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Comments "The Inner Life of the Cell":

Author: Mat
i think i love thhe music
Author: Faegrel
This is fantastic! Would be so nice if there were subtitles that could explain different functions displayed! :)
Author: Dashakar
Speed up 1000x to get the real picture.
Author: Migor
I came home after school and immediately looked this up because of that proteins plug walk
Author: Kazshura
It's awesome how far we've come in this field of science. Go humans!
Author: Kalkree
I had to watch this for Biology, and I'm glad I did because this was very fascinating!
Author: Yok
the song though
Author: Kihn
Motor protein for the win
Author: JoJosida
wow i didn't know that my cells were all having a party inside me I feel so left out xD
Author: Meztiran
Author: Fell
This music is so dramatic for what the video is LMFAO it kills me every time
Author: Gorr
1:13 the elements of the cells in my body have more swag than I do
Author: Akit
When people are arguing about religion and how we should just enjoy this for science, meanwhile I'm looking for clips for a Shooting stars meme. The world we live in...
Author: Voodooramar
Watching this makes me so happy 
Author: Dourn
evolution-- am I a joke to u😂😂😂😂
Author: Meztirn
1:13 walking in da club like
Author: Kakora
kinesin looks like it has so much swag
Author: Nikohn
Un microcosmos en cada uno de nosotros.
Author: Arashikazahn
I study biology and sometimes I look for this video when I feel tired of study, just to get some motivation ^^
Author: Faegore
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Author: Goltitaxe
After going through the comments