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Comments "Ukraine Declares Martial Law Following Sea Clash with Russia":

Author: Febar
Russia is just securing its borders good for them! 💪👊
Author: Nizil
Is there anybody that they don't own other than Iran and Venezuela ?
Author: Shaktinris
2014 only has 7% popularity rate? Is it Russia fault that Ukraine cannot
Author: Mezishakar
The Azov Sea is a very shallow sea (about 7 meters), so no NATO nor US warships could possibly sail in it!
Author: Grojin
The people are also dumb coward immunity.
Author: Duzragore
Ffffffuuuuuk russia
Author: Maulrajas
..... Jesus is returning soon , the antichrist will use an "extraterrestrial" invasion to bring in NWO and abductions will be the cover up for the rapture . This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about .
Author: Taugore
Russia's only warm water sea port.....but Putin out maneuvered them....
Author: Zulkicage
Author: Mugul
I wish somebody would state the simple fact that ACCORDING TO MARITIME LAW THE RUSSIAN SHIP HAD RIGHT OF WAY
Author: Kigazshura
Guessing that this makes Russians feel better about themselves and they can now have a Merry Christmas and ignore for a while their horribly failed system that relies on bullying others. SHAME ON YOU RUSSIA
Author: Mamuro
dont forget Venezuela
Author: Samura
UN is an outdated and worthless organization
Author: Zumuro
I really like this Galloway guy and his insight!
Author: Dagrel
Hypes, hypes, hypes.... Porkyshenko has no future in Ukraine, he's only known work is for creating an anti-Russian sentiment, which in itself is negative.
Author: Akiran
Attacking Russia would be like sliding naked down a slide made from sandpaper and expecting a good outcome.
Author: Nezahn
What a neat excuse to make the martial law that's been in place since the US backed fascist military coupe took most of the Ukraine ----- I've seen the direct video recordings from actual Ukrainians. This changes nothing for The People there. DISGUSTING!
Author: Kira
is, More Money, and More Power, and to Hell with the Truth, and Justice
Author: Jujin
Russia meddling at its finest.
Author: Voodoogor
ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, that discussed who the USA was
Author: Narg
They are bbuilding up military power to Europe as of now.
Author: Aralar
Martial law is a byproduct which comes with US friendship 😉
Author: Tushura
Obama, and your darling Hillary started the mess in Ukraine, and
Author: Kelabar
Scummy Russian.NATO should hold many more exercises
Author: Zolokinos
Why would you declare Martial Law for a small incident in the sea man?! Did the US president declare Martial Law when Kim Jong Un was conducting nuke tests threatening to hit every major American city? You know what Trump did? He went and talked to him. He didn't declare Martial Law in the country!
Author: Momi
Ukraine sailors confessed that they did not listen to the Russian navy orders 5 times ,and they were not on the schedule also , warning shots was fired , the Russian navy ram them instead
Author: Kera
Joseph Biden is joining its board of directors. According to Burisma
Author: Meztigore
not trying to be a sexist here or anything but anya's birthmark totally turns me on,like a light switch. so this whole russian ukraine thing over a drunk tug captain crazy.
Author: Zulutilar
Nice level bridge over that level water
Author: Fenrilkis
Those Ukraine ships looked like little Tug-boats. If they were smuggling in "Chuck Norris" I could understand, but otherwise I don't think Russia is really in any danger. Lets hope Chuck and seal team 6 stay out of this one. phewwww.
Author: JoJorg
Russia take over Ukraine through voting process
Author: Yomuro
If Putin moves on Ukraine, then the NATO forces further north may be activated to respond. That would likely lead to full out war.
Author: Mazulabar
Author: Gozragore
Common people and citizens of Russia and Ukraine, do something about it and show that this is unwanted war between brothers.
Author: Tubei
I hate to describe a woman as beautiful when I know there is so much more. But damn, she is hot and intelligent, a true gift from the Gods.
Author: Gugis
Gearge Galloway always tells the truth and he knows allot
Author: Arashijin
Author: Daikazahn
reported to be in the Trillions, and of course this would have lowered
Author: Shazil
Israel has been arming the Neo Nazis in Ukraine and the Israeli used a Russian plane as a human shield in Syria... yet no action taken against Israel ?
