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Comments "St. Cloud Makes History With First Black Female Police Officer":

Author: Akinozahn
Lets go
Author: Kikinos
Affirmative action hire. Nothing to be proud of.
Author: Nahn
I think am her number 1 arrest she made right after her internship. Good job though.
Author: Najas
god bless her and for her service
Author: Kazrajinn
From Russia with Love Talisha
Author: Yojar
well that's good to hear it's not going to change anything but ok
Author: Shaktimuro
A black female cop shouldn't be news. That's a shame. I'm glad a change has been made.
Author: Kebei
You won't see that down south tho good luck to the young woman
Author: Nasho
WhaT news is this woow
Author: Kazibar
She is so pretty
Author: Arashiktilar
WCCO - Your news crew isn't diverse. There aren't any men on camera. Where is your diversity?
Author: Aram