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Comments "Hawaiian Pre Ban HK91":

Author: Dujin
chinese, russian, bulgarian, romanian, serb knockoffs, polish, egyptian?
Author: Faugami
@duanescot kinda like california if they were in ur ownership before the ban
Author: Mezile
i think i know a source for 5.8x42mm for the type 87 but i don't know if any other rifles were chambered for that caliber.
Author: Akisida
I didn't know these were banned, JT has TWO AKs, post ban. :/
Author: Taurr
Cool video. I don't think I have ever seen anyone firing an assult rifle wearing slippers. (Sandals for mainlanders) Go Bra...
Author: Kazibei
how is going to shoot a 7.62 is isnt a hkg3?
Author: Zolorn
Okay, lets talk about the political "compass". You have left and right which is economics: one side says "human activities (farming industry finance etc) should be about competition and winning" the other side "human activities (farming industry finance etc.) should be about equity and the greatest good". I'm oversimplifying I know.
Author: Akiramar
i only have time to rag on norinco.
Author: Mazulmaran
there are so many forms of socialism and none of them work.
Author: Virisar
Second off: if you mean to imply I am part of a herd of some kind, no one is innocent of this.
Author: Kazrarr
hahah that val kilmer shit
Author: Yogul
Not a very good trigger pull for the guy with the HK91.
Author: Goltidal
i'm not cheap but if it's hard to find, i probably already have it.
Author: Dugore
Keltech never maid M1A's, Polytech did. But Polytech firearms are some of the best built. Some of the M1A's had some issues with soft metal. But the first produced Polytech M1A and currently produced M1A's are some of the best out there. You might want to be a little more open minded about chinese firearms. The Norinco and Polytech firearms are beautiful and IMHO the best looking. When I get some free time I'll get around to posting up a video of my Chicom's.
Author: Goshakar
I like your Americans' notion of gun ownership as a personal liberty; and as a keeping governments scared of their bosses (ordinary people)
Author: Kell
Author: Kikus
Any nation state that has the ability and will to crush it's people is something we have to fight against.
Author: Dijas
lets see, 6 million slaughtered by the National Socialist Party, 50 million slaughtered in the streets or in the gulag by the soviet union, which is a hard form of socialism. thousands upon thousands of people are suffering based on the poor healthcare system in the UK,
Author: Akinot
quantity discounts (3 or more).
Author: Gak
Wish i never sold mine:(
Author: Dugrel
I wanted to buy an ar-15 until I watched these hk 91 rifle videos, damn those rifles look amazing, But damn they are very expensive.
Author: Neshura
This guy knows how to handle a .308 man, I'll be honest and tell you that most .308 rifles are way too much for me especially cold war era ones!
Author: Aramuro
Chinese? Since when did the chinese make an HK clone? If you're referring to CETME, that's a spanish rifle. The CETME is what the HK G3 was based off of.
Author: JoJoran
The chinese m1as i have seen (maybe its a polytech maybe not) have the outline of a flash suppresser but the slots aint cut out, i never see a bayonet lug and i never see it will a walnut stock. My m1a is the new springfield m1a (bought it last november)
Author: Dukinos
the only one that was ever worth anything was their under folder type 56 and that was only during the "ban".
Author: Kigajas
@agumon12 what the fuck are you talking about. no one said anything about socialism... plus america is not socialism. its capitalism. big diffrence.
Author: Nehn
By Hk or one of the American made models. dont by chinese trash
Author: JoJozuru
thousands and thousands of americans are suffering due to high cost of healthcare: either they skip treatments, or go into debt.
Author: Mulmaran
There is a reason why the keltech m1as (chinese go for about 600 bux) they are junk, the metal is to soft, ive heard the accuracy is horrid (i dont know that ive only heard and shot my springfield m1a.) Some chinese stuff might be well made but ive been taught to stay away from that stuff (my father collects as well).
Author: Saktilar
I am talking about libertarian socialism.
Author: Tektilar
And what sucks about it is most citizens are either neutral or pro-gun. The dems have their heads up their asses.
Author: Zolozilkree
there are only "pre-ban rifles that were".
Author: Mazunris
Sweet rifles.
Author: Mall
holy fuck there is so much wrong going on here in the comments.
Author: Vudolabar
Nazi's were also pro-animal rights. Does that mean animal rights are wrong? I agree socialism is a system that has proved to fail countless times, but that does not make everything about it irredeemably evil.