Author: Shakat
Russia threw the first stone
Author: Jubei
Apples..big juicy green apples.....
Author: Dusar
They keep pushing to test Russia’s patience, are they really ok with what might happen if that patience reaches its limit?
Author: Grolar
Is it Russia's fault that the"Chocolate King" installed into power in
Author: Doudal
А чё русским не интересно что происходит?)
Author: Mocage
The United States would do the same thing if any warship came near our coastline are Coast Guard would engage them and in pound their vessels and arrest and press criminal charges against all persons aboard those boats so Russia's doing the right thing good for them they didn't kill no one they detained and held them accountable I'm just wondering how much the cost of impound is for all three of those boats😂😂😂😂😂😂
Author: Neshakar
of the Elected Ukraine government, and then installed their own US/EU
Author: Kigalabar
want to be governed by the new US led puppet government in Kiev. The US
Author: Yoll
she. is. focking hi
Author: Gakazahn
Putin and Trump will probably smoke some weed together and watch a rated R movie high as hell together, when no one is looking...
Author: Yokazahn
western oil companies after the gas, and oil under the Black sea, and in
Author: Fenrinos
Good to see Mark Slebova getting more air time, he always tells it like it is!
Author: Darg
Ukraine, during the trip, Biden announced U.S.aide package for Ukraine,
Author: Akinozuru
and it seems the Trump Administration is blindly following their lead.
Author: Vogis
Russia is just expanding it's borders again.
Author: Nilabar
i know you guys say your not controlled, but damn its getting really difficult to make a sane argument for that... sorry but its getting worse.
Author: Zurr
Did Putin kill and cutup a man in Russian embassy? But Russia is not buying US arms.
Author: Vira
Oh no, if they get blown up, where do I get my perogies from. Omg
Author: Gakora
Ukraine is a part of Russia what's going on??
Author: Nikosida
Trump is supporting Pelosi for Speaker of the House! Watch Redacted Tonight about what a good substitute would be, rather than an apology. Prez Jared Khashoggi Kushner (The Ring of Fire)
Author: Kazikasa
now they want to penalize Russia for their Failed coup. Here is a little
Author: Grocage
going to put into power of the new government of Ukraine.) This in turn
Author: Mezile
If Hillary was in power millions of people would die soon.
Author: Yozshut
Cocaine use..... This is what started this whole mess...The US, EU, and
Author: Tarn
IF WW3 happens, itll be on the Russian/Ukraine border. Its the closest attacking point the cabal has on Russia
Author: Mikazshura
election....Since then Hunter Biden was released from the US Navy, for
Author: Faekazahn
When you have a naval jurisdiction problem, you declare martial law on your own people inland. Of course, that's the way to do it!!!!!
Author: Dazuru
Europe's dependency on Russian oil, they also wanted to put NATO in
Author: Doktilar
Russia violated Ukranian sovereignty and did an act of war. Your ridiculous propaganda is like Trump's outrageous lies, just refined over many years of massive lying.
Author: Tojanris
Mark Sleboda is the best of the best 🙈🙉🙊
Author: Brarg
Author: Mejin
Holdings, R. Hunter Biden will oversee the company’s legal unit and
Author: Yozshukus
friendly, Neo [email protected] government in Kiev.....(Google Azov Brigade, their
Author: Arashicage
Ukrainians are smart people.They will not let their own families and friends at risks over the reckless and meaningless moves of Poroshenko.
Author: Zugar
Just want to let the Russians people know that the world are with them against the evil 👿 Zionist’s and it’s allies. If there is no Russia there will no world without Russia. Putin should and will order two of the Tsar nuclear bomb to be drop in London, France and six in the United Snake 🐍, and the planet will be done.
Author: Zulular
wanting , which is the rights to the oil under the Black Sea, which are
Author: Groshicage
Google,the Leaked phone call between Assistant Secretary of State
Author: Volmaran
Russia Hijacks and Kidnap citizens, but RT is talking about what Ukraine is doing to its own people 👌😂😂😂😂😂
Author: Yozshulmaran
destroy you're leaders america throw them out, they've gone rotten
Author: Kigalrajas
Hurry and catch all the Pokemon...
