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Author: Maugul
Yet , another theist. This is what Voltaire meant when he wrote: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."
Author: Faezahn
Don't bring race into this, because it only makes the majority look stupid because one guy shot nearly 50 people who did not "man-up"
Author: Jukus
the dude looks cross eyed lol
Author: Vudojora
New T player added to Counter-Strike: South Korean Exchange Student
Author: Mausida
what comes around goes around i guess.
Author: Faur
fucking asian pussy people, like the other 2 assholes from concubine
Author: Tygoll
I lol'd
Author: Fenrimi
it is columbine fucking "PENDEJO"
Author: Vudocage
Your right, he must be a 'christian terrorist', because he committed a horrific crime and he happens to bring Christ's name (as) into it. now it remains to find out whether he was 'catholic' or 'protestant'. What a load of rubbish
Author: Tadal
Yeshua Died promoting Pacifism, He did not even permit one apostle to fight.
Author: Nilabar
hes an inspiration
Author: Vijinn
How dare he compare himself to Jesus Christ.
Author: Yogami
Author: Samugul
yeah man! jesus was fictional! how dare he!
Author: Brasida
concubine? haha fucking stupid, it was COLUMBINE
Author: Mazubar
This should make it easy to understand , many will come after Christ who will use his name, be not decieved.
Author: Taubei
The question is, is he PRO Christ or ANTI Christ.
Author: Tojakus
prat, he's got a persecution complex, and which famous figure's persecution has been talked about for thousands of years? hurrrrrrrr