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Comments "White House Reaction To Paul Manafort And Michael Cohen Indictments | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC":

Author: Tojami
Both Sberbank and VTB Capital have faced severe cash shortages due to plunging oil prices, plus the U.S. sanctions. If Obama's sanctions were lifted, however, both banks could legally seek funds from American financial institutions. The lobbying campaign targeted Congress and the executive branch, with Podesta and other lobbyists arranging at least two meetings between Sberbank officers and Department of State officials, according to Elena Teplitskaya, Sberbank’s board chairman, who spoke to House aides in August.
Author: Arashit
A campaign donation to Trump that was over the limit and handled by Cohen is a crime. By Cohen, NOT Trump.
Author: Sakinos
Type in: Pizzagate untrue. Look at the left wing posts
Author: Tauran
Consider: Most of his supporters are Russian Americans... Putin's Sleeper Cells...
Author: Vudomuro
I can "differentiate" between scandals. Cohen swore under oath that the POTUS committed crimes to manipulate the public and get elected. Why is this complicated or confusing?
Author: Kirg
A conviction🤣
Author: Mekasa
I watched Nixon resign while I was in college. I hated him then, but now I realize that as bad as he was, and he was, he had the decency to resign. Trump? I seriously can't see that narrcicist doing anything but going down in flames.
Author: Kigamuro
If the gop remains complicit, then the Democrats will take care if it after November.
Author: Brazshura
'Come and see.' and I saw, and behold a white horse"
Author: Vik
Congratulations to Robert Mueller Team.
Author: Moogucage
Author: Doujin
Always remember, Trump lost the popular vote by a wide margin. His Electoral College win was one of the lowest majorities in its history. Trump won by the thinnest margin in just three key swing states.
Author: Mubar
the leader of anarchy must first break the law
Author: Akinotaur
Throw a parade for Trump
Author: Dokree
by Tyler Durden Fri, 03/10/2017 - 04:22
Author: Maujin
where is the outrage from thee republican house and senate where is it .
Author: Arashisho
"And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder
Author: Zologis
GOP’ers were trying to figure out how to impeach for a Tan Suit in the Oval.... #Hypocrites
Author: Kagacage
The darkest hour was when Trump got elected. The rest of the farce aka his presidency is just a side-freak-show
Author: Shat
Mr. Trump, so what it's 12 years ago? It's still a CRIME... Crooked Trump!!!
Author: Guzuru
The dimwitted rats are following the morally bankrupt pipe-piper to their destruction!!!
Author: Akizshura
Oh pardon me, I just manafarted.
Author: Akinotaxe
I think Trump will pardon Manafort.....thick as thieves 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
Author: Dakazahn
Author: Fekus
This WH Administration is a JOKE
Author: Nikoktilar
That's trump!
Author: Akinokree
Dude, it's not a 'whiff' of corruption around the POTUS. It's a stench. . .
Author: Gashura
Trump's supporters are all just one big, happy family. LITERALLY.
Author: Kehn
At this point, Trump's base don't care about "facts, ideology or decency". Trump is their man, the white fundamentalist Christian man, who is going to slay the enemies of the base (no matter who they are or what they do).
Author: Vishakar
When Robert Mueller comes around 😎
Author: Nikojora
Might want to tell this guy there has been “echoes of watergate” for about 15 months now...
Author: Faugrel
Keep on digging, Steph.👍🐞.
Author: Keshakar
Adding some fascinating context to this Cohen/Manafort story
Author: Yozshulkis
Wow 😮
Author: Mazutilar
Plzzz send europ some more popcorn :D
Author: Zukinos
The GOP was once known as the “party of family values”. Now the party of cheating conmen, crooks and criminals. Sad.
