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Comments "Serial Killer Suspected in New Jersey Murders (Part 2) - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen":

Author: Gakazahn
for my parents, time makes it easier but remembering hes gone, the pain comes back. Time makes the emotions easier to deal with but the pain doesn't go away, at least from what ive experienced over the past two years. It took me a while to be able to tell his story [he was basically murdered by those in charge of protecting him away from home] without breaking down and crying. If I talk about how much I miss him and stuff like that, I cry.
Author: Mibar
His name is a tongue twist "Kaleel Wheeler Weaver"!
Author: Tojale
at least text somebody that u spending the night damn.not saying u should be strict but she was just to free . when i lived at home they wanted to know everything who what when and how.. and even when i ask my dad to baby sit he still wants to know details and im not in his damn home i have my own but its common courtesy
Author: Moogubar
Calleo willer weever , damn what a name. Say that 5 times fast
Author: Yozshukazahn
I'd rather die single!
Author: Nakinos
The "Hook up" culture is making these things more common now.
Author: Zulugul
It always happens to the good people.
Author: Moogukazahn
sigh here we go again with not uploading in the correct order
Author: Mezizuru
Scary! Sad!
Author: Mizragore
Im 30 my mama kno who Im with where I'll text my big sister the address.. License plate if I can get to it..
Author: Nadal
I don’t know how to act feel about this case.. I don’t think he did it but at the same time you never really know someone and how they act
Author: Majind
The 70's and 80's were great... the bands that were getting started that became legends, and the changing of an era that made the 80's the most popular of all times.
Author: Kigatilar
Everyone knew they could be nabbed at any time, and always preparing for the best... expecting the worse.
Author: Zuhn
He doesn't look capable of killing.....but when you add anger to a tiny tot,it is lethal
Author: Fenrill
They don't understand why the woman who managed to survive being strangled by him tried to contact them?! Clearly, she wanted them to understand what he was about, what tactics he used--to help them find answers to the EXACT question the father blurted out in court. I understand that they're suffering. But, if what this woman says is true, then she is a victim of an even more severe crime than themselves (not that there need be a contest, it's all horrendous)--and she was extending an enormous kindness, which will necessarily cause her pain, by offering to lay bare her own experience, in order to help them heal...
Author: JoJosar
Explodes in anger
Author: Ararr
As a New Jerseyan this is shockingly sad
Author: Vigor
Almost any man can overpower almost any woman. Tired of this strong woman trope. Sure, be strong, but you have zero effect on a full grown man.
Author: Faerr
I pray if he is not the one. they get the right person in Jesus name.
Author: Zulkis
Wowww that hurt my heart,😭
Author: Kigara
Author: Faugal
I thought son of Sam was in NY?
Author: Mezijar
From my knowledge of victimology and the behavior of murderers, serial killers whose MO is strangulation tend to have some sort of personal connection to their victims and are projecting anger onto victims from someone else, in this case maybe a female figure such as a sister or ex girlfriend. They specifically look for women who match the description of the female they feel anger towards. If the police in jersey can find a motive, a personal connection to women of the same victimology in the suspects past, and connection in the timelines, then this man may be going to jail because he certainly fits the theory that a sister or ex girlfriend may have angered him before and he's taking it out on these poor women, simply based on their age and physical appearance.
Author: Akinolrajas
The growing list of black male serial killers.
Author: Kigami
Woman today should keep a log diary file they can send off when there dating with time and date. and GPS location to a safe file. when there in relationships that seem a little Strange.Bait that area. if there finding other girls. The Woman need to invest in a friend Circle only people you can trust know your situation. Could the long island killer change his MO.
Author: Arashikree
People, always know where your kids are going...don't just suppose!
Author: Nikogami
If they are only going by him knowing one of the victims and his phone pinging in the area that is circumstantial at best. Going by his phone pinging could be anyone that was in the area just walking or driving down the street. what kind of proof is that? I wish they had more concrete evidence because I almost feel like they do not have the right person. Wouldn't be the first time they wrongfully charged or convicted someone. I see fear in his face not evil. But what do I know because It is also true that you never really can tell. Scary. Looks can be deceiving. Not sure how I feel about this one. Maybe they are just trying to find someone (anyone) to pin it on to keep the public calm.
Author: Vulmaran
The mom has a Jamaican accent☺
Author: Akinohn
The scary part he looks so familiar
Author: Nikasa
I always share my live location with my family when am out and name of the person am with and constantly video call and show them who am with
Author: Meztilkree
Tell your kids that if someone says not to mention their name...
