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Comments "Видео-сводка SOTT о земных изменениях - апрель 2018 года: экстремальная погода":

Author: Mizuru
Author: Yozshuzragore
The weather is now a new status quo, with positive and negative temps that'll change our habitat where nothing will survive. Thank god no more millennials.
Author: Tojara
если будешь постоянно думать что у тебя рак, он у тебя будет
Author: Kajilabar
No matter what the cause was. You are all going to starve to death, drown and die of thirst.
Author: Faezahn
But hey, what you do you care. You're making money telling people lies. You've got a paycheck coming in from Big Oil. That money is what matters. Screw everyone else, you're getting paid.
Author: Nikok
Jet stream collapse is the end of ignorance and complacency.
Author: Kajik
Welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum ... ??
Author: Zudal
если постоянно думать что планете кабздец, он и будет
Author: Shaktizragore
Warming causes permafrost to melt, releasing copious amounts of methane, which traps hear even more than CO2, thereby accelerating the whole process even more.
Author: Kigis
зачем ускорять хаос на планете, постоянно думая о том что кабздец вот, вот придет?
Author: Kigor
Which would explain why the sounds weren't wide-spread and didn't make the news. It was an airplane and positioning that created the noise.
Author: Tot
Warming causes ice to melt, which means less sunlight is reflected back to space, accelerating the problem.
Author: Zolorn
You are the best !. Great Job.
Author: Nikozragore
Nexus Nemesis (red dragon) is cleaning all that is. Abuse will be washed away those which are loving and caring will be eternal. The spirit is sentient energy having a life on a planet which is female and gives birth/life sustained by energy from stars which are male universal essence. We are all equally in existance having different frequencies and expierences in bodys which are the hardware and the spirit is the driver or software. Creation was made wrong and got sick due it's abuse that's been changed right now. The oldest sentient being alive is soon completely home with it's spiritmate flowing in and out of eachother changing creations format into love, compassion, equallity and taking care of all that is.
Author: Tautaxe
живите как жили, любите, ненавидьте, это наша школа, в которую мы добровольно приперлись ради уроков!
Author: Doulmaran
These videos represent a lot of hard work and obvious dedication in their compiling. I just found your channel-subscribing of course-thanks for shining the light of awareness on these sad, strange and dangerous days
Author: Guzahn
одно дело довести до свединия что будет полный пздц, а другое накачивать себя и других негативом.................
Author: Kajicage
Planet X
Author: Samubar
Great Job
Author: Gulkree
от того что все насматриваются видео как всё плохо на шарике, думаете все только лучше станет? или Вы наивные думаете что раз прочитали сессии кассиопян и в лоб ударит озарение?
Author: Shaktidal
Deforestation removes the planets ability to regulate temps, and also remove CO2 from the air, thereby accelerating the problem.
Author: Dajinn
Author: Kazilar
I'm from NYC and didn't hear anything. Also, the original clip stated it was on April 19th. (Didn't hear anything then either) But listening to the original clip made it obvious to me that the sounds were a result the noise of an airplane echoing off of cement and metal surrounding the area that the person was located
Author: Toshakar
It's not super complex chemistry. It's actually rather basic. The earth, as a system, is not basic, but extremely complex. The slight warming caused by the CO2 causes more water vapor, which is also a greenhouse gas. The oceans absorb most of the CO2, causing acidification, which is trashing coral reefs all over the world.
Author: Mikasida
Thanks, excellent job!
Author: Vilabar
I like the music, anybody got the name and artist from ???
Author: Juzuru
Always await your awesome videos. Your monthly compilation of global disasters is second to none. Thanks! Love the music attached!
Author: Toktilar
Dr. Edward Teller gave a speech at the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the petroleum age - sometime in the 1950's. In that speech, he very clearly laid out how continued use of fossil fuels will put enough CO2 into the atmosphere to change the climate.
Author: Gulkis
Great compilation and highly recommend the book at the end of your video "EARTH CHANGES AND THE HUMAN-COSMIC CONNECTION' !!!!!
Author: Negis
снимите гребаные розовые очки, хватит уже думать о плохом и перестаньте смотреть этот канал (по крайней мере в тоне негатива)
Author: Duzilkree
I wish ignorant people with with an unwavering opinion would contemplate other possibilities such as, magnetic field weakening, our sun interacting with earth, pulling vast amounts of metal that was grounded to the earth, the effect of plastic in the environment. Forest fires make greenhouse gases,they are natural,necessary and the volume of gas is great. Those who say "it is because of" should observe and contemplate before proving that he/she/it has a long way to travel to attain enlightenment. Acts of kindness to all living things and decimation of the money lenders system and existence tax is a good place to begin. Ban plastic ! ! ! And for fucks sake build material objects to last as long as possible. I don't know what is going on but up is down and down is up.
Author: Fenrishakar
Author: Vuzil
Everything ok. I do not see you posted for May.
Author: Kazrakinos
SOTT is by far the best compilation of atmospheric and geologic phenomenon in our World today. The cosmic connection to a very temporary species on a violent Planet in a violent Universe is non existent. You're nothing special, it's inconceivably ridiculous to think you can extend biological life.
Author: Merisar
Infrared radiation vibrates the molecules of CO2 in a consistent way. What this means is that if you're got a specific amount of CO2, and subject it to a certain amount of infrared radiation, that CO2 will heat in a mathematically predictable way. If x then y. If you increase the CO2 while the radiation remains constant, the temp. will rise because you've got more molecules vibrating.
Author: Goltirr