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Comments "Where is the Clutch Switch - Cruise Control":

Author: Tejora
i know im probably stupid asking this but ive never heard of this part, but my car likes to cut out coming to a stop ive read this could also be a reason, do i have this on a car without cruise control ? as you mention its vital for it ?
Author: Douktilar
Hi, I have an Astra H (56) automatic, do I still need a clutch switch for the cruise control mod.
Author: Malanris
If u can say something for me that would be nice! Best regards! Peter
Author: Vujas
hey i have a 1995 eclipse gst. just shut off while i was driving. could it be a neutral safety switch? it has a new alternator but ive had alternators go bad on me in a few days. what can it be. i get no crank when i turn the key. its a 5 speed manual
Author: Dadal
HI! I have a H astra(2005), and i have a cruise control stalk, but my cruise control does not working.
Author: Nem
Thank so much you for this video I've saved 250£!!!
Author: Kazicage
Author: Vot
Many thanks for your reply. I will keep a look out for the update .
Author: Vicage
I mean i can press any button out of the 3 nothing happens. Sadly when i bought this car from the previous owner i didnt even tried out, neither ask him about does is working properly or just they changed the stalk with cruise control buttons..
Author: Kazrajin
Worthless video