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Comments "Adaptive (Dynamic) Voltage Overclocking Made Easy - Core i7 8700K Overclock Guide":

Author: Tygokree
Dope intro, I felt like I was a baby computer being born into a computer world that was uncorrupted before humans
Author: Vubar
Thanks for the video! Are these the only settings I would need to change for an overclock on gigabyte z390 aorus pro with 9600k? I've just moved from an asus board and really don't like the bios so far,
Author: Shanris
I need money for a better monitor
Author: Vudogrel
Your videos are so informative this is great content thank you so much.
Author: Daibei
Nice video, you just earned a new subscriber :) I just have one question. I’m having problems with my new i7 9700k, dark rock pro 4 and z390 aorus elite. Everything is stock, but I’m getting over 80c degrees in games and stress test, when its idle it’s sitting at low 30’s with high random spikes to high 50’s. How could i solve this problem? I dont realy understand those options for voltage, dynamic(adaptive) normal, auto and what number should i go with? I’m not planning on OC it, I just want the lower temps that are possible without affecting the cpu’s performance. Thanks in advance!
Author: Nibei
bro i try to put your channel out there to all my friends bcuz its crazy the amount of hard work you put into these videos these videos are like Linus Tech Tips status or better. Dont quit man!
Author: Meshura
You say to monitor the voltage and watch the thermals; but, what is "safe", or, where do I find out? I myself know for my 6700k 1.4v is my limit. But, not ever viewer is going to know. HWmonitor is great. May I also suggest HWinfo64; because, it monitors my AIO Corsair too; and, logs to a .csv file.
Author: Bagis
I know whats stable at 5.0ghz with no avx offset but how I am I supposed to check whats stable with avx when prime ramps the vcore crazy high on adaptive?
Author: Nekree
How far do you think you can push the multi leaving all else at stock? I tested prime 8 hours at 4.8 just fine last night, but the voltage topped around 1.34. however, with heat in check, 1.34 should do 4.9 or maybe even 5. Do you think this is an ok approach ? I feel the offset method is the way to go, except this is way more complex than sandy bridge was, where I'm upgrading from. I noticed that when I used the offset, it also adjusted that base voltage when it down clocks. It wanted to idle at around 1.1ghz then, and not the .6ghz I think it did at stock. Not sure if I missed a setting
Author: Tacage
Will an AVX instruction in software increase the vcore as well? I'm fine with static but it's not ideal. With haswell I just set a manual vcore with c -states and it lowered at idle. Why is this not happening with z390? Does anyone on the internet really know the deal?
Author: Kagarr
Dude you are so under rated I share your videos all the time I can this content is extreamly great keep on going