Author: Malaktilar
can't find 1
Author: Fenrilmaran
Wow A wolf in sheep clothing....
Author: Akizahn
I wonder what lead them to the arrest of the guy? What evidence did they have? I am just wondering because everything was so secretive with the cops with holding information, and Crime Watch skipped over so much.🤔
Author: Takinos
I DON'T TRUST NOBODY! Crime watch has shown pastor's killing wives, children killing parents, lawyers and doctors, military people, policemen.
Author: Malkis
Who named this clown 🤡
Author: Zologrel
Keleiber weiler Weisel????
Author: Gor
He didn't do this.
Author: Dujin
saying that he didnt act alone because the victim was a strong independent black woman and no 1 man can bring her down isnt enough evidence
Author: Yoshakar
sure the long island killer didn't switch his or her Pattern
Author: Arashitaur
He kills every women who calls him Willie weeder
Author: Yozshujinn
I rebuke the devil,n he's around,This video really hurt my soul.Rip ,😓💋😇😇😇😇💙💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤❤❤
Author: Faulrajas
People, always know where your kids are going...don't just suppose!
Author: Kigagami
I’m think is someone who help him murder her because he won’t say nothing answer keep him mouth shut
Author: Tosar
I don't get that serial killer vibe from that dude, yes looks can be very deceiving.. but I believe he perhaps could be or perhaps he is connected to someone else that actually did it. This case reminds me of The Long Island Serial Killer.
Author: Gugor
heartbreaking.💔 pure heartbreak for these beautiful women.💔
Author: Faejinn
I survived the most active serial killer years of the 70's and 80's, and was hitchhiking constantly... with a weapon in my bra of course, I had my hand always hovering by it when out, and not far from it when inside.
Author: Gomuro
Just evil
Author: Zulugal
Poor girl sbd other victims, but why is everyone on here vivacious
Author: Fekree
Unfortunately women and no disrespect when I say this but you are not as strong as you think..So please understand when a man is violent full of hate and anger there’s not much even a man could do to control them
Author: Zoloktilar
What part of NJ is this did they say east orange NJ I use to live in Newark and be in east orange to but I didn't notice any thing that looks like it use to Jersey has changed a lot over the years Iam glad I left I sorry for lose but they needs more to go on than a phone please people be in area with phones
Author: Dotaur
He’s cute damn shame cause I can see the girls wanting to talk to him looks are deceiving 🤨🤬🧐
Author: Mezijind
He didnt do it , unfortunately he didnt do it , the killer or murder or doer is still out there .
Author: Tozilkree
Scary shit. I pray her family will recieve closure
Author: Nagrel
mention it...that's is how predators work no matter what their age.!
Author: Vibei
She died on my bday ...R.I.P baby girl
Author: Vojind
I will prayers for the Families and Friends Brothers, Sister's,to the Mighty High YAH!!In devil clothing....
Author: Jujin
Ray J is that you
Author: Fekasa
Haven't we learned anything from the past?!
Author: Juzshura
They should give her a diploma
Author: Fet
He let his mask slip at 5:24 .
Author: Bagal
You gotta be careful of the company you keep man...
Author: Dujin
dancer 🤔 that's a formal term for stripper 🤔🦄🥒😂
Author: Zuhn
Author: Dak
I lived close to them my prayers are still with them !!! xoxoxo
Author: Faujind
mention it...that's how predators work no matter what their age may info info... it may save a loved ones life.
Author: Gakinos
So horrible that these beautiful strong black women were slayed and taken away from their families and society.
Author: Tauzragore
Why did you do that ?? Judge 👨‍⚖️ quiet in court 😭😂😂😂
Author: Voodooktilar
1:37 lmao. they always gotta have the booty shot even on missing person photos. so sad for the negro race
Author: Badal
A young man who became a serial killer young , he looks like the boy who plays ball 🏀 but a natural born killer in the making smfh sad🙌🏽
Author: Branos
Haven't we learned anything from the past?!
Author: Braktilar
"Police are very hush hush" 😂🤣😆😁
Author: Mek
Author: JoJorn
man why did you do that young man. You ruined so many people lives
Author: Tami
Are you serious? where do they get these narrators. Crime watch you need to re- evaluate all of your staff, except Chris Hansen.
Author: Zolohn
Well he could have killed me too, because he does not look like someone I would be afraid of.
Author: Fesar
They're all young women who lost their lives too soon
Author: Arashir
So it can be one person yes I’m sure she was strong and very powerful but please never underestimate the strength of a crazy madman
Author: Shaktitaxe
$5million bail? SMH different strokes for different folks..
