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Comments "Refactoring: Second Edition – A Conversation with Martin Fowler":

Author: Shakaran
Thank you for this ThoughtWorks. Martin Fowler, as always very insightful.
Author: Nesho
Author: Grole
"First think the problem very well, and then code very easily under KISS principle"
Author: Tojasar
My dream to Join this company
Author: Dadal
I've learned a lot reading this book recommended to me in a code review. Thank you.
Author: Zulugul
Important topics, very easily explained, a dream belongs to this company.
Author: Tumuro
This company have it very clare. 
Author: Tygodal
Refactoring is such a fun read that I often find myself opening it on a weekend! I really like the attitude and culture of Martin Fowler and those he works with – taking pride in one's work and treating it as a skill and craft that can constantly be improved. That learning and evolution is part of what makes programming a passion rather than just a job, at least for me.