Author: Samuktilar
What you probably see is a gun broker that gets a 600 dollar rifle cuts the tip off and puts a real flash suppressor on it and then maybe puts a walnut stock on there. then turns around and sells it for more
Author: Tojakazahn
The chinese M1A's, 1911's, 870, M4's, and AK clones are well built firearms. I'm aware that some of the M1A's had some issues but for the most part they were pretty nice rifles. I'd buy one but it's hard enough feeding my G3 clone. I've got 3 chinese AK's that I wouldn't trade for anything but a legal full-auto version.
Author: Zulkijinn
I'm a tree-hugging bike-riding city-raised organic-farming-apprentice atheist hippy raised in place with universal medicare,, and find socialism (that whole "workers controlling their means of production") to actually have a very libertarian meaning.
Author: Nirn
HK 91 ( a4 configuration ) and a boatload of magazines & ammo . That's the difference between the American populace and those of Germany , USSR & Norway . Obama and the democrat ( socialist ) party know that middle America ( those of us that still want to work and have a job ) will only swallow so much bullshit . Pure democracy is majority rule , like a lynch mob . We live in a constitutional Republic , and there are rules that must be observed at all times .
Author: Magal
Kinda like .223 and 556, there the same
Author: Mejora
Fuck assault weapon bans, yeah because pistol grips and folding stocks make it easier to kill people! Stupid politicians. Glad my state doesn't have one (Washington state)
Author: Brashicage
Meh, might as well as be the same. But youre right, I probally wouldnt shoot .556 in a .223. Neither would I shoot .308 in a 7.62.
Author: Mejar
@agumon12 soviet union isnt socialism. it's communism. there's a fine line between a poor socialism system and a corrupt communism. a fine line indeed..... naw im just fking with ya. alot of core difference. gotta start reading up son.
Author: Doll
when pb rifles go over$1k it's because stupid people bought them.
Author: Vizilkree
cetme= junk 95% of the time the pins dont come out for fieldstripping without a hammer.
Author: Fenrim
it seems like everywhere you go its all anti gun.
Author: Muzahn
standard, long barrel, krink, svd, dragunov, psl, 7.62x39, 7.62x54, 5.45x39, 223?
Author: Voodoogul
I heard hawaii is really anti gun...
Author: Dasar
Author: Mezilabar
@Jebus2a doesnt matter if it's a fine line. there is still a line though. fine line between a genius and a totally lunatic. but there is still that distinct line you need to cross.
Author: Mazujora
o thankyou for correcting me on the polytech. thats what i meant to say. but the polytechs dont even have flash suppressors! unless someone goes and puts them on. Polytech doesnt make a national match m1a either, maybe i should put it this way they dont have any historical value or resale value. it probably doesnt have a bayonet lug either.
Author: Zolotaur
First off: I never said I was vegetarian :-p
Author: Mazugul
.308 winchester or 7.62x51mm NATO
Author: Got
@agumon12 your an idiot to think that ANY political system works at all... you are probably one of those idiots who think that you are free in a democratic state...
Author: Kigahn
And my whole intrusion into this video's discussion was based on the point: I come from a "liberal"/urban society, but like 2nd amendment rights.
Author: Nikonris
I love his reaction
Author: Tojarisar
ak parts kits $169+ receiver flat-rails-rivets $39, ar parts kits $495+stripped lower $75.
Author: Doulkis
He killed that dirt
Author: Nezil
Author: Kazinris
very poor quality.
Author: Voshakar
where did you find a pre-ban hawaiian? I've been looking for one.
Author: Jugor
There was nothing "beautiful" about Lenin's regime, the only difference between it and Stalin’s regime was the amount of people murdered. Stalin simply upped the ante on Lenin's policies, which where themselves not much different from basic communism. Even in its original form Communism demanded that people should be killed. But nice try at disinformation, Stalin would be proud.
Author: Brataur
Wait a minute now, I thought these types of firearms were absolutely forebiddin in Hawaii no?
Author: Tolar
Okay now up and down. Authoritarian (big states, lots of power) versus Libertarian (small government, this inherently has to be small scale and local).
Author: Voodoolkree
So now we're talking about bottom left and bottom right of the spectrum. Bottom left would look like people cooperatively owning business to serve their communties, not just for personal profit and power. Could involve taxes for school, health care, other stuff. Bottom right would look like some kind of mercantilism, or maybe just capitalism without the state actually supporting corporations like it does now.
Author: Tojin
the "ban" is over now, the rifle has lost it's "pre-ban" value and it's just a rifle now, nothing special.
Author: Meztiramar
@li7in6 @li7in6 Not really. national socialism is anti-capitalistic and anti-communistic. its just about focusing on national interests rather than helping others and working only for your country rather than personal gains. it had a big welfare state, but threw homeless people, people unwilling to work, etc. into the gas chamber. Anyway i dont know why im typing this right now exceot im drunk so bye.