Author: Bagami
Will petrol poreshenko use martial law to take yulia timoshenko out?
Author: Shaktizragore
the question is how russians managed to put that tanker under the bridge so quickly? tankers are way too slow. seems like another russian lie.
Author: Moogulmaran
Politicians and Zionists want white Europeans to kill each other and to replace us with gypsies, negroes and Chinese communists. ALL WHITE NATIVE EUROPEANS TOGETHER AS WE ARE ALL ATTACKED IN A RACIAL WAY FROM THE ZIONISTS.
Author: Arashigar
George "the cat" Galloway
Author: Vuzragore
missile systems....The US, with the help of the CIA funded the overthrow
Author: Golabar
This is just an intentional provocation from poroshenko to stay in power or worse
Author: Taurn
Peace will never to Ukrainians because they are dumb . In reality OdEssa is old Russian town .
Author: Mijin
Wait a second...This is a proxy war.
Author: Jugore
Author: Kajirg
I don't understand Poroshenko sayid he is in War with Russia since 2014 why announce marchalls law now ?
Author: Mabar
why can the us secure its borders but russia cant??? smh
Author: Mautaxe
Russia is the problem they think they own the sea.
Author: Jujar
In spite of collusion allegations, Trumpeter will change Russia status from Strategic enemy to Cold war enemy like Iran.
Author: Grolmaran
(Beau Biden was the son who passed away a several months ago)” It is
Author: Tujas
Oh, please.
Author: Kigalmaran
Author: Gamuro
What is Marshall law ?
Author: Momuro
nikkin harley you. how. nian book
Author: Kajile
sharks?Response; Marshall Law to stop the elections and do Kerch top
Author: Shaktiktilar
Lets not forget Russia annexed Crimea
Author: Maugore
Holy boobs batman ...I mean look it's joker!
Author: Gojin
focused on energy and the economy.." And then:. Ukraine’s largest
Author: Kijin
That's called a staged false flag. Ukraine did just enough to justify marshall law. The u.s. uses this tactic all the time to attack other countries, but they dont mind killing alot of people, even their own, to make it believable.
Author: Brahn
Ukraine. They also wanted to deprive Russia of it's only warm water sea
Author: Nishakar
Umh ! Border skirmishes and imposing Martial law in the country ! Way to go Poroch.
Author: Shakalkis
Ukrainia, should respect their neighbor, and arrest all political agitators, foreign and domestic.
Author: Guzilkree
This is what dis-information looks like.
Author: Malabar
So this is what Ukraine does when they have a problem with other countries, they declare martial law on their people? I wonder how their people feel about this move?
Author: Maura
this man did a huge amount of Fund Raising for Kerry's last
Author: Kagis
kemain tetek ko
Author: Kajisho
roommate was also appointed to this Board.....Just a coincidence, that
Author: Sadal
Author: Moshura
Warning to All. Watch out for that Asymmetrical warfare. Those Watson computing systems with those "smart" software programs - Has neuroweapons - signal transmission neurology. Target by Acoustic devices and Biometrics. From land, sea, or air. Includes cell phones, PA systems. Real Time Autonomous computerized "war" on Human Beings even animals by computer Operators - on BOTH sides. USA Army calls theirs Mastering the (attacks) on the Human Domain and Terrain. Attacks brains and bodies with signal neurology/waveforms.
Author: Mura
has created the civil war in Ukraine, eastern Ukraine citizens do not
Author: Tot
It is your duty to inform about Ukrainian history,Bogdan Khemeltnisky ,revolt of orthodox pesants,Cossacks 😊
Author: Nall
pay it's bills as, it is indebted to the IMF/banksters/Loan
Author: Dat
it was done to stay in power
Author: Nikogor
Ukrainians are nice and good people, and I feel sorry that they have to deal with the famous Jewish communism and the Zionists demands. This is artificial war, Ukrainians and Russians don't hate each other, they do not want a war in between.
Author: Vobar
That’s not surprising this incident was organized by western for against Putin and trump in G20 that’s the plan not good for peace
Author: Mabar
this country was founded on .
