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Comments "This psychic scam has raked in over $200 million":

Author: Moshura
This is a good example of why what Doreen Virtue did is so horrific.
Author: Kazragami
well im glad shes dead now
Author: Faerg
Author: Arasar
It's 100 times worse than falling for the lamest Nigerian scam.People are absolute imbeciles.
Author: Vimuro
Although I know that over 99 percent of people who claim to be Psychic are scammers, about half a percent are just crazy (they think they are) but I do know someone who does not scam people but has predicted things that came true. She is a Psychic and I know what a cold reading is. She once predicted EVERYTHING 100% about a car my brother would buy, she just came up to him on the street and we were talking (we are friends) and she just stopped and told him he would get a car. She got the exact date, price, color, make, model and even the odometer reading!. Never asked him for any money for the info. So some people are Psychic but these people who scam give them a bad name. I do not claim to be Psychic but I sometimes have dreams that later come true 100% and this, to me, is proof of concept that there could be real Psychics. I hate scammers!
Author: Fenririsar
She would end up scamming more than $75,000 from me and thousands more from many others. EVERYTHING she told people about her life was a lie used to further her cons. She targeted friends, clients and blackmailed married men she had affairs with.
Author: Fenrijinn
See MaDonna's EXPRESS YOURSELF @ this mobile link -
Author: Voodoorg
Not all psychics are real. I'm a medium and I will never prove myself to anyone
Author: Yolkis
Mair Smyth aka "Marianne Smyth" of Orchid Psychics SCAMMED $75,000 out of me... and thousands from other clients and friends
Author: JoJosida
Not one medium has solved a murder just talking about dogs and bullshit come on people the dead either go to heaven or hell there gone sad but true
Author: Turg
She still in communication with me, I have not exposed to her that I knew she is scamming me. Do you think with this information can help to get him arrest? Feel free to email me and we plan how to get him since i am still in communication with them. Awaits your reply.
Author: Vojin
this video is the truth I agree there are way too many fraud psychics/gurus out there using their gimmicks to mislead naive gullible people to believe them.
Author: Voodoocage
Is Ethelinda genuine or fake
Author: Shaktizragore
lol what a genius
Author: Moogutaur
I'll make sure to support her as soon as I receive my the money from the Nigerian prince
Author: Tashakar
To be honest - I just don't see how this is a scam. If it is - isn't every Church a scam? Aren't all TV commercials a scam? All making promises.
Author: Akigore
I predicted trump would win. Pay me
Author: Tojagis
So, CNN, this was posted almost three years ago. What have you done to expose this woman since then?
Author: Majind
i don't understand that what will i do on this
Author: Yozshushicage
my religion bases off of spirits and belief. There are people who are called “holy men” in white terms medicine men. they can be good or bad, they say they can call skin walkers and wendigo’s this is relevant later. But these men can take interest in a object a powwow outfit ,sacred outfit (im native american). or a painting, weaving or headdress anything etc but when they basically possess it. not like making it move but cursing it in a sense like. If you touched or interacted with it the “bad” spirit could get mad and it could make you sick suddenly give you bad luck one time my auntie was looking at a painting and she bought but when she was going down the stairs it was almost as if something threw her down the stairs when we were leaving the building then when we got home she got terribly ill. If strong enough it could kill you. and again this happens to a dancer who probably was wearing a item that a medicine man posses and again he almost died strangely nothing was wrong with him. And they can sense things like a psychic i went to one at a sundance and he said “ i see you are distressed, unhappy, “ i was surprised and said how do you know that? and he said you harm your self correct? which was true i have a history of depression. and i asked him how did you know that again and he responded your presence is sad and gray but sun won’t shine on you for a very long time the people around you won’t allow it grow up little girl time will be harsh but eventually it will please you pretty little buffalo girl which is my indian name it freaked me how how he knew that i don’t know how to spell it in my language since it is dying but he blew sage on me and gave me sweet grass and told me to stay strong and led me out of the tipi. i didn’t pay i didn’t do any of that but time was harsh because i was abused and the people around me caused pain but sun finally shone on me and i live with my aunt happy. i still believe in medicine men and i don’t know how he knew my indian name but i believe. but there was one time i accidentally called a ski walker but skin walkers are bad witches or medicine men who wear the skin of the animal they posses they say if you mess with a spook “ghost” or whistle at night you can call a spook or skin walker anyway i accidentally did it taking out the trash at night and at 3am i woke up to someone knocking on my window i ignored it scared but in the morning there was blood all over outside my window on the wall and on the porch where the door was and there was a shredded up bloody cat in our yard i was so scared i had my family bless me with sage. welp believe me or not i have pictures of the cat skin walker though
Author: Meztidal
Meanwhile, people give almost half their incomes to the Government...Not a problem...
