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Comments "Testing with Crocs on an escalator":

Author: Dall
Author: Yorr
Her father quickly jumped over the handrail, with his shoes flied off, ran up to the top of the escalator to push the STOP button, discribed by my other granddaughter who is 5 year-old wittnessed the trauma to her little sister.
Author: Telrajas
Believe me bcuz I have had that suffer
Author: Shakazshura
@melodydamor it can happen to any shoe....guess what I chopped off my finger a long while a go and it survived reattached
Author: Shaktisida
thank god this now exists. DOWN WITH CROCS!
Author: Taurr
______________(to be cont'd)_________
Author: Taull
aww tht is so sad :( what age was he?
Author: Nikoran
Author: Dagal
But, this is not the point. The point is, because of their produst has been endangering our young generation. They should be banned. Not just privately banned by some schools or hospitals. Crocs shoes for kids must be banned.
Author: Kashakar
4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Author: JoJozil
It was not me who initiate to ban Crocs shoes for kids. Nonetheless, I am one of the supporters.
Author: Dirn
my crocs actually got stuck at the top of the escalator right as i was about to get off but thankfully it was a little big and didn't get my toe. The shoe stopped the entire escalator lol
Author: Bralrajas
Happened to my daughter today, fortunately she pulled up quickly enough to only get a in bin!
Author: Akinokasa
@nippro It's lucky for you, for you had a clean cut and were in time to reattach.
Author: Fausho
Matthew 5:3-12 New International Version (NIV)
Author: Kazishura
I thought u Kent crocodiles
Author: Faejora
...and you know exactly jack squat about what you are pointing out here.
Author: Nalkis
You should get a real brain too to exchange with your fake one.
Author: Kagakasa
@darkofboss95 Yes it was horrible watching my brother die and not being able to do a thing about it :(
Author: Yozshukree
I have a friend who used to work in the ER and said the amount of kids coming in with injuries because of Crocs shoes was staggering.
Author: Malalabar
Author: Vora
Learn to read the rules of the escalator
Author: Kagor
i have crocs, i use them alot. i like elevator more.
Author: Vudojar
@melodydamor "Crocs shoes for kids must be banned." You show just how anti-Constitutional your position is with this statement. Should sandals be banned too because they might stand the same way and get their foot ripped off? No. Instead you should follow the rules listed on the escalator for safety. It's not because the Crocs are bad shoes, it's because someone wears them even when the rules say not to. Regardless this is not the power of the federal to use.
Author: Kajirg
Anti-constitututional is what you're saying. It is only your personal opinion, not a fact at all. Do you know what you're doing? You're just distracting the focus of arguing point. I do not wish to continue this senseless debating.
Author: Tazragore
I am so very sorry. That was painful even to read, so I know it must've been a tough experience. I hope you and your family are doing better now (even though I know nothing can make up for the loss of a loved one). Please, Take care.
Author: Vuzuru
@clearedtoengage It was you who categorized federal government from government. I was only saying government in general. Your arguing point is already way off.
Author: Zulugar
5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
Author: Bazil
Yeah but people are really stupid.
Author: Vudogis
Wooh .-.
Author: Tuzuru
Don't wear soft shoes or overly long pants or skirts that touches the ground while on escalator.  When these things get 'SUCKED IN' will get pulled in as well unless you're strong enough to tear these away from you.  Kids are unlikely to be strong enough to do that.
Author: Nim
@DidlydodaBinweevils dont say without thinking first. Im sorry but i dont understand a thing u said by saying rude to me. Could you explain more in a good language ? if normal people reading your story they might think its imposible too to be trapped in escalator with nothing left but head. Dont worry, i still can read not like u that can only YELL like caveman,
Author: Kajinris
Or how about you watch your kids and not allow them to stand by the edge?
Author: Tugami
The point is, it is not legal for the federal to ban a product due to safety. Are they dangerous? Maybe. But the federal government does not have the RIGHT to take away liberties like that. Right to liberty.
Author: Masida
My brother was wearing these and his foot got stuck and both his legs went under then eventually his tummy went under the escaltor, I tried to pull him but it he was falling, his head was the only part of his body showing and he was screaming, his whole body went under and i cried as i watched him head for the gears, He screamed and cried until he hit the gears and was grinded up and his body was so mangled that there was nothing left RIP BRO :(
Author: Yozshusar
what the heck? isnt there usually like black brushes along the sides of the escalator? id always put my foot on that because it tickled and i guess that tickle-y thing saved my foot a bunch of times o.o
Author: Faugal
“3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Author: Akinolmaran
Don't buy crocs shoes for your children !! My granddaughter was wearing crocs shoes last Saturday, and her foot got caught by the escalator. The crocs shoe was caught at the edge, and twisted around become perpendicular toward the side of the escalator, and shredded in her little toe. It took the paramedic solid 20 minutes to get her foot out of the escalator and the crocs shoe. Now, we are praying that her little toe will be saved.
