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Comments "Nadal vs Federer - SF - Highlights Australian Open 2012 [HD]":

Author: Mikalkree
its okay, who won the match at the end?
Author: Yotaxe
one day, people will find out the truth about Nadal like Armstrong. And dont not blame the commentators to be biased.
Author: Fenrim
@slippinslyde- Nadal is not the GOAT either. Nobody truly is, when you stop and think about.
Author: Daizshura
i never said nadal is the GOAT, did I? i actually agree with you, GOAT implies that it's a finite concept which it isn't. saying one person is the greatest of ALL time is a misnomer and is stupid.
Author: Shakasho
It's because he could almost do no wrong in the first set, and everything he did in the first set that was a winner was amazing.
Author: Gobar
I guess you missed the parts where the commentator said he couldn't believe how he did that, or what are you supposed to do with that shot (referring to Nadal's topspin forehand return). Biased watching from your part.
Author: Maukus
Commentators excited that Federer was winning at the beginning, then pissed that he starts losing. Yep, no bias there.
Author: Tojajind
The shot at 1:02 for me was by far the best point.
Author: Yotaur
Nadal hits more spectacular shots than Federer does. Especially from impossible places.
Author: Dailar
Nadal is the Greatest of all time already.
Author: Zolokora
It was really was an electrifying semi. But once again, it's all mental for Federer. He was basically a break up in every set (except the 4th, but still had some break points to lead). Whenever he has a winning position against Nadal in a match, he more often than not throws it away and has himself to blame while the same can't be said for Nadal who takes his chances and capitalizes without hesitation. It's always this factor that separates them. Because of this Nadal is superior in H2H.
Author: Kar
fuck that Fedtard. Commentators should be unbiased.
Author: Vudojas
Who is this commentator? Could he be any more of a Fed fanboy? I mean, I don't care who you are a fan of, but don't bring it to your job, if your job is a commentator. A little bit of bias is ok, but this was just ridiculous - it was like there was only one player on the court.
Author: Akim
3:49 one of the greatest plays i've ever seen
Author: Tabei
And Fed owns the ATP, get over it!
Author: Meztiramar
The thing is, Roger is having a tough time against Nadal because of Nadal's stamina. He runs on the court like a bull, and even if the match goes to 5 sets, Nadal still has plenty in the tank. He forces Federer to hit power shots since that is the only way that Nadal won't get to the balls. So Roger is tired come 5th or 4th set. But, if Nadal gets to 30, I doubt he would be able to do that still.
Author: Tujin
what the fuck are you talking about? idiot... Where did you see Nadal get less praise than Federer when he was making the great shot? They praised both players and Federer didn't get any undeserved kudos as far as I can see. He made a couple of great shots, can you accept that? Watch the video again you twit, they aren't taking anything away from Nadal.
Author: Meztihn
federer tards are hilarious. even in videos where nadal completely mops the floor with roger, they flood the comments section mentioning how "it was on clay" or "if federer did ___, he would have won" or "federer is still the GOAT" as if that somehow excuses his 10-20 record against nadal. ever since the wimbledon '08 final, he's been nadal's bottom bitch and nothing you cultists can say will change that. oh, and he's not the GOAT. just to put that out there.
Author: Samushura
And you call yourselves fans ? All you do is hate your idol's opponents ! Federer played well but as usual Nadal is on fire when he plays Roger. If Federer wants to beat Rafa he needs to get over that emotional blockage he's got, it's cost him enough matches and Grand slams. Well done to Rafa, as usual he played the good shot at the right time and won the match.
Author: Feramar
Despite this, Federer is still the GOAT