Author: Muran
then arrest him during the ceremony
Author: Vudorn
One of the big problems with a vast amount of Americans is that they are not interested in politics, either American or the wider world. They are only interested in their own little worlds around themselves and their families. A vast majority have no passports, have never been abroad. Those who can be bothered make their vote and then sit back and let the politicians get on with it. Only if something affect them, eg wages , unemployment and reduced health care do they start to moan.. if asked some had no idea the enormous debt Trump has got the USA. I have sympathised with Americans over the last 22 months but having seen and heard them reply to queries about the chaotic goings on in the White House and their total uninterest, I no longer feel they deserve my sympathy. They must take responsibility for allowing those in Congress for shirking their obligations to their voters
Author: Aragor
Some more details on the meeting: joining the Podesta lobbying campaign was David Adams, who describes himself on the Podesta Group website as a “trusted adviser” to Hillary Clinton, serving as her as assistant secretary of state for congressional affairs. Another Podesta lobbyist was Stephen Rademaker, a former Department of State official in the George W. Bush administration. The Podesta Group represented Sberbank and its subsidiaries, Troika Dialog Group in the Cayman Islands, SBGB Cyprus Ltd in Nicosia, Cyprus, and SB International in Luxembourg. Troika Dialog also was related to Klein, Ltd., a Cayman Island organization that once funneled tens of millions of dollars to environmental groups to oppose low-cost fracking in the U.S., which was hurting the Russian oil industry.
Author: Yolar
hpw ignorant this people around this man in those rallys
Author: Doubei
A lready
Author: Neran
When Trump will get indicted for tax fraud?
Author: Zulkikus
Unlike Nixon, Trump will not resign. He knows all kinds of criminal charges relating to his business crimes are going to be pursuing him the minute he leaves office.
Author: Vojinn
And of course... here we are today. Trump will DO ANYTHING to NOT let FBI near his Money... BECAUSE it is likely to surefire path to Putin.... And, we actually DO know Putin Murders people that flip on him. GUESS WHAT. TRUMP is close enough to Putin that he has no options.
Author: Akijora
Clock s ticking..sure the military (he respects so much) is waiting too😏
Author: Tektilar
Manafort=officially a felon.
Author: Zusho
History repeats itself! The GOP will be crushed in the mid-terms and then the Democrats will be in power. Impeachment will be a priority to get the current cancer out of the White House and Make America Normal Again... MANA, MANA, MANA!
Author: Kigal
Criminals choose the witnesses for the prosecution. Criminals choose criminals, duh.
Author: Faejora
Twitler has met his Churchill.
Author: Douzahn
When you abandon your principles when they become inconvenient, you never had principles. By the way, we don't have to impeach him, just kick him off Twitter.
Author: Tolrajas
Is there anything Manafort could "break" about? Time after time Trump confesses without confessing.
Author: Maukus
I think the Senator needs to check his job description. Checks and balances on the Presidency are part of the Senate responsibility, so most def not above his pay grade.
Author: Gardajar
There'll be a golden ladder reachin' down
Author: Zolosida
EVERY Single this is related.... This case if really huge, and it's all connected.
Author: Mujin
I would like to hear Zephyr Teachout's thoughts here, she will be the next NY Attorney General
Author: Dokus
I think the only reason trump is kissing up to Manafort is much like why he kisses up to Putin, he knows both of them can expose WAY more if they choose too.
Author: Kajill
Omarosa might not be credible but those receipts are
Author: Nigal
Exceptional, excellent, brilliant(smart) reporting.👍👏👏.
Author: Dusida
Yesterday may have been a dark day for the administration, but it's been a dark two years for 65% of Americans. Yesterday was the brightest day we've had since 11/2016. Vote Blue in November!
Author: Mira
Author: Malarg
Manaforts crimes would have continued if he hadn’t been exposed, he would be working in the White House
Author: Dira
Lock up cinnamon HITLER aka mango Mussolini
Author: Taunris
Manafort's getting a pardon because the president doesn't understand how federal and possible state charges work. Plus it would look awfully suspicious to pardon him, a former associate with overwhelming evidence.
Author: Dabar
Two things destroy a weak man, money and status. After that, he goes blind.
Author: Fenribar
Execute Ryan and McConnell for treason.
Author: Yozshushura
brave man, you don't know what a brave man is, you coward.
Author: Maushura
Hey yo Pauly. Saw the cops talkin to you over there. You ain't say nothin did you?
Author: Nikazahn
Seems like criminals are drawn to Trump like moths to a flame... give Trump a couple of months and he'll probably be the leader of MS-13 by then :D
Author: JoJokinos
Mr. Graham, trump pardoned joe arpaio before he went to jail
Author: Akibar
Cohen is about to tell E-VERY THANG! I knew he would be the one to end trumps life. There's always one.
