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Comments "The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989":

Author: Tautilar
The Berlin wall is falling down, falling down, falling down. The Berlin wall is falling down....what a lovely day.
Author: Shakagal
Now if only Korea could do this... Sad.......
Author: Taukree
This is an amazing piece of history. 1989 was such a good year. 👌👌❤️❤️🇧🇪🇧🇪
Author: Goltigore
Hopefully one day this could happen in Korea, peaceful reunification. Alas, it becomes less and less of a possibility every day...
Author: Moogunris
Boy: 0:35
Author: Jumuro
I like this attack on Titan season 3 early footage
Author: Mazut
I love this video,is so beautiful to see their faces when the wall is falling down.
Author: Mazuk
So funny seeing people trying to take it down with their little chisels and hammers haha
Author: Donris
I love it when people come together.....Imagine a world with no hate.
Author: Akinobei
I was born 11 days later! :)
Author: Zukazahn
When she's home alone but she lives on the other side
Author: Tauzilkree
I wish the same will happen to the 2 Koreas 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
Author: Masar
I sort of wish I was there
Author: Daikinos
Hope we'll see the Fall of the Korea border in the future :(
Author: Akilkis
One of those tv moments that gets you to remember what were you doing that day.
Author: Mara
I now hold that energy for surprising and beautiful freedom and respect for all around the world, including the Internet.
Author: Zolorisar
Girl:but my parents aren't home
Author: Zulkis
Tear down the demilitarized zone in Korea
Author: Goshura
Girl:hey babe come over
Author: Tolkis
When the bois want to have a cold one but lives in the other side
Author: Virg
We must destroy all such walls, that divides Human beings and stops from being Human...... Peace 
Author: Mokinos
Remembering the Berlin Wall coming down... my tears of awe, surprise, gratitude.
Author: Vudoramar
Boy:i can't im in east germany
Author: Dougor
I fell sorry for those who tried to defect a few days and months before this, without knowing that they could’ve just waited...