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Comments "Votan Odin Wotan - Known by Many Names - Aztec Mythology":

Author: Maukora
Kukulkan Cu Chullain. Irish hero.
Author: Akinosho
the topics in your videos are really interesting. keep up the good work!
Author: Milkis
Can Ot Blame ONE who tri'ce indomitable in natures way... Of balance an form uniform informed reflects that "hue" man blindly seize as hiss Owhen do you feel me??? Eye trail oftin ThoughT lotsoflove from The HEart. there four chambers welcoming life into the matters of man
Author: Mooguk
Terrible pronunciation of the names and places...but very interesting info.
Author: Dorn
If you are starting to head into the Tower of Babel and how these relate to it, look into Enki (I know that you already have, but apparently he was summoned forth there). Look into Nimrod and look into Gilgamesh. Again, these are all people that you have probably looked into, but you can see a connection there. Also, stop to consider how a brick and mortar structure could reach into heaven when they couldn't be that tall compared to modern buildings that God is apparently fine with. You may even want to take a look at how the Bible mentions that Nimrod/Gilgamesh "became" a mighty man or giant as that Hebrew term is often translated.
Author: Sharisar
Too many faces Too many names ! Correct ONE ENTITY ! ! !
Author: Mezigar
A catholic writing about oden..Give me a break..
Author: Mesida
Cham is the Ancient Name of EPIRUS in today's Greece...
Author: Malagul
Cham sounds close to Khem(Ham)/Khemet(Mizraim)
Author: Akinoktilar
love your channel! thank you
Author: Tojadal
Love listening and watching these videos.
Author: Kezragore
Many names, many entity
Author: Vudozahn
Many faces many names but our history on this Earth is not what we have told by people not the God of heaven
Author: Zuluran
Votan is an ancient Maya god of war and death,so old he is rumored to have been old even before the beginning of time itself.He is usually depicted as having no teeth,and being colored entirely black.Little is known about him,except that he likes to smoke pungent cigars.Interestingly,he is also the god who invented drumming!
Author: Meztijinn
Basically Odin wanders throughout the world spreading knowledge and wisdom, helping to develop civilizations, while jehovah punished mankind for eating the fruit of knowledge. I see