Author: Dairisar
Really does people fall for thes seamsters ? Shame on you horrible evil pasts you will have your judgment day
Author: Dizuru
Reminds me of the televangelists of the 80's and 90's.
Author: Dagal
Holy crap! If I didn't feel bad for those people grief and taking their money I'd start my business today.
Author: Mezilkis
jackie chan should sidekick this psychic
Author: Tunris
These girls need another job.
Author: JoJodal
An angel... Pahaha more like Satan's mother... 😂😂😂...
Author: Dagal
A least she's still providing a service. They send amulets back to their customers. I don't feel bad, these people did it to themselves!
Author: Samurr
I found information about her with her address and there is a YouTube account where the person is recording her
Author: Shagul
Well I’m 100% sure no investigation has been done otherwise it’s very easy to find her how
Author: Brale
I am going to admit for the first time that I don't know if I am gifted other cursed. I have dreams alot that has come true. It happens alot all the time to me. I have been like this ever since I can remember. I can also touch people and talk to there relatives that have passed. I was selling my TV and two DVD Players that I just didn't want anymore. It was all new still in the box's. I asked 40dollsrsbfor all of it. This older guy met me and we did our transaction. I gave him a hug and thanked him. I went straight home I set on my couch and it was like a moving in my head that ivseen that maybe he was in some kind of grocery store because I seen him on a Aile with food and he had some food in his hand this young woman or girl was standing beside him he looks over at her and says something to the affects that he was disappointed because he felt like this lady took advantage of him when he made the purchase and I let him have all three new things that I never even had opened go for 15 dollars. This hurt me and I called him back and told him I wanted to meet him to give him his money back and he can keep the things that I sold to him he got mad which I just don't understand why but I told him you went to pick up some food in some kind of grocery store and you where talking to a young girl with dark hair that you felt that I had cheated you in someway and you hurt my feeling when you referring me as this lady. He accused me of being a scammer and even said that I was following him. And I said do you know anyone by the name of Bryan he said how do you know that is my middle name my dead wife called me by that name. He told me I was a scammer and I told him I just want to give you back your money and a women named Caroline wants you to know that you have a grandson that was brought into the world a month ago. He called the cops on me they came to my house and told me not to have anything to do with him anymore. I have had alot of things like this happen to me all my life. It's also a curse because it has caused me to loss custody of my older two children and be institutionized in s mental hospital and heavy sedated with all kinds of meds.
Author: Shakashura
Someone uses your name to SCAM others for 200 Million smackaroos! WOW! That is fricking scary!
Author: Gardabar
Just like cnn
Author: Tojara
I think I got scammed. I didn’t get scammed for money but I think I got scammed for information on me. I know for sure he scammed people for money but not on me. Why I say not on me because I never brought his readings. He knows information about me because I thought he was real!!
Author: Vojas
Thank You
Author: Shaktigore
Even a broken clock is right twice a day !
Author: Taujar
Ловля людей на службе негатива .Каждый делает свой выбор.Либо вы будите продолжать этот негатив или сделаете выбор и уясните зло и добро это выбор . Помогая себе с такими обращениями вы помогаете темной стороне своей сущности,и обратно помогая себе разобраться в том ,что происходит вы обретаете своё предназначение тут.Не просите ,не возвышайте их они знают для чего они это делают "помогая" вам.Конечная цель негатив который вы созидаете. Дальше думайте сами и это ВАШ выбор.
Author: Vijind
sure i think shes a scumbag but i also think shes a legitimate capitalist. it doesent sound like she scammed anyone more then any other corporation who uses peoples emotions to manipulate them into buying stuff. which in this country is called being successful a business person.
