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Comments "1) BRONTES OF HAWORTH (Part 1)":

Author: Kajirn
i love how clear everything is. im learning a lot from these old movies. thanks for uploading.
Author: Shaktishicage
music so loud, can't hear the speakers, too bad..
Author: Vudal
When they mentioned "proambulation", l thought they were actually going to take a walk outside. Lol They seem so repressed at times and seem to resent thier aunt.
Author: Gardashakar
What unearthly looking children. Perfect !
Author: Vikora
Bramwell knows in his heart he has a drinking problem, his shyness precipitated this, and he knows he is wrong, but is devastated that he keeps failing... He needs Jesus.
Author: Zulugami
Very nice, thank you. But please remove the apostrophe from 'Bronte's'! It's painful to see a mistake like that, especially in the context of a great work of English literature. And you could get the spelling right while you're at it: Brontës with an ë.
Author: Dudal
Isn't it interesting that we can date this as 70s at a glance even though it's a period drama!? What a great upload - dated as you say in the description but lovely for all that.
Author: Vira
What timing of this upload! I just finished a novel on the Brontes, after reading Elizabeth Gaskell’s Biography of Charlotte last year and 4 of the Bronte books! The filming is so true to their story. Tragic and yet their books have so much depth compared to modern day novels. Thanks for uploading!
Author: Dazil
I was 13 when this was first broadcast; I always remembered the music. Can't believe I've seen it again after all these years!
Author: Dogor
Thank you for uploading!
Author: Vosar
I saw this the first time around and I thought it was really really good. It's great to see it again and it's still as good. How accurate are the accents? Charlotte sounds like the queen. In the new production about the Brontes called To walk invisible, we hear Yorkshire accents. Did they have Yorkshire accents?
Author: Felmaran
The actual parsonage is much smaller and feels very claustrophobic to a modern person.
Author: Zulujin
Dont you EVER apologize for a show being dated. Never never. Thats what gives it such charm. I love them. Keep em' coming!
Author: Doudal
It was paramount the success of the male child with women unable to inherit any family fortune; the female child was reduced to teacher, governess, or child-bearing. Even in their writings a surname of male gender was selected so as not to upset the delicate balance of male superiority. Thank the biblical teachings of the Old Testament with Eve who seduced Adam to take a bite of the forbidden fruit. Women have been treated as lesser beings of inferior nature for centuries.
Author: Gurr
In retrospect, I noticed the Parson spoke to the children as small adults without the use of childish language. The young mind is capable of thinking, responding, and understanding from an early age. Forward thinking on the part of the Parson to allow his daughters to read and be educated through their readings as only men and boys were allowed to use the libraries in the early part of the Victorian era.
Author: Samujas
Those brilliant yet troubled children, creating a world of their own, sheltered from the brutalities of an existence just beyond their door. A graveyard filled with children's graves, laying under mouldering stones, flat wide ones that prevented the graves from decomposing the inhabitants, disease filled water flowing down the steep cobbles to the very cups that killed the innocents. Up at the top, within throwing distance were the pubs that Branwell crawled home from, to the bed he shared with his father who tried so very hard to keep him alive. The girls withering away, and all the while the wind wuthered around and the rooks barked harshly from twisted limbed trees. Oh what a wild and wonderful place Haworth is.
Author: Zukazahn
I lived in England right through the Seventies. I reveled in these BBC anf ITV Period Dramas! Thanks for these uploads, and Greetings from the Wilds of Wyoming. 🙋🏼‍♀️🏔❄️🌠
Author: Shagore
Not heard of this drama. Thanks for uploading the videos. By the way the numbering for the videos are a bit wrong. The one you've called part 1 is actually episode 3 and this one is is actually the first episode.
Author: Vorisar
Thank you for sharing this wonderful series, I did not see this when it was broadcast. I love anything with Alfred Burke, a marvellous actor.
Author: Tojasho
What's with the girl's 1950's hairdos?