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Author: Grogar
Author: Nikosar
Power of attorney par jamin le skte hai ishan ji
Author: Malajind
Very good Ishan G
Author: Yogor
Sir agar ap Se mil kar adwise leni ho to prosess bataye aur charges
Author: Zolotaxe
Kya retainer advocate Court me practice kar sakta hai ?
Author: Zologami
Unique video..never listen this word
Author: Goltijas
sir ,u r great & ur knowledge is perfect.
Author: Munris
Sir jamin mapavate samay kaun kaun sa document lagate hai
Author: Tegor
Author: Torr
Author: Mulkree
How many time I had tried to connect you but didn't , I had mail you please reply___ Arvind prajapati
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Bhai aapko dekh k aapki aawaz sunn k dil khush ho jata hai... video acha he hoga dekhne se pehle he comment kar raha hu...
Author: Mikakinos
Very nice and good knowledge for low I have see all vedio thanks
Author: Arashim
u r awesome
Author: Zulujin
great peoples sharing great knowledge..
Author: Sataxe
Tnq sir for re call that topic i read it ecl.......subject in cs
Author: Gara
thanks you sir
Author: Nera
Very nice.
Author: Bralabar
Thank you for sharing knowledge.
Author: Zulkihn
Nice voice sir and good knowledge of law thank you ishanbhai
Author: Fer
Kya koyi famliy distribute me v power of attorney niyukt kr skta hai.
Author: Kemuro
I need your e mail or phone
Author: Kadal
Retainer advocate Kya hai, please iska video banaye,
Author: Tegar
How I can contact you?
Author: Yozshushicage
Sir mera name santosh choudhary from rajasthan nice video sir
Author: Mikinos
Liked your video bro.
Author: Tabei
Pls make more videos.