Author: Dirisar
she says she was going after state crimes not fed crimes
Author: Nizilkree
Author: Fegrel
Cohen committed his crimes, some of which while having Trump, among others as a client.
Author: Taudal
Why would a man who refuses to show his tax returns not condem a man that evaded paying taxes? Birds of a feather?
Author: Sagami
The two Russian banks spent more than $700,000 in 2016 on Washington lobbyists as they sought to end the U.S. sanctions, according to Senate lobbying disclosure forms and documents filed with the Department of Justice.
Author: Goltile
Cohen's allegations is backed up by tapes.
Author: Shakacage
Cohen wasn't credible because of what he said while he was acting as Trump's personal counsel? I couldn't disagree more.
Author: Voodooktilar
Russia has been working this operation for over 20+ years... They made Trump who he is. THEY used Social Engineering techniques and and Reality TV to create a "Successful, Wealthy Business CEO" image of himself....
Author: Tekazahn
Podesta’s efforts were a key part of under-the-radar lobbying during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign led mainly by veteran Democratic strategists to remove sanctions against Sberbank and VTB Capital, Russia’s second largest bank.
Author: Kagor
Others might call it; KARMA!!!
Author: Shakaran
That part of his base WILL NOT change...
Author: Taujin
As the Caller puts it, "the discovery of high-profile Democrats like Podesta being paid lucrative fees for lobbying to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia contrasts with charges from Democrats that President Donald Trump and his key aides are soft on Russia while the Obama administration was tough on Moscow."
Author: Voodooktilar
The pressure is going to cause a mental strain. He should not be allowed to serve as president, if not for everything else, for the reason of being under extreme stress, relating to his own well being. He has jeopardized his own competency and ability to serve America's best interests first. ..not like he ever had, but, now his mental focus will be on his own interests more.
Author: Meshakar
I hope she gets atty general- this is ridiculous - it can only happen to eastern countries (no offence)
Author: Kigam
Dumpster Fire is making new friends.
Author: Metaxe
M ueller's
Author: Kazrashura
the trump administration, in regards to the Cohen payments, have moved the goal posts out of the stadium.
Author: Akiktilar
The walls are closing in!
Author: Zulugal
this guy says Cohen isn't credible??? how long was he Trump's lawyer?!?!
Author: Bralabar
"whiff of corruption" overwhelming stench seems more appropriate
Author: Fauhn
I think most of us are tired of our $ wasted on rallies to boost a crook's ego! Same for all his waste while lying.
Author: Shalmaran
first there was no affair. then, there were no payments and now the payments are not illegal. it'll be interesting to see just how far he'll go.
Author: Dazuru
Former President Barack Obama imposed the Russian sanctions following the break out in violence in east Ukraine in 2014.
Author: Kakora
Cohen=officially a felon.
Author: Faem
Only CRIMINALS get pardons.
Author: Mooguzuru
GOP politicians are lower than pond scum..thats what I am learning..
Author: Akinokus
His house of cards is falling down .
Author: Daizahn
The people who gave Trump the votes he needed to be chosen President are not in those rally halls cheering at the top of their voices.
Author: Faukree
Finally, collusion conclusion.
Author: Tygozragore
We do not give a F. Trump 2020
Author: Tojajind
serious, hello 1967 America... Guess your 'KING' has to shout harder and harder now-a-day.
Author: Yokinos
Pardon me Mr.Trump but I just don't agree with your choice of company you keep.
Author: Tokazahn
No darker moment for the presidency except when dopey don became president of The United States of America to serve ALL the people of this nation. PTBD Proud To Be Deplorable 2020
Author: Kigagore
Regular readers will recall that the Sberbank-Podesta relationship goes back many years. Sberbank was the lead financial institution in the Russian deal to purchase Uranium One, owned by one of Bill Clinton’s closest friends, Frank Giustra. Giustra and Bill Clinton lead the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership, an integral part of the Clinton Foundation. Giustra has additionally donated $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.
Author: Kazisho
Trump can feel sorry for Manafort the crook, but can't feel sorry for the innocent Central Park 5. Wicked man.
Author: Gardakree
After the reading President Trump's Twitter texts, what he said about Cohen and Manafort can be used against through very detailed questions; for example, what is the definition of the word RAT and SNITCH? And if he would call either of them anyone of the words, why?