Author: Taull
Crazy guy
Author: Dikora
Only 30 days and in coastal and Russian bordering states lol dumbasses saying to will last till March
Author: Nagami
is #$%$ because their Shenanigans did not get them the prize they were
Author: Nejinn
I need to meet Putin. Russia should smash Ukraine for thier transgressions! This martial law in Ukraine is just to keep his position. But hey none of my American business. Nor is it any Americans business!!!!
Author: Akinolkis
It won't be long before Trump moves the Capital from Washington to Tel Aviv.
Author: Mozilkree
flag even has a swastika on it, in a number of pictures). ( Also
Author: Vuk
so predictable.
Author: Dolrajas
I'm getting so tired of all this war mongering, provocation and demonization of Russia. I certainly don't believe that Putin is a brave boy, but let's get real. The coup and problems in the Ukraine is created. The US and its EU puppets have created this. The US has illegally surrounded Russia with military bases and wants to do more with controlling the Ukraine. NATO is also a puppet of the 'banksters', a criminal syndicate, just like the UN. Everything in the news is always propaganda, demonizing Russia. Our so called 'allies' and our own government (for which I'm deeply ashamed) are now our enemies for pushing for war. We don't have leaders, we have a bunch of immature psychopaths and sociopaths. Look at all the countries that are devastated for over decades. Look at what Israel is doing for over decades to the Palestinians and every government looks the other way and if we criticize the Israelian government, we are antisemitic. The Palestinians get killed for throwing a stone and the Russian aren't allowed to defend their territory when getting provoked. I'm 58 years old now and I've lived my live with always a threat over my head of another world war. I've lived my live crying over the inequality in this world and seeing countries devastated over false flags. IT'S ALL ABOUT THAT 1% OF PSYCHOPATS THAT WANTS TO DOMINATE AND RULE THE WHOLE WORLD AND ENSLAVE US MORE AND MORE. I don't even understand/comprehend how that could make them feel happy. I would finally feel myself happy if there is peace and equality. I'm comforting myself that more and more people are awakening and somehow this will blow up in the faces of the banksters.
Author: Arasida
History Lesson. In late April, 2014, Vice President Biden visited
Author: Grozshura
“will provide support for the Company among international organizations.
Author: Vugrel
Why is the US media not talking about the genocide the Ukranian govt is commiting?
Author: Grogis
Russia 💩💩💩💩
Author: Gujar
us and Ukraine vs Russia, us and Israel vs iran
Author: Tegore
also reported that the US Secretary Of State Mr. Kerry's son's college
Author: Aragrel
For the last three years Obama, and sidekick Kerry are screaming FOUL,
Author: Barn
Stupid me ... China has become DS HQ.
Author: JoJokazahn
Situation is not as scary as some people make it to be. If Trump gets assassinated in the next 30 days and the domestic hell that unleashes to the point where US also declares martial law, then we know what the plan is. At this point, this is just political theatre. Poor little porky Poroshenko at just 8%.
Author: Mikalrajas
The Ukrainian diaspora = the Ashkenazim
Author: Dirisar
Martial Law on the Ukrainian People is Tyranny.
Author: Mikagrel
RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government.
Author: Arakasa
Russia needs to clear and secure uk
Author: Mezikus
What few people are talking about is the foreign affairs goons from Ukraine and America had a meet in Washington on the 16th Nov leading up to this event. Looks like Israel/Saudi and their Western goon gimps are trying to spread Russian forces away from Syria.
Author: Terisar
Deep State political logic: Naval maneuvers become martial law.
Author: Mezijora
American Politics, Seems the only God our America Government knows today
Author: Tusar
port, and turn Ukraine into another NATO country, to place their
Author: Arashilrajas
Russian empire will expand...the satellites will return to the natural orbit...all children return to the mother...
Author: Gusida
private gas producer announced that the son of U.S. Vice President
Author: Femi
So undoubtedly the Ukrainian ship was at fault.
Author: Shaktit
Victoria Nuland, who worked under SEC Hillary Clinton, and the US
Author: Taujora
Thanks George for your insightful views. We certainly are in dangerous times. Thank God Putin is wiser than Trump!