Author: Dagor
well idk what to say i went to gun shows for 6 months before buying it and the chinese ones didnt please me and i ended up buying a springfield armory one. The important thing is, is that we love our guns and stick together before the goverment tries to take them away. we have our preferences and we can agree to dissagree on the matter. anyways nice chatting and happy shooting!
Author: Jutilar
ha, so socialism isnt all that bad you say ?
Author: Taugal
what do you want?
Author: Nikosar
look in ANY forum with shooters/collectors talking about guns and you will see.
Author: Arashihn
Apparently you've never seen a Polytech M1A, just go look on gunbroker and look at them. They come with a flash suppressor and nearly all came with bayonet lugs. The historical value to me is in the design. I'm not throwing down out the ass money just because it was an older firearm. They all shoot the same. I'd rather the save the money for ammo or accessories.
Author: Kazrarisar
@adamdm87 Im a socialist, and a gun owner. The Soviet Union wasn't socialist because the means of production were controlled by the STATE! Not workers! Our vision of socialism is real socialism. But most people don't know anything about libertarian socialism or left-wing anarchism sadly :(
Author: Brajar
" Lock & Load " - Semper Fi !
Author: Shaktile
Bet neither one hit anything.
Author: Volmaran
@agumon12 You need to learn about the Nazi party before you call it 'socialist'. Despite its name,the Nazi ideology was near polar opposite to modern socialism and communism thus invalidating your point.
Author: Kazrakasa
Marx's own words "workers controlling the means of their production" to me means small businesses, not being employed by a centralized beauracracy.
Author: Najas
Contrary to what the description says, it sure didn't look like any sighting in going on!
Author: Goltirr
You are right that authortarian socialist governments are fucked. I won't disagree. So are authotarian capitalist governments. Look at Mousilinia, Pinochet, and so on.
Author: Zulkilmaran
no self respecting shooter would own a norinco m1a.
Author: Yozshuzshura
Author: Shara
fucking commies brainwashing the people.
Author: Goltigrel
you can buy or assemble a pre-ban configuration rifle now as you wish. if you pay the pre-ban price for any weapon now you are an idiot. there is no ban.
Author: Akinozahn
Hey agumon12, not all those you'd call "commies" are anti-gun.
Author: Voodoojinn
so either socialized or privatized medicine has issues
Author: Kazizragore
norinco M1A rifles are garbage.
Author: Kajikasa
since there is no ban anymore, there are no pre-ban rifles.
Author: Daihn
Besides most of my environmentalist-related-political leanings are due to, well, science and reason (not Al Gore). As with atheism - isn't questioning religion kind of an anti-sheep activity?
Author: Shazil
7.62x51 NATO is .308
Author: Kasar
Author: Julmaran
And regarding health care systems,
Author: Tabar
but i can get the buttstocks (folding and fixed), pistol grips, forestocks and floating gas piston assy's for the type 81/81-1.
Author: Zulukus
norinco made a fairly decent (average) ak47.
Author: Nekasa
man keeps both FAL and HK 91 or G3 are the best rifles in the world!!!
Author: Nejar
let me know.
Author: Neramar
Im pretty sure that there is a chinese variant of this rifle somewhere out there along with the m1a, fn, and winchester 97
Author: JoJolar
i think i know this range, is this on big island????
Author: Nikozragore
i have or can get anything you want.
Author: Daigul
Author: Kigamuro
i'm a dealer.
Author: JoJogis
Author: JoJolkis
No, the ones I'm looking at on gunbroker are Polytech's. The ones that were imported along with the Polytech Legend AK47S.
Author: Kajihn
not sure if they ever finally produced that rifle anyway.
Author: Voodookasa
ANY configuration.
Author: Kisar
things you dont hear about your glorius "Socialism"
Author: Fenrilar
@agumon12 are you suggesting Hitler or Stalin only started wars in the name of socialism? No, it was all about power. You're obviously just bullshitting to prove a point, but there were a lot more than 6 million people killed in the Nazi holocaust. Socialism works great in Scandinavia because people don't want to murder each other there.
Author: Zologar
Both sides are libertarian and don't want to restrict intrinsic and natural freedoms.
Author: Nelkree
look at his right arm,it jiggles everytime he shoots. XD
Author: Kacage
are you looking for a parts kit?
Author: Kazrale
"What are you aiming on?" (turns around... BAM stfu bitch! :D)
Author: Net
@mikethebassguy yea norinco makes alot of shit. I have seen the M1A from china be4.
Author: Gardalkis
ok, you got me on the vz52/57.
Author: Gushakar
"Thats fucking cooooool" Hell yeah brother, it is.
Author: Mami
Socialists aren't all that bad...