Author: Gokasa
Time to get Don Jr in front of the grand jury.
Author: Mazuran
He’s done.
Author: Jusho
trump is gonna pardon manafort the guy who was in the "torturer's lobby" a "good person" really....
Author: Zoloshakar
Private payment to a blackmailer does NOT constitute a crime. Period.
Author: Ducage
Author: Tesho
So.. over the years, we all see Trump as wealthy, and a good deal maker/business man.
Author: Dazuru
Manafort is not brave, he is terrified... of the Russian mob...if he starts singing. That is the real reason he is not singing. This is not a joke, Russian mob. Reduction in the sentence does not really help Manafort as his life span will be very short if he starts singing... capish?
Author: Meztibar
New to MSNBC, Stephanie Ruhle is a great host, love the personal touch's during a crazy situation and it's discussion.
Author: Zolohn
Take him Down
Author: Brajar
Why is the media trying to compare this to Watergate? When in reality this is an epic break down in the American Political system. You, may find a Watergate type scandal within this political breakdown but that's it.
Author: Mazudal
"Trump is not a republican, Trump is a Trump."
Author: Taukazahn
"earn a pardon?" that is not what pardons are for. They are for gross miscarriages of justice or extreme hardship. Or people rotting in jail for antiquated laws from another age. Not something you "earn".
Author: Melkree
Giustra sought to sell his stake in uranium reserves that included ore deposits in the Western United States, and Hillary Clinton, who as secretary of state, approved the sale. And in one felled swoop, 20 percent of America’s uranium ore was sold to the Russian state atomic agency
Author: Kigakree
Imagine if trump was a democrat...
Author: Majinn
Republicans are slowly going into hibernation for this coming winter.🙂
Author: Samumuro
This is why Scooter Libby didn't get a full pardon from Bush (but weirdly, got one from Trump) because the White House Counsel that GWB had at the time didn't feel that Libby showed any remorse when he sat down to talk to him and recommended against pardoning him. Bush took Cheney aside after a Cabinet meeting near the end of his Presidency to tell him that he wouldn't be pardoning him.
Author: Jujas
Mueller has not even weighed in yet. When he makes a move things are going to get interesting.
Author: Akinonos
Previously, The Daily Caller reported that Tony Podesta was proactively lobbying for cancellation of a range of anti-Russian sanctions against the banking sector. In particular, he represented interests of Sberbank and was paid $170,000 for his efforts over a six-month period last year to seek to end one of the Obama administration’s economic sanctions against that country. Podesta, founder and chairman of the Podesta Group, is listed as a key lobbyist on behalf of Sberbank, according to Senate lobbying disclosure forms. His firm received more than $24 million in fees in 2016, much of it coming from foreign governments, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.
Author: Fenrilkis
Dark moment for trump. Shining light for democracy.
Author: Meztihn
Whats sad is that so many people didn't realize that they were voting for a criminal. I thought it was obvious.
Author: Gardakus
Everybody won't be treated all the same
Author: JoJojind
Stephanie -- thank you for your choice of modest attire. So tired of all those females (reporters too) who make it all about their boobs - as if they are the only ones with boobs. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated Stephanie!💜
Author: Faegrel
WTF. How crazy is trump. No respect for the law at all.Trump must of broken the same laws to say that.I think.
Author: Samulrajas
I wonder how much campaign money he spent on McDonald's and KFC🤷🏻‍♂️
Author: Zulkisho
State of NY can look into Trump money laundering.... just saying.
Author: Yozshukora
And yet we have the double standard of justice for:
Author: Mikall
Has any other president continued having frequent rallies after election? He soooo lives for the applause and needs constant praise and adoration, clear signs of a narcissist and possibly a sociopath! It's creepy!
Author: Todal
6:50 Wow he’s really patriotic, from the way he said “for the country”
Author: Shaktigis
The unindicted co-conspirator has got to go.