Author: Vojora
Want to find her? Hire a phyckic to find her...
Author: Terisar
The power of the CON!
Author: Daktilar
Thanks for researching this fake psychic... these people belong in jail... taking advantage of the desperate....
Author: Vulkree
2400 a year 59 dollars gtfofh
Author: JoJole
But you not suppose to use what god give u for money
Author: Kelkree
Actually, the biggest money scam in THIS nation is the Federal Reserve System. Apart from that, pharmaceutical companies [legally] screw people out of money by charging unnecessarily exorbitant rates, preying on the elderly who rely on their medications. But I'm amazed that this made CNN as a big scam, when a closer look at our financial system shows this pales in comparison.
Author: Bamuro
I believe people should be compensated for fraud... but for this... I can’t be consistent with that. Some things you just can’t be stupid enough to fall for
Author: Dout
Some of her wisdom ...
Author: Yozshulkree
if you sell people hope, you're the lowest of the low
Author: Shakashura
Sally Morgan, she has a psychic hotline, sounds similar. Sally makes an average of £2 million a year. Same scam.
Author: Gardagul
   #2 - The second key is to express your emotions. Let out all your sadness, your fears, your desires, your anger and your love, when you feel it. You have been taught to hide your emotions, but when they are held back, they block the vital energy inside you and rob you of your creative power.
Author: Zutaxe
   You'll be amazed at the result if you follow this advice. You don't need to struggle to achieve the aim you have fixed for yourself. Imagine it, and it will materialize all on its own. This is our greatest, magic, god-like power. ~ Maria Duval 2011 Destiny Research Center
Author: Nashicage
you deserve to get ripped of
Author: Monos
A lot of these people who complain about psychics, you made that decision but you don’t want to be held accountable for your actions! YOU lost self-control!
Author: Tura
Author: Shaktibar
Fake news
Author: Zuzshura
When we first spoke he guessed things I didn’t tell him about so I thought wow he’s a real psychic. Sometimes I think maybe I should buy he’s reading but after yesterday discovering he’s address I got fooled. He’s address is the FedEx store and he emailed me sounded a bit angry that I never ever buy he’s reading. In the email he said “hey did you buy my reading yet? I really need you to buy the reading, it’s really important it’s about your future”. He sound needy. I’m not falling for this con artist anymore. We been emailing each other for almost two years. I thought he was real.
Author: Maugami
What's about Maria medium
Author: JoJocage
There us no such thing as physics.if ur stupid to beleive these people
Author: Yozshulrajas
All psychics are fake con artists.
Author: Tojagami
She is African.
Author: Faegore
Author: Damuro
I want my money back
Author: Sara
Here's a blog about her:
Author: Faell
If you give people hope, you're a good person
Author: Vukinos
It's all in the game. Those people are just dumb
Author: Diktilar
Own up to the issue inside of yourself and you won’t overspend and you will get good quality.
Author: Yogis
This type of scams make me sick and I hope they get their undue Karma. No one should be taken advantage no matter what. After all, everyone wants a better life or a love life.
Author: Majinn
Is it just a coincidence that the terms 'psychic' & 'psycho' not only sound alike, but also grammatically similiar?
Author: Faugul
Tarot card readers are included in this con artist community.
Author: Vilkis
Sylvia brown should be in jail too
Author: Jura
Don't be surprised if a prediction does not come true.
Author: Vudosho
Is she same
Author: Juhn
I got mail from Maria Duvall more than once asking for money for a psychic spell she would cast for me for good luck, money, incredible fortune, etc, all for around $25. It sounded like a good deal and I thought, why not, it's only $25 and it could work. I came to my senses and saved the $25.
Author: Akisar
Does Burger King ever say “Sorry you bought too many whoppers this month, we’re cutting you off!” NO THEY DON’T.
Author: Meztiramar
It's because faith and logical thinking aren't compatible. This is why religion still exists today.
