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Comments "Student free speech activist: Were NOT fascist or racist!":

Author: Kale
she is awesome! love her!!
Author: Gar
The one the only the drop dead gorgeous Josephine!!!
Author: Vudolmaran
Josephine is a very attractive and smart.
Author: Akinris
Free liberal speech. Screw them. We're glad to have smart people on our side.
Author: Aranos
Hey, I'm subscribed to her! :)
Author: Mojind
My theory is that their lives are so boring they have to invent an imaginary evil to fight against, and that is us.
Author: Gushakar
That girl knows what she's talking about, yes what's done is done, let's find ways to move forward! Great smile too!
Author: Sajinn
"If we keep going back to the past, we're not going anywhere." Elegant!
Author: Basho
Socialist Libtard to Conservative or is it the Other way around: "My Mind is Already Made Up... Don't Confuse Me With the Facts/Truth!"
Author: Tujind
the planets have aligned josephine mathias and jay fayza fighting back! love you guys, from belgium!
Author: Shakaktilar
I'm subbed to this beauty
Author: Mozilkree
Watch Out Josephine. The SJWs trolling you will say you're not Black enough cuz you weren't born in America. Regardless of how much Data, Logic, and Truth you throw at em. Apparently Yuri Bezmonov's worst nightmare has come true
Author: JoJosho
I love that girl
Author: JoJomuro
MyNameIsJosephine is a damn dreamboat.
Author: Kajimi
Intelligent and articulated, maybe there's hope for our youth.
Author: Yozshuzahn
her name is Josephine
Author: Taukora
That young lady is both beautiful and smart.
Author: Dazragore
I love this Black Queen 👸 Josephine
Author: Dakree
Yay a smart young person.
Author: Kazinris
I am a middle aged conservative white male and I am subscribed to Josephine's YouTube channel. Josephine has a good head on her shoulders. She is level headed, beautiful and one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. She focuses on what unites us instead of what divides us. MLK would have been very proud of Josephine as am I.