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Comments "2014 Nissan Rogue 7-inch NissanConnect Navigation and Infotainment Review":

Author: Dadal
Awesome review ALex! Gj as always! If you could include a demonstration with a turn by turn voice guidance would be perfect. After-all navigation is the most frequent using and important feature for all drives.
Author: Kazralmaran
I just wish you would say 'Nissan' correctly as it's quite annoying listening to you pronounce it incorrectly over and over again
Author: Malale
Alex could you in the future demo the navs turn by turn navigation voice?
Author: Malaktilar
Great indepth review Alex. Looking forward to using it in our Xtrail(Rogue)
Author: Nara
I love the crows nest 🤣🤣🤣
Author: Shaktiramar
Author: Nilkree
Thanks for the review, just bought a Qashqai, the european version with the same NissanConnect. Brand new 2015 model but so far no new apps for the system..missing internet/streaming radio since the unlimited data plan is quite cheap here.
Author: Dosar
My car already had this feature included. But I still enjoyed hearing how the lesser expensive models that did not have it could upgrade for $700. Even if something doesn't affect my particular experience, I found it interesting to hear about the other models.
Author: Doushura
It would be more helpful to new owners when explaining the features not to talk so fast.
Author: Kashicage
You have a Madonna playlist. I love you now!
Author: Shaktigore
Does this work well with Android devices? Will they bring Android auto in the near future?
Author: Kajibar
Could u do a review on a 2014 Hyundai equus or a 2015 Hyundai genesis
Author: Nakus
I like that you had in depth information. But I also like that you shared your opinions on why you liked certain features.
Author: Tygom
Do you get all these nifty indexing features with an Android???  Seems these phones often forgotten....
Author: Dura
Thank you for your very informative workshop on the touchscreen.
Author: Malajas
Alex, how similar is this system to what they are offering in the latest version of the (outgoing) Nissan Xterra Pro 4x?  I know that system is smaller (I think 5.8") but is its functionality much different?  Thanks!  Brian
Author: Shakree
You Sir, have the absolute best Auto related reviews on YouTube!   I appreciate how thorough you are.  Outstanding!
Author: Gujinn
Very good video.
Author: Tazuru
I have the the same you have there (SL AWD) and my big problem is the gps navigation. I upgraded already the SD card but its still the same. its navigating me to the wrong direction and more spending time in the road. My biggest upset from Nissan and I don't know if you could help me for that. It would be much appreciated if you could find ways for me. thanks..
Author: Grora
Can I put that in a 2013 rogue?
Author: Fenrir
it seems like you need a subscription to use the apps according to Nissan connect
Author: Kaziran
Does it support a2dp?
Author: Nezil
Thank you
Author: Shaktijora
Bought an Qashqai (tekna) today, taking delivery on the 30th of january. Looking forward to drive this car and use his connect system
Author: Taubar
Save your self the head ache. too many issues that in 3 years no fix. Don't buy a nissan
Author: Yozshugar
It's intereuting Hi, what's%up? tenuous blink ! !!