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Comments "iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Drop Test":

Author: Togore
Samsung didn't land on it front face ....  that test didn't count
Author: Yom
whats funny is that my dad has a shop that he fixes phones in and whenever i show him these videos he is disgusted
Author: Dailabar
I mean S4
Author: Vudokora
It just depends how u drop it... Galaxy wasn't completely on the front like the iPhone but they are probably just as tog has each other
Author: Mijora
After U Droped The iPhone 5S On The Front
Author: Dadal
They're crazy !!
Author: Bazragore
galaxy is better
Author: Kazigul
i love you man
Author: Nilmaran
you can tell when people do these test they favor 1 phone over the other 90% of the time.
Author: Kazishicage
Kad je iphone SMECE-iphone is a peace OF TRASH
Author: Kazrak
Author: Gardataxe
maybe you did, as a baby!
Author: Vora
Called it! I knew the galaxy would do better <3 the iphone is overrated anyways.
Author: Gardarn
Author: Kazahn
Author: Darg
How do u get all of the phones
Author: Goltikinos
fuck apple
Author: Tazshura
the guy that dropped the samsung... when he dropped it the corner hit the ground first. If he would've dropped it screen first it would've completely shattered...
Author: Fele
Samsung make them more durable because they get money from other phone as well, apple make them less durable so that they get more money.
Author: JoJor
Apple is better than galaxy
Author: Vorr
He can because if he destroys a 700 dollar Phone, lots of people will watch this video. Youtube will pay money depending on the number of views. because of the views, there will also be more ads shown. each ad shown and clicked on pays him money. all of this earns him a lot of money
Author: Kazirisar
I have an xperia z that I've had since march that I use without a cover (I have a flip cover and a clear case but use neither cause I love the styling of the xperia z so much) I've dropped it repeatedly off the bedside table or out of my hand or once from 2m high while standing on a ladder it slipped out of my trackpants onto my garage's concrete floor and till today not a single crack on the front or back glass.
Author: Mazujas
Apple has 20 x more money than samsung and they dont just make phones
Author: Arashisho
2:29 lol
Author: Zuramar
and i cracked little my phone at 1m
Author: Jusho
the s4 didnt fall properly on its face
Author: Zulull
Before u drop another I want it
Author: Zololmaran
sometimes i think why should we do these tests anyway... it's like wasting your own money to buy expensive gadgets just to freakin throw them to the floor.... i would suggest you guys to use the money for the poor... better than this... (personal opinion)
Author: Dakinos
I have S4! It's awesome and I dropped it so many times but it's totally fine. :D
Author: Gukus
So easy that broke the iphone 5s! PD: Samsung galaxy s4 won!
Author: Migami
actually you have a greater chance of cracking your screen if you drop it on the corner than on its front. its physics really.
Author: Nigal
Nope gs4 landed on its face as well.
Author: Shaktirr
I had the S4, fell off my bed (about 2 ft high) and screen was smashed and the phone wasn't functional anymore. Now I bought the iPhone 5s. I have to say that the 5s is stronger built. In the video, you didn't let the S4 fall correctly. 
Author: Goltijind
Author: Tygok
a samsung galaxy to survive a drop like that ... i can't believe it he must'have not dropped it propperly when i dropped mine the glass shattered and the screen wouldn't react to finger touches anymore
Author: Mezisida
can you give me the iphone or another one
Author: Mok
It seems everyone thinks that the s4 wouldn't have fared as well as the iPhone but unfortunately Samsung does make a more durable device then Apple and they always have so whether or not the drop was perfectly on its front Samsung still wins
Author: Milkis
they get money for doing this...
Author: Aragor
When he dropped the galaxy it went on its side making it unfair for the iphone
Author: Malatilar
when u dropped the 5s face down i started screaming omfg. my mom heard me and thought i was dying... fml _  
Author: Goltigor
The S4 is actually pretty good at handling drops. I tossed mine to a friend, over a concrete sidewalk, and it fell straight to the floor. the only damage was that the lens for the camera badly cracked. the screen was nearly perfect but had scratches from the sidewalk.
Author: Nishicage
why do you try so hard to steal peoples money?
Author: Terisar
I am posting this in my Samsung galaxy s4
Author: Voll
1:47 I thought that the screen flew off
Author: Najas
Why would starving children in Africa want phones?
Author: Doukus
Can you burn the iPhone 5swith gas lean
Author: Goltijin
That's why there are such things as cases !
Author: Mezigal
S4 didn't even fall flat on its face. It hit the corner
Author: Maladal
Can I have galaxy s4 or iPhone 5s please please please
Author: Nenos
I certainly didn't because i have good parents unlike yours. I can see from the way you replied to my comment, which i intended to make people realise the S4 had an unfair win, that you weren't raised that well. I'm guessing you're older than 15 (judging by your Ron Swanson profile pic means you watch parks and recreation) so you must have a reasonable mind. I myself have an S4 so i'm wasn't really supporting the iphone either, so if you would just shut the fuck up i would appreciate it.