Author: Yokree
Just check who is cashing the money that’s all
Author: Mikagar
I don’t think these psychics could pull their cold reading BS in modern multi cultural society??? Like asking about “j” names (witch is the most common for w.a.s.p.s would mean nothing to Italians where “j” is not a letter in our 22 letter alphabet )( no j ,y,x,k).....and imagine trying to cold read Hindi,Muslim ,Cantonese or Slavic names for example !!!!😂🤣
Author: Daishicage
i remember this.
Author: Dougrel
I am from Singapore, I got an email saying can give me a free readings. She call herself " Authentic clairvoyant and Tarot readers." Her address is at World Trade Centre, 1st Floor unit 1,02. 6 Bayside Road. Her email address is [email protected] . She keep asking monies from me. I found out that she too is a scam. I was scammed by her USD 137.00 . I have made a police report and also reported to my bank. Can this be the same phychics that you're talking about?
Author: Tarisar
I really really want one of those energy crystals. Hahahaha ha where Maria Duval at?
Author: Kikora
Whenever a person claims they're psychic, ask them, "why does your service come with a disclaimer, For entertainment purposes only?" Their reaction is priceless. Lol
Author: Shakale
Opening up anyone's mail Is illegal
Author: Negor
i don't understand that what will i do on this
Author: Marr
I would later learn she's a fugitive on the run wanted by Police in Northern Ireland for stealing hundreds of thousands from unsuspecting victims.
Author: Zolozil
Just as I was watching this my phone went and a scammer tried to get my personal details ahahha unbeliveable said he was from Amazon and my account had been compromised in an Indian accent he said his name was Andy Jones yeh right
Author: Fek
Iris Lin
Author: Yolmaran
   Here are two keys which are wonderful for completely changing the course of your life:
Author: Voodoorisar
Female Peter Popoff.
Author: Dikasa
My Mom warned me about these frauds back in 1994. They take your money, tell you your going to have a beautiful future and put a curse on you if you let them. I have had lots of health and financial issues since. I have not seen a psychic in 11 years and will never see one for a reading again!!
Author: Doukasa
wheres the scam? manipulating people for profit is the basis of modern consumerism.... its the focus of a high proportion of ads on tv.. she manipulates the vulnerable? most commercials on non essentials or investments do the exact same thing.
Author: Zolorn
i'm bit of a psychic myself, and i predict that the year 2021 will be in the future.
Author: Tygorisar
Psychics and mediums all need to be locked up for life.
Author: Vudole
Everybody saw it was fake ..Maria didn't see it coming ?
Author: Zuzahn
Real psychics don't "mind read" or "see the future or dead people"
Author: Mazuzshura
these people need to be hunted down like rabid dogs have the absolute shit beat out of them and then publicly draw and quarter then. But before they get drawn and quartered ask them oh btw did you see this in your future?
Author: Bralar
In some ways... If people want and are willing to pay for this service, which is obviously a scam, then they deserve to be robbed like this. It is not much different than the collection plate at church. I do like this video though because if it wasn't obvious before, then it should be even more obvious now. All we can do is try to educate people about these scams and if people understand and still continue to pay then I guess it is a service being provided that deserves to be paid. It is adding value to someone's life. Otherwise they wouldn't pay.
Author: Kalrajas
Go to any suburbia or poorer neighbourhood or any poorer country you'll find her cousines in thousands.
Author: Dougal
Dating apps, day jobs and her psychic business were the tools of her malevolence. She even used her dead daughter, a daughter the courts took from her at a young age and a daughter who wanted nothing to do with her, to scam people out of money.
Author: Brami
Schools need to start teaching how to avoid scams and viruses
Author: Fetaxe
Queen of emotions tarot she's fake too. Should have listened to my intuition, a hell of a lot more psychic than she is. I feel sorry for anybody who listens to them.
Author: Mule
Anyone stupid enough to fall for this deserves to get ripped off
Author: Akibei
She was a neighbor and quickly became a best friend. Little did I know she was actually a professional con artist and I was one of her many "marks".
Author: Voodoolmaran
every single medium/ sychic are con artists.
Author: Vudojin
i don't understand that what will i do on this
Author: Zushura
Author: JoJojind
Many folks are convinced that they have 'no power over things'. And, as long as they believe that, they ARE, amazingly enough, also willing to believe ..that someone else (not them), might know the future. Which is why self-proclaimed psychics with a flair for publicity and profit can make a handsome living off the doubt and helpless feelings of others.. Once I learned: for once and for all, I AM THE ONE who crafts and creates my own life, the events in it, and my response to them I have no interest whatever in handing that power over to anyone else. Though sad to say, many people still DO...
