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Comments "Michael Jordan - Trash Talk Compilation ᴴᴰ":

Author: Fek
White players looked like accountants back then.
Author: Voktilar
1:58 - Hmmm... I can't quite make out what he's saying... must be "fork you"? :)
Author: Kacage
Great compilation man!!! The Xavier McDaniel one though... Read Jordan's lips, LOL!!!
Author: Juzilkree
MJ, the GOAT, the god.
Author: Mumuro
This was the real NBA🏀🏀🏀
Author: Zulkigal
Best that ever did it. Well put together man
Author: Maugore
Presenting you the GOAT, when basketball was a game played by men.
Author: Tygogore
"I saw you slapping Reggie Miller boy whats wrong with you?"
Author: Nizshura
The real basketball played by the real men...
Author: Nikoshura
Today now everyone are buddies. Weak
Author: Arashilkree
but look at this video Jordan is fuc*ing brave, but he never start the fight ever, he just retaliate. real GOAT!
Author: Vosida
The NBA is so soft now
Author: Zulukus
Horace Grant seein' 6D, since 1987.
Author: Mik
Lmaooooo @ Gary Payton smiling
Author: Dale
The good days. The league today is nothing but a fraternity.
Author: Faukasa
when your the G. O. A. T you tend to have people to try and dethrone you
Author: Yotaxe
back then you got some good fights and a good game for the price of one!! lol the good ol days
Author: Gule
This was the Bruce Jenner era of the NBA. Now we are in the Caitlyn Jenner era.
Author: Mojin
It's not trash talking if u consistently back it up , Just a warning of more to come regardless of opponents efforts
Author: Shasar
Everyone couldn't handle Jordan so they resorted to trying to trash talk him, which still resulted in them getting dominated.
Author: Voodoojin
He might trash talk but he can back it up