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Comments "Syria: Drone footage captures strikes on militant positions in Damascus":

Author: Zulkir
There goes the block. I'm surprised to see so much green.
Author: JoJolrajas
it almost looks as if there's snow on some of the trees but i think that's just dust and dirt from the shockwaves..
Author: Mezile
вот это качетво съёмки! Неужели ВС РФ?
Author: Mular
Syka Blyat
Author: Vosar
I'd say Syria is just a testing ground for new weapons
Author: Yozshujas
Poor Syria. It was one of the whitest countries in the near east.
Author: Zololar
i see humans but no humanity
Author: Bazilkree
Браво, по домам. Пидорасня, ломать - не строить.
Author: Kazishura
Author: Fenribar
Ukrainian Nazis + ISIS = brothers forever