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Comments "HONEST REVIEW: The Ping G410 Plus Driver (2019)":

Author: Tolkree
But yes if you have the time and as it's shiny and new the mizuno prototype would be great to hear from you about.
Author: Nagal
There's no way I'm paying that for any driver. My (used) G30 still works simply great.
Author: Yozshulkis
Total honesty..... refreshing 👍🏻
Author: Vudom
Unless the R & A and USGA change the rules on driver face speed, drivers reached maximum speed quite a few years ago. Even non conforming driver heads don’t offer much more than a couple of yards extra distance. Wanna hit it longer? Take lessons, go to the gym and don’t get old like me.
Author: Zudal
4:17 spark from the face or ball?
Author: Shale
5:28 . are hitting a 10.5 degree driver
Author: Faesida
Tour Edge exotic driver is getting a bit of play especially with the low cost for all the tech they put in their driver this year. Curious of your thoughts on them and if you have a chance to hit balls with it. Thanks. 👍
Author: Gakora
Personally think for your average golfer the G400 max Or G400 SFT is probably going to be the best option in terms of performance and value for money.
Author: Shazahn
I had the G400 before and now switched to the G410 but that’s just because the Tensei suited me better than the Tour shaft.
Author: Gohn
I play a mizuno st 180 and had a great fitting. I hit pretty consistent with it, it's low spin and pretty long too!
Author: Akinris
still not seen any drivers to beat the cobra f9 yet...
Author: Arashigul
XD i know this is bonkers ......but .... i wanna see a test on plastic training golf balls to see if there is a difference yes real-world ball testing is better no harm in trying and u would be the first
Author: Fauzilkree
Why is there a flash on impact?
Author: Arashirr
Thanks for the honest review, it very helpful to know your perspective on it.
Author: Nikolabar
Looks cheap made......not sure on that one
Author: Kagakus
Very good honest review. Thank you.
Author: Vura
Thanks very much 👍
Author: Nikozshura
Another great honest review. Ping makes great clubs. I think the look of this one might put some off but ⭐️ PING is listening to what the customers are asking for - matte finish, adjustable, etc.
Author: Taugami
Looks great from behind, not necessarily from front on.... think I've said that a couple of times but not in regards to golf clubs 🙄🙄
Author: Dilrajas
Liked this review a lot!
Author: Mugar
Dude, usually you're on point but too high spin and too high launch....uh you're hitting a 10.5 so you're loft is wrong. Retest with proper loft and show us you're findings please. Looks like a viable option but test wasn't conclusive with you're need.
Author: Tojarisar
In terms of golf balls I can see a huge difference between prov1 and prov1x, both on the course and when I fitted the golf ball for myself.
Author: Vonris
Good review. This is about what I figured. I tried a G400 for a while last year. It was good, but it was costing me a lot of distance due to the spin in the soft course conditions. I waited till all the new stuff came out, and went with an 8.5* M4 /Tensei white, which I got at a deep discount. It gave me the best results.
Author: Vilabar
What shaft did you use? Evenflow??
Author: Fektilar
great that your so honest about the clubs is really refreshing.
Author: Jujas
Your review on the cobra f9 has me thinking that if I were to change this year then that's also worth thinking about!
Author: Niktilar
All driver updates are slight. There is no way that the original Taylor Made M2 isn’t going to do just as well as the latest M6. On the subject of club speed there are plenty of tour players using Ping G drivers and they swing as fast as anyone. So I’m not sure the idea that Ping are just for slow speeds is accurate. If you are spinning high then it’s probably because of loft and delivery.
Author: Dijora
Never been a fan of anything like the raised surfaces on top of the head... the weight system looks sleek. great vid.
Author: Gumi
For me Ping are a great company, should you go from the G400 to the G410? probably not unless you have buckets of cash. Also love that they arnt bringing out an LS tech version because they simply cant beat the G400 LS tech.
Author: Nilar
Love taking the discount on the G400 LST thank you very much!