Author: Tygojind
Unindicted Kriminal KoKonspiritor
Author: Tojamuro
Mueller Making America Great Again. DRAINING THE SWAMP Womp Womp hehehehehe
Author: Dikasa
In all my days I never thought Trump of all tycoons would betray the USA😣
Author: Fesho
Author: Gardakree
Let move on with America
Author: Vikazahn
Scrabble note: EXTREMIS is Latin, not good in North American Scrabble. Mainly occurs in the Latin phrase "in extremis" ; - ) EXTREMUM, on the other hand, is a good mathematical word....
Author: Fenrilkis
"SS man, loyalty is thy honor"—Heinrich Himmler
Author: Tajind
I wonder what's going to happen when SDNY brings charges against Don Jr, Kushner and Ivanka? That will happen. It's only a matter of time. Is the Cheeto going to start a civil war, a war over seas or some other national emergency. People have died because of Trump, Sessions, et al and more will certainly die. Their blood is on Trump's hands.
Author: Dainris
Unindited Co-Conspiritor in Chief - how are they going to fit all that on the nametag?
Author: Shakabar
G ot
Author: Samugrel
There's a man goin' 'round takin' names
Author: Mukus
It only whenever he gets busted?
Author: Gonris
Bone Spurs Trump has some tax returns the American people would like to see. How much longer do we have to wait?
Author: Arakus
Cohen's tapes will be very credible. Cohen has them and Mueller got them too. Trump needs to prepare for his exile to Russia.
Author: Daim
The problem is Manafort committed his crimes in 2004 and 2005. Nothing to do with Trump.
Author: Akihn
Some of these Republicans are as BLIND as a mole. They’re some of the biggest HYPOCRITES, claiming that they’re Christians yet putting a sinner above Jesus and the TRUTH of God. Worse of all, the Anti-Christ will even be worse when he appears.
Author: Kazraran
Happily, the complete failure of the Unite the Right march indicates the timing in wrong for him to use civil disturbance to save him.
Author: Kigaktilar
Love the way Leecia Eve put that clown Siegfried in his place after he tried to make out she didn't know what she was talking about but I suppose being a Republican in his mind black woman must mean low IQ but she just rolled you over sucker
Author: Vudora
Author: Sajora
Russia's largest bank, Sberbank, has confirmed that it hired the consultancy of Tony Podesta, the elder brother of John Podesta who chaired Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, for lobbying its interests in the United States and proactively seeking the removal of various Obama-era sanctions, the press service of the Russian institution told TASS on Thursday.
Author: Nataur
The Trumptanic has hit the iceberg and there aren't enough lifeboats.
Author: Dat
Trump and his base are on a modern day crusade.
Author: Arashigore
The greatest weapon of the 21st century,,,,develop a mind manipulating / hypnotic/ subliminal technology embedded in content. The internet / social media offered the ability to target millions of people with hours of imprint sessions using an election as a springboard into thier minds ,,,, blind to facts and reason, uncondtional loyality and referred to as Trump's Base. 20 years ago would you ever thought a billion people on this planet would have a wirelless connected touch screen super computer the size of a pop tart stuck to thier face, walking into traffic, crashing cars into each other. such great technological advances we have achieved. A dictator had the evil fore thought 10 years ago, to develop this technology. Yeah I know,,,brainwashing,,,that's so Si Fi, kind of like landing a booster rocket falling from space, upright ,on a barg in the ocean or pad where it blasted off.Now if only I could pry my folks away from Fox News for a minute and not talk about Crooked Hillary, Fake News, No Collusion, Rigged Witch Hunt. Atleast it's not 100% effective but effective enough to achieve the unthinkable. Did I hear Putin utter," CheckMate!".
Author: Zolorr
Rep know; if Trump goes down, their party goes down.
Author: Malabei
Where are people getting their news?
Author: Mazukree
Author: Vuzshura
But he'll still pretend to the public that it's not really happening and he's living in an alternate universe.
Author: Faekree
He should resign and try to help his son , instead of relying on Pardons by Pence which who really knows if Pence will sit in that seat. That's not guaranteed.
Author: Dinos
pardon = obstruction of justice, go for it trump, keep on digging your grave.........
Author: Fenrigul
Trump and his Russian boys forgot two things when they embarked on giving us a very crooked puppet,one this is a Democratic country unlike Russia,and two this is a country of laws unlike Russia,RUN Orange man,RUN,RUN.......The hounds are closing in !
Author: Zushura
NY AG is ready to Rattle and Hum!!!
