author: Nern
Have you been to Beijing before? Never seen the Great Wall?
Author: Shashura
You forgot The Great Wall.
Author: Mataur
Author: Faushakar
You need to work on your pronunciation
Author: Faegor
what about temple of heaven, UNESCO heritage ?
Author: Nakasa
That's what I was thinking!!! I went to Beijing a little over a month ago(summer 2012) and the great wall was one of my most memorable experiences.
Author: Dujind
go to zangjiajie,. that 's where avatar pandora idea was from,yangshuo sanqing mountain jiangxi province,huangshan,lushan,
Author: Kigalmaran
Nice Beijing will be on my travel list
Author: Goltigis
What about the Great Chinese Wall? One of the most important attractions.
Author: Faeshakar
Tienanmen Square? an attraction?? watch?v=Ry5c06eJJmo
Author: Dogor
The Great Wall is probably tied with the forbidden city but I guess it is a little bit outside of town.
Author: Dailrajas
yangshuo caves