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Comments "ONBOARD Emergency Landing! Delta Connection CRJ-200 in Akron-Canton (Landing Gear)":

Author: Mazuk
'Now we do have 5 parachutes on board and our stewardesses will be putting your seat numbers into a bucket to draw the lucky winners - for the unlucky ones we have copies of our inflight magazine which should help you keep your mind off things'
Author: Zulugrel
I'm afraid of suddenly NOT flying.
Author: Najora
That aircraft is still traveling over 60mph and you hear some idiot unfasten their seat belt.
Author: Ducage
At 4:41 . Since when was David Schwimmer a passenger on that flight? lol
Author: Gardarg
That looked softer than most RyanAir flight landings
Author: Jukora
Wow 😮 XPlane realism has reached reality status 👍🏻
Author: Grolabar
which version of FSX is this? sick graphics...
Author: Bramuro
Not only did the pilot fly over the airport for the ground crews and ATC to assess the landing gear, but the long, wide, slow turn around, gaining altitude and then descending, served three purposes. It burned off some fuel; it allowed time to assemble any emergency crews; it allowed other planes to land and get out of the way so this flight could land as safely as possible.
Author: Shaktitaxe
av geek moment
Author: Tukora
If I become a pilot ima say on the intercom when we land, BUTTER
Author: Yozshugal
"sweet check out that 747"
Author: Malat
Where's the guy who scream we're all dead!
Author: Dolar
Where is the continuously screaming kid in the background?
Author: Zule
So many people making comments that have nothing to do with the incident. A lot of Facebook mentality here.
Author: Kigataur
"oh no the gear might not be working :O"
Author: Malakinos
When in doubt, use slew mode
Author: Tamuro
That had to be a hair raising experience. I love flying, don't get to do it enough, it doesn't scare me at all. But when you're told you're going to have to brace due to emergency... think I'd soil myself in fifty shades of shit. :S
Author: Maushakar
That one impatient person that unbuckles their seatbelt right after landing
Author: Sashakar
Just fly a little lower and buzz the tower
Author: Arashilkree
Don't clap so might be down but your still doing haven't stopped yet.
Author: Maucage
I'm not afraid of flying. No...
Author: Yozshuzahn
I love the fact that the flight deck told the passengers all the details. That helps them prepare far better for anything. So often I hear a captain tell passengers " we have a little problem " when they really have a major problem to deal with. You'll notice that nobody panicked at the announcement.
Author: Shakasida
You Know Those Pilots Are Experienced If They Butter The Landing