Author: Sahn
This "wall" brought to you by sponsors, Cohen and Manafort 😂
Author: Faerg
Note to Ben Sasse: Crooked Trump's association with Manafort and Cohen should have been disqualifying for Donnie's felonious ascent to the presidency.
Author: Vogar
During the pending sale, the Podesta Group represented Giustra’s company and tried to advance the transaction. We do not expect to read about the Podesta lobbying relationship with Russia's largest bank in such truth-seeking, at least according to their ad campaigns, publications as the NYT and/or WaPo.
Author: Mikaktilar
All the presidents men part 2
Author: Shakticage
This is as low as you can go! Worst day or better yet" worst 2 yrs for this country. I pray trumps DUMPSTER crew hangs themself.
Author: Tojajas
Don't expect Trump to resign......Impeach Cinnamon Hitler and put him in a parade with handcuffs along with his staff
Author: Kagall
I remember Nixon, this is way worse.
Author: Mojora
I agree. Don the Con was uncharateristically muted in his rally.
Author: Zolotaur
The guy is guilty of conspiracy, obstruction, and several other crimes. That's the worst kept secret of all time. Btw he's also a Russian asset. All while being the sitting President. Civilian life means incarceration. Period.... The guy is going to jail. That's it. Who cares about his base 🤣🤣🤣. They're a gut busting joke bro. Meanwhile, folks will continue to be indicted and convicted 👏.
Author: Mizilkree
Author: Tygotilar
I thought Republicans were God fearing honest people? Ha, yea right
Author: Doumi
It's amazing how politicians work.. Most Republicans will cry wolf for the littlest thing but are the most corrupted individuals alive.
Author: Tosar
History is gonna rake the GOP over the coals for this one.Two reps have been indicted for corruption with campaign funds. And their continued silence concerning Trump's crimes and obstruction of justice says everything we need to know to take action in clearing out this hideous Congress.
Author: Tojalkree
the end is near... it's gonna happen very quickly now
Author: Vudora
:DJT: “I love the uneducated” ....might as well add “plus the whole Trump Party” GOP anywhere to be seen!
Author: Sharamar
Author: Dulkree
For much less than this,
Author: Talkis
“The Democrats are sitting there trying to convince us that the Russians are trying to throw the election to Trump,” a congressional aide who requested anonymity and met Teplitskaya told TheDCNF.“And then they’re with us here in the House and meeting directly with the administration behind closed doors on the issue of the sanctions. The hypocrisy could not be any richer,” he said.
Author: Nikobar
"...applied tremendous pressure on him and...he refused to break."
Author: Shakagar
So... with no way to trace money, the Russia started to help Boost your Politico careers .. well, as long as you fit the "profile" needed for certain key "Intel harvesting locals.
Author: Neshakar
Stephanie, you look gorgeous
Author: JoJosida
They can discredit Cohen but they can't ignore evidence. Lordy there are tapes!
Author: Jukree
America is way ready to end this Russian compromised totally corrupt presidency and this Jim Crow Russian enabling totally corrupt GOP. VOTE to protect our Rule of Law and our democracy!
Author: Jurg
👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.
Author: Kajizragore
Rathuglicans have always been corrupt! People forget, vote them back in, they start to reek havoc then the Democrats have to come in and clean up the mess! It's a never ending cycle. The Rathuglicans need to be finished! They are a party of filth, greed and corruption! Time to end this cycle of destruction.
Author: Nikogore
I just want to know who's the Tom Brady looking guy that threatened Stormy Daniels~
Author: Vulrajas
Note to Eric Siegfried: Stop mansplaining.
Author: Samurisar
Some might call that; tragic.
Author: Jujas
Trump won't resign, he'll go to jail sooner😂😂😂
Author: Digami
45 was only driving the car the passenger did everything... The passenger rob the bank not me.
Author: Mezilmaran
So Manafort and Cohen broke the law and are trialed and convicted. Good, that's the way it's supposed to work.
Author: Guzshura
Is trump gonna day he knew about
Author: Kajiktilar
Lmao at her correcting him.. Reclaiming-my-time
Author: Aralkree
A check on the President and consistency, that's what people want, so how come Congress can't figure out why their approval rating is 15% or whatever it is.