Author: Kagajind
Love the channel. Good work. Where is the best place to ask you club related questions. Here or social media?
Author: Daikree
Simon what would you suggest for a 105 ss in a driver. Im a decent player around a 4 hcp. I have the ping g400max now. Something forgiving and decently long for my swing speed is what im interested in. Im typically seeing 270/280 distances now.
Author: Goltitilar
Hows the hand?
Author: Shaktik
This will be kind of long. Sorry in advance. I am looking to upgrade my Ping g25 that I was custom fit for years ago. I am tired of the slightly high in the face shots going 5-10 yard longer when hitting approach shots. It can happen as much as every other round due to the ball sitting up in the fairways. Long is dead except for 2-3 holes at my home course. I refuse to pay now iron prices. Looking at used ping I200 in my current spec. The only difference is the are one degree weaker in loft and 1/4 inch longer. Then my current set. I can’t take them to the course before buying. It is hard to get access to a launch monitor. My current7 iron goes 168-172. Would to expect them to be in the 165 range with the difference in loft and length. Thanks for your time.
Author: Gazil
Hey just and FYI I was subscribed to your channel for quit a while and for som reason your subscription dropped, and I had to resubscribe. Did you have an issue. Lose a bunch of users?
Author: Arajinn
No bull$hit review... like it!
Author: Gromuro
Personally think Supersoft, AD333, or Dx2 is going to be a better option for your average golfer than blowing an extra £20+ Which could be used towards a lesson.
Author: Kijora
i love these honest reviews. simply because there honest and sometimes brutaly honest
Author: Shaktijar
Good honest review Simon ,I'm fed up with certain Youtube driving range hacks gushing over every club they get given to test so they can get the latest freebie next time from every company ,so that review was a breath of fresh air .
Author: Juktilar
Soooo... with the introduction of the shiny NEW mizuno prototype about to hit. I'd really like to know your honest opinion on whether it's worth considering changing? I'm not sure if there will be a gain even though it looks saf!!
Author: Shagrel
Hi Simon, glad to see you are back on the range. is there a chance for another episode on 2019 bargain review on wedges if there isn't one out already? i believe since you are now partnering with golfbidder now you will come across a lot more different wedges that might be a bargain to a beginner with not a lot cash 😎.
Author: Meztikinos
I went out last year and bought the Ping G400Max and I fell in love with it. Standard regular shaft Alta right off the shelf. I also sprung for the G400SFT 3 wood.There are days I use it off the T and I must say it is long and does not get me into trouble. I like a little more distance with a 3 wood off the T. Is the TaylorMade Rocket 3 worth looking at? Great honest review.
Author: Tygolmaran
why is everyone so excited about the "honest" thingy? Of course it's going to be an "honest" review.Why wouldn't he be "honest"?..He's free to give any sort of comment since he's not sponsored by PING..if PING sponsored him, there will be no such thing as "honest" anymore isn't it? Yes, there are good info in the video..dun get me wrong..So guys, the point is..most driver that comes out in 2019 doesn't really perform as much as wat they cost..So save up your money and spend 'em on golf lesson instead of trying to get new "tech" to help you get what u wanna get..peace
Author: Zulutilar
That being said I am a +2 handicap, I don’t think most of your average golfers can tell much of a difference.
Author: Fem
Thanks For Watching Guys! Any questions regarding clubs or fittings in the future, never hesitate to message me, always around to give advice.
Author: Kajikora
So having tested a lot of the new drivers do you feel any of them are a big improvement over the last models
Author: Majora
Hey mate, can you get your hands on a TM Gapr low I’d to see that review? Ping needs to come out with driver named Gspot driver!!! Lol
Author: Kajitaur
This dude is annoying
Author: Kagaramar
Don't you like that ball in the Intro ? What's it ever done to you ! Great striking, wrist obviously better. Great stuff
Author: Faurr
What loft did you set?
Author: Vot
For your better player I think a G410 would be a better option. Especially because of the shaft options available.