Author: Vumi
Author: Sacage
Emily seely apple dont have even close to the money samsung has are you nutz? Samsung even makes processor and ram and storage for apple and think of all the shit samsung makes in all the different markets... Samaungs budget is light years beyond apples reach
Author: Bara
The 4 Great Phone Nations(Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG) all lived in peace, but, everything changed when Apple attacked.
Author: Tukinos
You didnt drop samsung on its screen!
Author: Kerg
IPhone 5s very good <3
Author: Arajas
Are you like rich cuz u buy all expensive stuff and then ruin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Kagakora
is not fair this test, because the aluminium iphone ´s structure is more heavy cause more impact on the glass and the s4 is just plastic maybe its ok for the glass, less weigth, with a stronger hit, iphone for sure its gonna be ok in its components, S4 is more fragile.
Author: Akihn
You asked for it.
Author: Tojall
"Not a fair test!" Stfu.....there is no "fair" when you drop your phone.
Author: Mikalmaran
S4 didn't drop straight on the sceen like iPhone did so if iPhone dropped atsactly like Samsung did it would have survived
Author: Kazrale
I am an apple user, just said that so butt hurt android fans dont say shit
Author: Nikojind
Fuck apple
Author: Zoloshura
Dude, it depends on how you drop the phones. Samsung didn't dropped it's face directly to the ground as I saw not just like in iPhone. So, iPhone do really have a great damage on the screen because it's face dropped directly to the ground where as the Samsung. By the way, if your gonna drop those phones, maybe i'll have it... hehehe.. :)
Author: Mikinos
4.5 feet drop my s4 survived with a dent on the back cover i just replaced the cover and its fine
Author: Kile
Gold Please
Author: Sasho
er . He Must be very rich -,-
Author: Kazira
Galaxy s4 didn't drop flat on screen!!!!
Author: Danos
I dropped my s4 from about 2 feet on corner in my driveway and the screen exploded. happy now to have the 5s!
Author: JoJogal
So, the S4 is just more likely to survive the fall.
Author: Kazrajas
And By The Way the Samsung S4 didn't fall on its screen face properly like the Apple 5S did. So therefore the test is unfair.
Author: Magore
Fingers and hands aren't reliable enough for drop tests
Author: Zulutaxe
nobody does windows phone drop test ):
Author: Kikinos
Galaxy screen shatters easily cause of the size
Author: Gajinn
Author: Mazut
It didn't fall fully on its face Samsung Cheats
Author: Shakashura
Apple is always the best......
Author: Mazugal
in the drop test for the galaxy it dropped on its upper right side
Author: Menos
Team iOS.....
Author: Gardar
It's fair because the Phone is top heavy meaning when you drop it it'll normally fall like that. The iPhone is even so it depends completely on the wind.
Author: Tygojas
The galaxy s4 did not land 100% on its front so to me it doesn't matter. iTS FALSE FOR ME.
Author: Toshicage
the back came off to absorb the shock from the impact
Author: Gucage
My brother has an iPhone 5s
Author: Dusho
I have an s4
Author: Fenrill
The S4 only had a minor crack because it landed on the bottom right. The 5s landed flat on the screen. Not really a fair test.
Author: Faegar
I'm getting tired of all these fragile phones I want one of the flip phones you could run over with a truck and would be perfectly fine after
Author: Yozshulkree
The samsung s4 is gorilla glass while the i phone has a mornal screen thats why iphone screen pretty much shatterd!!
Author: Moogulrajas
luv ur vids XD
Author: Akinolar
I'm an android guy all the way and I own the note 3. What I have to say here though is the iPhone 5s front drop test showed that it totaled the screen when it ACTUALLY landed face first, whereas the S4 didn't land fully face first. So for the people saying the s4 won let's not jump to conclusions that quick. All phones, with the exception of ruggedized phones made to withstand these type of things, will shatter when dropped full face first from around 5 feet.
Author: Juran
Yeah thats S4 for you
Author: Dizragore
And Put A Case On It And A Screen Protector And You Will Be The Coolest :) Android Is More Customizable And Has More Features Than IOS 7 :)
Author: Vudojas
Galaxy us way. Better
Author: Yozshutaur
like if s4 handled it like a boss
Author: Migul
S4 didn't fall flat that's not fair
Author: Brasida
My brithers iphone was droppes just once and it is already cracked
Author: Kazitaur
The sapphire can't be destroyed if you don't use a diamond... that mean...IS NOT FUCKING SAPPHIRE!!
Author: Volkis
Haha galaxy s4 won
Author: Mauran
Did Touch I.D Still Work ?