Author: Fenrizilkree
He’s name is Cedric Grant B from Miami. 😡
Author: Arajora
   #1 - The first is to constantly nurture your dream, your vision of the kind of life you want. So devote a bit of time each day to imagining yourself in the situation you desire.
Author: Kezilkree
Every person who got scammed got exactly what they deserved.
Author: Mim
People paid thousands to take her fake courses and get fake certificates from Angel University.
Author: Nikolabar
Televangelist Jimmy Bakker scammed millions from his god believing followers before he was put in jail.
Author: Durg
With my own experience, a good medium will just talk.... No questions asked.... Once I had the most uncanny accurate reading off a girl in the street.... Waiting for a taxi
Author: Sacage
The vitamin shop that showcases body builders and fashion models on their posters while selling cheap filler protein powder is a scam. The church you go to to get closer to God is a scam that makes you dependent. I myself have gone to psychic fairs for fun and gotten accurate information they didn’t ask for. I’m talking names times and dates, what I dreamed about the night before. As far as these BUSINESSES are concerned, they aren’t going to say no to your money. Does Burger King ever say “Sorry you bought too many whoppers this month, we’re cutting you off!” NO THEY DON’T. I live in Los Angeles and I see people routinely offer more monthly rent or a higher down payment just to get a place! Do the landlords say no to more money? NO THEY DON’T.
Author: Tektilar
Arguing that all mediums are fake is about as illogical as finding a fake doctor or nurse and saying they are all fake.. Certainly there are fraudster psychics, but there a fraudster skeptics as well whose careers depend on debunking. Mediumship has been scientifically examined in double blind trials where the medium has not met or known who he or she are reading for. The debunkers simply ignore the evidence as they can't refute it. If you want to read the evidence read this: The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Gary E. Schwartz, William Simon, Deepak Chopra 1st (first) Edition [Paperback(2003)]
Author: Jugore
Maybe if the children of these old people did not completly abandon them then maybe they would not have felt the need to pay for such things to fill in that void. Just some food for thought.
Author: Salkree
A real psychic is in tune with self, nature and spirituality. It's more of a feeling. I know a psychic in my neighborhood who don't even charge money. He just give very good advice. Take it or leave it... Many people in the area talk to him for hours just for "Advice" not a fucking Fortune Tale smh
Author: Zulkishicage
When Trump did that everyone was upset but no one is complaining about Doreen Virtue doing it.
Author: Micage
Just like churches
Author: Sazuru
Harden your hearts folks and filter your Faith and Logic
Author: Akinogar
I'm so psychic I predict 22283 views by 15th april
Author: Sagul
The one lady looks almost like Dana Kimmell the former actress who played Chris Higgins from Friday The 13TH Part 3 3D and recently purchased the movie in Blu-ray from Amazon. It came with the pair of 3D glasses with Blu-ray and it is awesome. However, thank you for exposing the scumbag. Anyhow thanks again for uploading the video to YouTube and hopefully you'll get more of them exposed real soon.
Author: Gardalabar
As the daughter of a mom who had dementia, I can really feel for adults who learn that their parents were defrauded and preyed on. There is a special ring of Hell for anyone who willingly and deliberately scams the vulnerable....who can least afford to lose any money at all. Curses on this Duval dame!
Author: Akilkree
2:25 I saw New Zealand. F'ing scammers.
Author: Zulkijar
so many expensive videos, so little views,
Author: Dazshura
She not a scam you just don’t believe
Author: Jujind
Кто идиот?
Author: Malakazahn
Wish this was a podcast like reveal , story is great to follow
Author: Kizilkree
Fake psychics ROTT IN HELL🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Author: Nijind
Maria Duval is a scammer !!
Author: Dale
A fool and their money..... Hard to feel sorry for someone so reckless and stupid to fall for a "psychic" which has always been synonymous with SCAMMER.
Author: Moogule
i don't understand that what will i do on this