Author: Arakora
what has happened to the United States?!
Author: Mezirn
Somebody arrest this President, he's a big, very big Fraud! And kick fox news to the curb for illegal, predjusticed reporting! They are not a real News station! Fox news is violating all Television ethicts, and continue to do so...Do NOt Watch Fox real Television stations, ie: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC!
Author: Yozshujas
Podesta is one of the Democrat’s highest profile lobbyists who enjoys close personal and business connections to former Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton. John Podesta was chief of staff in Clinton’s White House and special counselor in the Obama White House.
Author: Meztijora
Trump had better build that "wall" around himself
Author: Shaktigis
fRump sez: "It's everyone! Everyone is just low grad moronic material. You're all lucky I'm leading you!"
Author: Molar
The GOP is finished. They will now always be the party of treason, the party that betrayed the nation. The GOP should be dismantled as a political entity.
Author: Sagis
Trumps going down , this was a huge blow and if the GOP DOESN'T STEP UP WE THE PEOPLE WILL
Author: Meztile
Elisabeth Warren is laying down a dare, with anti corruption legislation to prevent the removal of Special Counsel, to the POTUS and his pardoning power!
Author: Kijora
A buffoon Russian money launderer who has to PAY women for it.
Author: Mishicage
thats a shame. when the guy bought up consistency in politics, her mother instincts for mentally challenged adults kicked in, she was like: "there, there, it's okay. everything's going to be ok..."
Author: Kagakora
the southern district must follow the law and indict the trump bussiness and trump himself as a citizen of new york. the law requires them to do their job and bring forth charges in this case as has been shown to exist on their bench
Author: Kigasho
Neither of these had anything to do with Russian collusion. Such BS continually promulgated by the Mockingbird media.
Author: Tezahn
O RLY? Such naïve...
Author: Zuluramar
Trump's die hard core supporters may cheer and chant with 110% energy, but here's the thing: they didn't get Trump into power. They're not the ones who gave him the votes.
Author: Bralkis
The Podesta Group charged Sberbank $20,000 per month, plus expenses, on a contract from March through September 2016.
Author: Dokora
I think this might be profound.?
Author: Kajiramar
Trump is holding rallies on the Titanic. 'Political courage' in the same sentence as 'Republicans'
Author: Dulabar
Makes me believe that mind control works on about 1/3 of the world
Author: Kazram
Hi Steph.👋.
Author: Shakajinn
Ps...knowing the list of 2 letter words is the real key to killing it at scrabble. 😘
Author: Kazigis
Bye bye GOP.
Author: Narn
Stephanie, please look at this case more.... And DON't believe it when the say Manaforts case is not related to Cohen guilty plea..
Author: Tom
Excellent work by Stephanie Ruhle on this clip, pushing back on the BS of some of the members of the panel.
Author: Kigajind
Type in: Pizzagate true. Look at the right wing posts
Author: Voodoojind
"And he was removed, kicking and screaming"
Author: Mat
So sick of this disgusting corruption.
Author: Shakashicage
Manafort is the Money "vehicle" of the entire operation... Russia, UK, NRA, and other Shell companies to move it all around. Remember, NRA was allowed to accept LARGE Chucks on Money and keep all the donor info .. well, just not record where it came from... That's due to the Greed from you super rich Senators. Well... this whole thing work nicely... Got extremely rich via NRA donations (of course, no trace of where money came from 'RUSSIA') ... Oh, since you decided to use the NRA as a non detectable way to money money... You BLOCKED EVERY ATTEMPT TO SAVE CHILDREN FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS. Yeah. I said it. I am saying after every shooting you all had to come to grips that you might had made a difference had you done some last time... well. somehow you always decide Wealth was worth more then the children of others... Any.. this NRA strikes a nerve with me...
Author: Moktilar
Clap back sistah. Correct him with class....she said "state" crimes you bozo not federal.
Author: Kerisar
Trump respects the Russian paid man as a Manager. Now after he is convicted Trump says he is a good man. I think he knows to much about Putin $
Author: Shakasa
One of the four beasts saying,
Author: Kajihn
I could be completely Out to Lunch... But, what if ?