Author: Malakazahn
Hello TechRax! I have to ask you: could you just give me iPhone instead of destroying it?
Author: Mauzragore
nice video
Author: Akibar
Author: Akitaxe
Some people make exusees just because s4 is better than iphone5s
Author: Goshicage
UNFAIR!!!!!!! iPhone 5S landed completely face down,Galaxy S4 didn't land properly on the face! Don't believe me? Watch the face down drops for each phone in slow mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Yogor
Watching this on an s4 lol
Author: Zulusida
Thank you for testing it
Author: Nikolar
The galaxy is stronger than the iPhone5S
Author: Meztiramar
That doesn't mean anything...
Author: Nizahn
Author: Faushura
the s4 first impacted the corner on the face drop biased video
Author: Goltill
4s didn't fall flat...
Author: Kenris
why not smaller screen for nice pictures
Author: Nikotaxe
yes it did watch the slo mo it its flat bounces and flips on to its back
Author: Kigajin
Insurance maybe?
Author: Taudal
Samsung Galaxy S4 won yay
Author: Fenriramar
I dropped my s4 twice and it is not even scratched
Author: Muk
I think s4 is better
Author: Tojalrajas
I agree Samsung long beter than apple don't jealous
Author: Samujinn
Poor iphone 5s.......
Author: Duk
Oh shit .. see this, hurts more than a kick in the balls
Author: Braran
it's designed to twist in mid air
Author: Kagalabar
Getting my 5s tomorrow!! SO EXCITED!
Author: Vilar
Please do a drop test with the galaxy mega
Author: Kera
Guess what, i'm is apple user
Author: Batilar
Really depends on what you want. Extremely fast and snappy iphone, light and very very good on day to day use. Or android, larger screen for nice pictures, videos and streaming. Bit more complicated but you'll learn how to use it considering it is your phone. Few random gestures which may or may not be usefull.
Author: Toramar
I think you should do blend test
Author: Zululrajas
Not flat mostly the corner where it cracked but i guess it depends how you drop it
Author: Dik
I'm not sure, so they can show us which phone can take the most impact and potentially influence our opinion in what phone we should buy? This is just what I'm thinking.
Author: Dorisar
I did it with my iPhone 5s and my friend samsung galaxy s4 and the galaxy s4 was not coming on but the iPhone survived.......
Author: Kigam
Lol 5S-4S
Author: Mazuzragore
my god what a shit test, do it fair next time
Author: Voodookazahn
Author: Yozshulmaran
I dropped my Samsung S4 from 2ft and the screen has lots of cracks on it and doesn't work anymore..
Author: Nikojar
Yeah, the S4s screen didnt brake because it didnt land directly like the I Phone 5s did. :/
Author: Kall
I droped my galaxy like a feet high it was so broken if I wanted it repaired it would cost 200! And galaxy landed on its corners. So Apple won.its not fair that it landed on its corner!
Author: Jum
Omg people so stupid samsung = bigger screan so more weight so more force is added when s4 hits then any iphone -.- use brains that u were born with thx
Author: Fehn
How you drop the iPhone 5s on its face samsung on its side...
Author: Zuluzragore
Hahaha s4 is way stronger than the iphone5
Author: Mezijind
It happens a lot- the back cover of the Galaxy comes off when I drop it.
Author: Kazikus
Guess what? nobody cares!!
Author: Grozilkree
Can I have a broken Iphone 5s or a iPhone 5c
Author: Bagami
Author: Moogugore
dude, seriously where the hell do you get the money to buy all of this crap? do you just send it in saying you had an accident with it?
Author: Shar
Wow all the other drop test the I phone is better then the s4
Author: Yozshutaxe
What should I buy a IPhone 5,s or a Samsung Galaxy S4
Author: Sazuru
Take The S4. I Have It. I Am Enjoying Android And Customizing It Out Of The Box. You Will Enjoy A Plenty Of Cool Features Like Gestures And Motions. And It Is Very Fast And Clean And Does Not Lag Like Many People Say About TouchWiz. Besides, It Is Cheaper And Have A Removable Battery And A MicroSD Card Slot. I Have It And I Have A Great Experience With It And Android. And It Will Be Updated To Android 4.3 In A Couple Of Weeks :)
Author: Akitaur
neither did the iphone look at the video nothing is going to land that small the wind will make any device angle a bit when falling because of the amount of surface area dammmmmn
Author: Grogrel
YOu Dumb Fuck hhahahahahaha
Author: Milkis
hmm...this is a clear example :)
Author: Grokazahn
For the galaxy it landed on the side of the screen
Author: Faukora
I'm glad I viewed this vid cuz I have the galaxy s4
Author: Taura
Not hating, but the S4 didn't even fall flat on its face. It hit the corner
Author: Vokus
And anyways apple for life)