Author: Meztigrel
@melodydamor The federal government's job isn't to make criminal laws and things of that nature. Maybe at the state level, yes, but banning a product just because people are getting hurt, when the escalators say not to wear them? That's not a hazard to public safety unless you aren't being cautious. Otherwise, they should ban 18 year olds from driving because they are often hazards to public safety. Unconstitutional meaning it is not interstate commerce, it is safety- that's state.
Author: Nishura
Maybe if you bought real crocs instead of fake crocs this wouldn't happen!
Author: Voodoozshura
Poor crocodile :(
Author: Migul
0:14 これはちょっと厳し)ry
Author: Nijas
This is what literally happened to my foot. I was wearing keen sandals ( closed toes) and a piece was missing on a safety line and my foot got caught. Several hours later we found out it caused a minor fracture in the bone below the joint of my left middle toe.
Author: Kaktilar
@LovelyReida im surely love to wear them in public for some new model they have now. where have u been this long time ?
Author: Dora
they should make gard rails on the escalator so you can were crocs and other rubber shoe on them
Author: Kalkree
If you wear crocs in public, you deserve anything you get.
Author: Zujin
I'm now extremely scared to wear laced sneakers, flip-flops, sandles, and other shoes on escalators! Now all I want to use at the mall is the elevator. I'm DONE with escalators!
Author: Zulkizragore
Author: Shacage
I Almost lost my foot because of this.
Author: Fenrizahn
What kind of Japanese person in a mall who has black hair and glasses do this to a new croc? I am calling PETA >:((((
Author: Nikosar
they needed evaluation from a japanese science team to figure out that crocs do that >.>
Author: Malashicage
MYRIAD q gwhsde
Author: Zulkitaxe
the at is bad
Author: Dajora
@cellfreezer is that the best comeback you can come up with
Author: Mijinn
Author: Vudojar
Um crime
Author: Vugami
Not nice at all !! Shame on you !!
Author: Taukus
I not like crocs
Author: Mazil
Ebusettt.. makanye sekarang di eskalator kadang ada kek sapu sapu gitu di sampingnya
Author: Vilar
My daughter was very brave and calm then, holding her "baby's" mangled bloody foot, followed the paramedics rush to the ambulance to the emergency of the hospital. The blood dripping down through her fingers. My poor 4-year-old granddaughter saw that, and said, "Mommie, you're bleeding!"
Author: Vocage
Enough blaming crocs for not being careful with yourself or your children.
Author: Meztigul
7 Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Author: Taugar
@eminem1178 He was 6 :(
Author: Fekinos
I love Martha 💑💏👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤? ❤💜💜💛💚💚💚💛💛💛💜💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚👄
Author: Gogis
@clearedtoengage FYI, there are already many families reported to US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Yes, they have the authority to ban any product that is hazard to public safety. I don't know what is your definition of government. Are you saying that it is the federal level? And what is it you're thinking that it is unconstitutional?
Author: Daitaur
The Escalator is the problem. Look at the gap. If you have someone reach down .. bye! ;P .. look to other civilized countries on how to avoid this.
Author: Karamar
(Sorry if there is something wrong, I’m from Brazil and I’m still learning English)
Author: Dokora
I work on these things every day. I see 1st hand the stupidity of people and the lack of supervision on the part of the adults. I have also seen some of the aftermath of the same. In response to the circumstance you describe, it was probably a very bad decision to put the little ones in such a crowded situation. There are always alternatives nearby, i.e.elev. or a stairs. I stand by my opinion. It may not be "nice", but I prefer truth over P.C. In the end, Crocs are still not at fault here.
Author: Dainris
Author: Mugore
@melodydamor I'm sorry this happened, but it is not the goverment's job to ban CROCS. It's unconstitutional for them to ban a product at the federal level.
Author: Goltigore
This is a painful and bloody experience about letting our young generation wear this product, and put them in danger. The garvernment should recall and ban "CROCS" !! They are not doing anything about it at all, even though there are already many of this same tragic accidents have repeatedly happened to young children. No more CROCS for children !!
Author: Zulushicage
Author: Sanos
@msgrafis because he was slipping where the escalator broke so he was falling down where a stair was missing and then when he fell he screamed until he reached the bottom where it turns and his body got all grinded up in the gears, and I was saying I will avenge my brother for you saying that, meaning I will defend him should someone say what u did and I was telling u try having a brother who died EXTREMELY UNLIKELY on an escalator and having someone say its not true..... :(
Author: Narisar
Author: Faugis
What happened to my 4-year-old granddaught was not the same unfortunately.
Author: Moogutaxe
Rubbing your feet against two big sliding pieces of metal is dangerous regardless of your footwear.
Author: Kazikora
WTF what would of happen if a foot was there? 😨 Now I'm scared of elevator s
Author: Zulujin
poor croc 😢
Author: Migul
0:11 😮😮
Author: Kagadal
That was already happened to me
Author: Dourn
100th Comment!
Author: Moogumi
Your feet shouldn't ever be in those yellow areas. If you stay in the center you'll be fine.
Author: Arakree
Didn't the sign say keep your feet within the yellow box?
Author: Nisho
@clearedtoengage First of all, at the escalator (any escalator in US), there were no such warning says do not wear Crocs shoes listed in the rules. Secondly, there was (still is) no warning says do not wear on escalator marked on the sales tag of the Crocs shoes.
