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Comments "Why Is White Boy Rick Really In Prison? - Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen (Pt 1)":

Author: Voktilar
Lmao, Hanson says "little Rick would be pedaling more than just his bike" 😅
Author: Yobar
Not much has changed.
Author: Zuluzahn
2:35 lil Rick was about to be peddling more than just his bike.. this had my crying 😂😂😂
Author: Nikoll
My mans had a pink slushy before the show or what?
Author: Tele
not all the money in the world is worth being risking being caged for life.
Author: Mugar
any city that has a major drug problem, the police are involved
Author: Karr
Who else caught his dad was selling GUNS and he was selling dope... AND BOTH WORKED FOR THE FEDS!!!
Author: Aralkis
POLICE are the biggest drug dealers out there
Author: Yozshugal
Damn. Gil Hill was a dirty cop? Axel would have been devastated
Author: Sakinos
Cops + Detroit = corrupt
Author: Gobei
yo they had this dummy snitching at 15, yo police, the feds and his p.o.s. father should be in jail.. tell u truth how is he alive with all that snitching he did wtf
Author: Arashijinn
White boy rick is the real life white boy Carl Gallagher lmfao
Author: Tygosar
Lol, none of this was funny,but America is so corrupt I can't help but laugh.
Author: Kanris
Ricks dad Rick senior was an inventor who couldn't invent a name
Author: Yokinos
So this guy did nothing wrong?
Author: Fauk
A 14 year old getting life in prison?? He’s too young for a sentence like that
Author: Mausho
What Was The Point Of Becoming A Informant??? If You Still In Jail🙄🙃😕😒Wow
Author: Yozshujar
As a struggling college student, this job sounds good.
Author: Tygozragore
he snitched on some major players included law officials he's not in prison for the crimes he committed he's in prison for his own safety
Author: Aratilar
"Once upon a time drug dealers were idolized"
Author: Moshakar
"Duh... I wonder how drugs & guns are getting in our neighborhoods.." smh
Author: Maukasa
looks like an 80s porn star