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Comments "Stoner Sloths Are The Australian Governments Solution To Weed":

Author: Taugul
did anyone else click cos they saw a cute sloth with a bow? lol
Author: Nikoll
rap tunes on deck
Author: Kigara
Is anyone else getting off on this sloth? Probably not. Pretty hot with that bow. I'll go back into my hole and smoke the thought away.
Author: Gardagor
as a fellow stoner sloth/ent/enderman I would like to state that I agree wholeheartedly with @djkrusha
Author: Dall
Stoner sloth is a hero to us all
Author: Nikokasa
It was a good idea, but the internet's love of sloths just ruined a good campaign. I do think the art director for this campaign should have just done a simple google search, that would have saved them from this.
Author: Dulmaran
Why is stoner sloth ironically awesome and cool?
Author: Vujinn
well duh any anti drug campaign will fail if it's for marijuana. it's 2015 we have the science and the facts and we all know marijuana is safe and even healthy when consumed correctly, I remember when I was a kid I was I was taught that marijuana kills brain cells. come to find out it actually does not only not kill them but stimulates them. if ur going to have a an anti drug campaign make sure ur actually talking about a drug not an amazing medical herb.
Author: Kakinos
this is gold xD
Author: Yozshulrajas
my soul animal
Author: Meztim
I looked this up and honestly this stoner sloth stuff is hilarious! Australia needs to try again with that because everything about it is funny and not gunna make people stop smoking.
Author: Shakagore
why would you want to promote anti weed propaganda in the first place? marijuana is good for you
Author: Majinn
just 1 x mariguanas can kill
Author: Gosida
Author: Vozil
those damn sloths are smoking all of the Devils lettuce
Author: Mezitaur
epic fail.
Author: Sashura
Author: Voodoobar
this shit is just tooooo good!~
Author: Tutilar
The only downside: When you get addicted. Which is not so hard to quit, after all.
Author: Vushicage
It's bad for your brain-development when you are a minor, but when you are an adult, an occasional consumption (preferably in a vaporizer, since there are no toxins in vapor) is absolutely fine and even far better than any amount of alcohol.
Author: Tosho
My brother injected a marijuana and now he's dead
Author: Kajizragore
Haha Australia never been good at ad campaigns. Anyone else remember the exploding teens at the beach ad? Although the Dumb Ways to Die app was amazing so they get a W for that.
Author: Shaktim
Why not simply telling teens the truth about cannabis?
Author: Vonos
Australia is still ruled from England. There exists in this world a single individual,who rules by virtue of birth,who can tell EVERY Australian from the Prime Minster to the MPs to the judges of the High Court,""NO !"" simply by refusing Her REQUIRED assent. So whatever else may be wrong with America,I'm still proud to be American because WE got out from under 'Mere Colonists' !
Author: Nigul
I've been a stoner for 23 years now, and I find this hilarious.
Author: Zulusho
oooo yes. it reminded me to have a BIG FAT JOINT :)
Author: Malabar
wait...we haven't moved passed reefer madness?
Author: Migrel
It looks so low budget. Why didn't I think of a Stoner Sloth series?
Author: Kazshura
Stoner Sloth. The new logo for stoners everywhere :D
Author: Brazahn
This will become a meme in 2016