Author: Dijin
The federal government does not have the power to regulate safety. If they do, show me. It is NOT personal opinion, it is CONSTITUTIONAL FACT.
Author: Meztizshura
The gap between the step and the skirt is tight enough that you can barely squeeze two quarters stacked into the gap. Get on, put your hand on the handrail, stand and wait to reach the other end. btw, our inspection and clearance standards here in the US are much more stringent than in other parts of the world.
Author: Kak
Make more
Author: Babei
oh and you guys are paying hefty sum for a pair of these!?
Author: Zolozuru
@melodydamor "US Consumer Product Safety Commission." That's federal. That's not general government. My arguing point isn't way off- it is not Constitutional for the federal to make laws regarding safety. That is under the police power of the states individually.
Author: Tenris
Why =<
Author: Kajikora
funchal le mon she'll very French u h
Author: Daibei
When the Paramedics arrived, it took them solid 20 minutes to get the mangled bloody foot out of the escalator.
Author: Votaxe
Have you read your Constitution lately? I don't think you have. Show me where the federal government has the right to regulate safety. The states do (10th Amendment), but does the federal?
Author: Mikagrel
Crocs shoes is a very bad thing created for this century UNFORTUNATELY !!!
Author: Zushakar
Author: Mekree the comb plate safety switches and about 10 others would have shut it down long before it got to that point. I call B.S.
Author: Malalrajas
WATCH YOUR KID!! BE A GROWNUP!! It isn't the shoe co., elevator co. or the mall's fault. It's yours.
Author: Meztir
And where were you when this happened? As an elevator/escalator mechanic, I can tell you that crocs are NOT the only shoe I have found in the pit of an escalator. The problem is with the adults who are with these small kids who ALLOW them to slide off onto the comb plate, pad their foot along the skirt while on the way up/down or even play around like the escalator is playground equipment!!
Author: Fenrizuru
Oof my feet hurts so much
Author: Dojar
@MsSparkleBabe Because: The Crocs is famous for the softness of the shoes they make, especially the Crocs children's shoes, that endanger the young children severely injured at the escalators.
Author: Mauzahn
I can't see the brand CROCS at the back band, is this a legitimate Crocs Classic?
Author: Kigakree
Author: Sashakar
Author: Kajinris
Poor shoe
Author: Basida
Author: Nam
I wear crocs on escalaters but i just go in the middle😒
Author: Yozshutaur
6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Author: Vubar
8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Author: Akinolkree
Super cool, but you shouldn't have hurt the Croc like that :/
Author: Dasida
Please do not play smart mouth, on other people's misfortune!
Author: Jum
2/3 of her left foot was pulled into the greasy dirty steel teeth of the escalator, by the soft Crocs shoes she was wearing. It occured at the middle of the escalator, in a shopping mall on a busy Saturday afternoon.
Author: Zulkishicage
Peoples feet & legs get pulled into & ground up in escalators every year. They have to be cut out, suffering crushed bones, amputations & some die of blood loss before they can be freed from he escalator. It's very grusome!
Author: Kisar
For crying out loud, on a busy weekend in the shopping mall, holding big bags of formal dresses for the girls, squizzed in onto a narrow escalator. You tell me, can you look down and have a good view of what's going on under.
Author: Banris
Author: Arashiktilar
The holes of the crocs are where your dignity leaks out.
Author: Gozil
When I were younger, I was in an escalator and was wearing crocs. Distracted by something, I put my foot near the side of the escalator, and the crocs started being sucked into it. My mom pulled me really fast and my foot snap out of it. The crocs were sucked and completely smashed. Now every time I use and escalator I feel some danger 😪
Author: Gazilkree
@DidlydodaBinweevils you are pretty good story teller but not enough to make me believe LOL
Author: Tajind
Dare u to use latest version of crocs kids. Try duet is a name of the crocs sandal.
Author: Arashibei
______________(to be cont'd)________________
Author: Malakora
@melodydamor That's not true. The Crocs have the warnings on them. "The company says its analysis of Consumer Product Safety Commission data shows that there has been no corresponding increase in the frequency of shoe entrapment injuries since Crocs hit the U.S. market five years ago."
Author: Saramar
@melodydamor The warning doesn't have to be don't wear Crocs. All it has to say is "avoid sides".
Author: Faulmaran
Crocs makes children's shoes and put young children in danger wearing them at the escalator. Children's Crocs shoes are small and soft enough to be mangled by escalator, along with their little feet. Crocs well aware of this danger to the young children. They also have been sued for numeral times. Still, they are not doing anything to prevent it repeatedly happen again. They must be banned.
Author: Sagal
@melodydamor The escalators say to avoid the sides. I'm sorry that you suffered tragedy, but that is USER ERROR.
Author: JoJolmaran
Because of the severe injury with heavy bleeding, probably my granddaughter lost the feeling of her foot temporarily. She thought she was not the only one who was bleeding, but it was all her blood.
Author: Douramar
My daughter got her two legs scratch and bruises allover, when trying to protect and comfort the injured child.