Author: Sacage
Orange and accomplices will enjoy the orange suits in jail soon if the accomplices in the GOP and the republicans are ousted
Author: Gabar
Trump acts like nothing is wrong despite knowing he is on a sinking ship. In fact every time he tweets "witch hunt" he shows how damaged his administration has become. Trump is a stain that will haunt the republican party for decades to come.
Author: Mutilar
Hahahahahaha today was a good day.
Author: Fenrim
An experiment:
Author: Gagis
Wow! The President just praised a convicted felon?
Author: Braktilar
Twitter storm on the way from unhinged rambling trump name calling will be there HAHA
Author: Goltira
"The New York office of Sberbank CIB indeed hired Podesta Group. Engagement of external consultants is part of standard business practices for us," Sberbank said.
Author: Akigul
We have Trump praising Manafort for not “Breaking” like Cohen and actually calling people “Rats”. The President of the United States is actually denigrating people for cooperating with Law Enforcement!
Author: Negami
The only reaction GOP members of Congress should have is IMPLEMENT PREVENTIVE MEASURES to PROTECT Mueller Russian probe!!!!
Author: Kigal
He would start a civil war to protect himself, if he were able to. That is what all these campaign style rallies are all about.
Author: Majar
Nice one, Leecia. Don't let that dude mansplain you.
Author: Zologore
Note to Fox Nooz watchers: Nope, we don't have to read Donald Trump's emails to look at Dread Lady Rodham's tax returns. There is no relationship, other than partisan shills drawing one.
Author: Zolojar
The people who gave him the votes were Republicans who knew he was a bad idea, but held their noses and voted for their party. The people who gave him the vote were independents and floating voters who distrusted Hilary Clinton and thought they'd give Trump a chance. And the people who gave him the vote were those who completely misread the signs and thought there was no way he could win and just didn't bother to vote.
Author: Gozilkree
4:32 "... you have to show that you learned your lesson."
Author: Nagul
If congress doesn't do what they need to do then they will also be looked at as straight up DIRTY CRIMINALS TOO! A message to CONGRESS: Deal with this properly or RUIN YOUR OWN CAREERS AND REPUTATION!!! We can't let them get away with this, Congress or the President!!!! THEY HAVE DISGRACED OUR NATION!
Author: Aragami
Trump=soon to be officially a felon.
Author: Mozilkree
You may doubt this.... but this is a Large Scale International money laundering Operation... AND right now the democracy of USA is being destroyed...
Author: Shataxe
Trump's base is just that...Americans who felt they were not being heard from by the rest of us...Well now we have heard your point of view during the election process and at televised round tables and rallies have decided to overlook his general lack of morality, (lack of truthfulness, denigrating individuals and groups both civilian and political, including children, the policies which he has initiated which undermine all of our lives (tariffs, the cuts to healthcare and environmental regulations,) his foreign policy of fawning over adversaries and reaming allies and now being implicated in criminal corruption in his election and yet there you sit still cheering him on. What is utterly sad is We The People as a whole have many of the same issues at stake...clean water, air and soil, a safe infrastructure, decent food, shelter, some capacity for safety (personal and national,) the opportunity to work for a living wage, to care for and educate ourselves, our families, an equitably unified nation; while Trumpster's cheer on, the rest of us have watched much of the progress we've made through the history of our nation being torn to shreds.
Author: Shaktigis
Public Relation is what trump treasures and leans on all the time. Holding rallies will help showing he's alright and popular tremendously
Author: Kazizuru
Author: Arashim
the day that manifort gets pardon I WILL STOP PAYING MY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Tuzahn
Bill clinton was impeached
Author: Tera
Republicans have never seen crime as a bad thing, it's simply a way of life and they know nothing else.
Author: Zolosar
Wow. Can he be anymore mob boss like?
Author: Togal
Most hated man/child in the world. I wish he would disappear
Author: Samugore
The countdown clock has begun. Pence needs to go too.
Author: Branris
Republicans are a sad joke.
Author: Murr
And he decides who to free and who to blame
Author: Tygok
What will hucka sands sure it will be lies but hillarious
Author: Brarn
I'm an old man, I don't remember hearing the term to "flip" on someone other than in the context of the mafia, "don Donald" (kissing hand)
Author: Meztitilar
I've lived to see a black president and a tycoon I truly know a Woman can and will be a president of the United States of America. I love people truly I do