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Comments "Great Western Railway First Class London Paddington - Penzance":

Author: Zulujinn
thank you for your sharing. I was deeply shocked by this video. Britain's railway construction is so fantastic! Although China's railway construction has made some progress this year, details can not be compared with yours. China's railway HTC, the station is very modern, sometimes more modern than the international airport, but all the stations are homogeneous, the lack of artistic atmosphere. But from your video I can see that the British station has a very historical flavor and a sense of art. The scenery along the railway is everywhere. This is something neither China nor Japan can match. There are still many places in China's railway construction that need to learn about other countries, especially the software and details, in combination with its own culture, to change this stereotyped building. I hope China and Britain can exchange and cooperate with each other to promote mutual development. Your video made me know the difference between the British Railways and I hope you can share the video about the British High Speed ​​Rail next time and feel the speed and passion of the UK. Thank you.
Author: Faegar
This journey is nicer when it's light, the section between Exeter and Newton Abbott is spectacular.
Author: Arashigami
looks like your done some train travelling to Penzance is it for a holiday stay or is it sight seeing around it mate
Author: Malalabar
P. S Your channel is amazing!!! I love traveling by train and I love all your train travelling videos!!!
Author: Arashiktilar
Lovely video BTW.
Author: Grokree
What was the journey time?
Author: Zulkitaxe
Lovely video, and a nice journey along the GWML, Berks & Hants, etc. Even though the HST is over 40 years old now, they have worn well, albeit with various carriage refurbs and new MTU power units.
Author: Salrajas
How do you afford these trips?
Author: Zulkijin
The 10.06 am had Pullman Breakfast, the 12.05-13.05-18.03 and 19.03 all have Pullman dining out of Paddington, and from Plymouth the 06.55 has Pullman Breakfast and 12.01.-12.56-18.03 to Paddington have Pullman dining, costs are breakfast about 20 set price and Pullman dining from about 20 main course to about 45 for 3 courses. Minimum requirement is a main course, can well recommend it, really great food and service, brilliant way to spend aa few hours on a train.
Author: Mazum
No passenger all alone?
Author: Goll
Exeter to Newton abbot is the best part you got the Devon coast and dawlish
Author: Mazugami
Amazing trip report as usual. Really enjoyed it! :)
Author: Zolonos
I live in Slough, on the Great Western Railway.
Author: Malacage
Nice of them to think about putting USB ports in back in the late 70's ready for us now ;)
Author: Kim
Definitely the nicest first class train you can get in the UK.
Author: Dami
Lovely!So calming to watch that great trip!
Author: Duramar
Was that the Reuters building at Canary Wharf?
Author: Vudotaxe
I love GWR!
Author: Akigis
What's the song at the beginning please?
Author: Fenrigis
sea breeze
Author: Vomuro
What is the name of the beginning of the music? It's very nice to hear, I want to know. Thank you very much.
Author: Akirr
so nice, love those old intercity trains, remember riding on the old slamdoor trains. old but just love the clunk of the door
Author: Kazrajinn
Very good video!!! How much does the First Class ticket cost? I always dream this train trip after reading all Rosamund Piltcher's novels!!! Greetings from Greece!!!
Author: Moogujind
Author: Akijin
It's a very nice movie to watch :)
Author: Kazishicage
@doc7austin - You have inspired me to go and see China's high speed rail midway through the year. Many blessings to your channel
Author: Vudogore
nice video and nice music
Author: Nelrajas
Does anyone know what those cards are on the seats at around 7:17 ? Thanks.
Author: Mezigar
I thought that the majority of Class 43 Power Cars and Mark 3 trailer vehicles of the High Speed Train/InterCity 125 were built in 1976 with a few being built in 1981 for both Cross Country and Midland Main Line.
Author: Nalmaran
Plymouth, where I grew up! Love holidays in Devon and Cornwall. Great ride pity it was dark by Exeter 😢
Author: Voll
look out the window please
Author: Kajigar
No dining service?