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Comments "Tony Montana War With Sosa":

Author: Vigal
He didn't form a "partnership" with Sosa, Sosa saw that Tony was easily manipulated and gave him a ultimatum in Bolivia (Buy from me or die like your friend Omar). Omar knew that Sosa was asking for too much and only wanted a one time purchase. Sosa saw that Omar was too much of a hassle to deal with so he separated and killed him off. Dumbass Tony, who was only merely a bodyguard, made a huge contract purchase without authorization.
Author: Nahn
Author: Kigakinos
I wonder how many takes he had to do to master the speaker juggling scene lol?
Author: Dibar
you know Pacino has done coke for real
Author: Yozshujin
"Take it easy when you talk to me!". The best line in the whole film
Author: Moogutaxe
1:15 - 1:32 Raekwon " Criminology " Classic Shit.
Author: Samuzil
He was stupid as shit before the drugs and almost got killed several times for his brazen stupidity. He's lucky he got to be a boss of a small cartel because he was extorted and manipulated form the start. Lopez was right, the guys that want it all... they don't last.
Author: Mukus
Author: Bragrel
While we love how Tony Montana goes from rags to riches with ferocious momentum, taking dangerous risks and establishing himself as a fearless tour de force in the drug world , we must remember that he is a highly ambitious traitor, murderer, deceiver etc. The very product he pushed got the best of him and he couldn't think straight anymore. Paranoia and distrust set in. An entire drug conglomerate starts to crash as dozens of lives are lost, all because of a soft spot for children. This movie left me feeling empty and the wonderful thing is that it gives evil a well deserved ending
Author: Tojalar
tony is absolutely seriously crazy
Author: Kajigore
1:19 when your grandparents get frustrated using the remote control.
Author: Mogor
Fools see this movie as a rags to riches story. This movie depicts exactly what NOT to do in the drug trafficking organization. And since when do the "bosses" get sent out on hit jobs?
Author: Zulunris
Tony's life ended because he didn't blow up a car with a family in it
Author: Tygolkree
I don't get why people see Tony as a hero he was just pawn that was finessed by someone much more intelligent than him. He was used by Sosa, Sosa didn't give a shit about Tony because he was just a little monkey. Sosa just wanted to move his product and didn't care who bought it . Tony fucked up the whole delicate system they had going in Miami with the Lopez Cartel.
Author: Akinoran
during that phone call between Sosa and tony, sosas hit squad where already on there way close,,
Author: Tuzshura
I would say the dumbest thing Al Pacino's character Tony Montana did in this film is making an enemy out of Sosa and thinking he could actually go to war with him.
Author: Maugami
Take it Easy When You Talk To Me !!
Author: Dousida
how the hell would you not have a massive group of guys pretecting you in that house id have them lined up around my property just in case
Author: Mubei
Author: Fenrirg
Sosa is off of the phone line and he's still talking to the phone...You wanna go to war?
Author: Faezilkree
Tony montana behaves like my father when he gets pisses. His exact reaction. I not only love and respect my father but i feared him as a kid. Man didnt play around.
Author: Zugor
You want to go war we take you to war Ok
Author: Zule
Yeah we had a little problem, mang.