Author: Nasar
5:24 straight evil wow!
Author: Gozahn
Black women are so nice looking....
Author: Kigadal
Tell your kids that if someone says not to mention their name...
Author: Vulrajas
WHYYYY!!!! 😥😥😥
Author: Faegore
Translation: It couldn’t have been just ONE person because my daughter is an ass kicker.
Author: Kazragore
What in the tongue tied time does he have?!! R.I.P to this young ladies. Ladies please stop being so secretive especially with your parents. Let a few friends know the guys you deal with if you can’t talk to your family. Whatever you do please keep them informed about all of your whereabouts even if it is brief trip to the store.
Author: Zulurg
Update please
Author: Mulkis
In my opinion, it's not man vs woman. It's the element of surprise. Yes, he was probably stronger than her. But, if you think about it, if she had evil plans and surprise attack on her side, she likely would have killed him too.
Author: Douktilar
This story is heartbreaking. I am so full. I can't stop crying. I hope justice is served.
Author: Kagabei
The court told the guy to be quiet ?
Author: Dihn
She was so beautiful May her soul Rest In Peace 🙏🏾💜 I’m 22 years old I always inform everybody especially my mom where I’m at, my friends, boyfriend even school peers knows my whereabouts you never know
Author: Yosida
I'm 25 years old go to my ma house in the summer time she still ask me who u meeting up with i don't tell her I just be like I'm gone but I understand sometimes
Author: Dairg
I'm sorry, but even the feistiest woman can be overcome by a man who intends to do them harm. It's happened to numerous professional athletes over the years. There would in no way need to be two assailants. Also, a clean criminal history is in no way unusual for a serial killer.
Author: Shajin
He still walking? An eye for an aye. I would of killed him or someone he love to.
Author: Nikotilar
How they know that is him who do it.? What if the Gentile Police force in that investigation is wrong. His he the only male that have cell phone signal in that area?
Author: Brabar
Author: Tegami
He didn't do himself.
Author: Malall
How many wheelers can kaleel wheeler weaver weave if kaleel wheeler weaver could weave kaleel wheeler weaves?
Author: Kejin
I am trying to understand the evidence against this guy. This is so horrible. I hope they have the right person.
Author: Akinogor
Dats sad she was extremely beautiful attractive n happy n vibrant n full of colors I’m sorry to this family for your loss! May father comfort youll in this moment and as life move on.
Author: Kar
I don’t believe he acted alone. I pray they find who ever else is involved. Don’t be in such a rush to close the case. Look at everything.
Author: Dainos
And now there's a serial killer lose in Florida! 😧
Author: Muramar
Wow. The lady he tried to strangle didnt report it until he killed again. If all of this is true then she may could have prevented him from killing again. He would have been in jail for trying to kill her and she never reported it. Wow
Author: Gozshura
Such a beautiful woman, what a waste 😥
Author: Gokinos
Stop killing these Instagram models
Author: Mukus
It's sad I always let my elder sister know where I am at and who I am meeting and trust me being a young woman who needs too get out there to make a living i found it necessary after being placed at odd situations by the men i worked for.
Author: Brasar
u need to carry pepperspray for self defense.
Author: Zugami
But 5:24 I see a glimpse of evil. smh
Author: Garr
"Y u do that tho?"
Author: Faetaxe
they said in the first part that she was a dancer.... i bet the guy was profiling women that way offering them dancing jobs
Author: Kazramuro
That devil needs to get a life sentence without parole and I hope he suffers for the rest of his life.i pray every night all 3 girls he killed hunts him so he won't get no sleep in prison
Author: Gazragore
They always say all 3 of the serial killers names.
Author: Tygom
I'm 32 years old. I still tell my mother and a cousin who I'm with, the car information and full name and phone number. My family downloaded the andriod app find device on our phones so that we can even track each others phones if they get lost or someone does something foul to us. I don't take chances.
Author: Gardatilar
Kaleel eager beaver the serial killer
Author: Tugami
Did he?
Author: Mudal
That punk muthafucka 20 yrs old and a serial killer SMH praying on young ladies to kill em Yeah he need the death penalty cause he's a cold blooded killer at such a young age so being in prison for life will only make him a worse person....
Author: Kekree
I pray that it does get better moms .
Author: Mozilkree
I lost my twin brother 2 years ago and for me it didn't get easier. until recently, from when he died to a month ago every single dream I had was a nightmare about my brother. Id wake up sometimes having to remind myself that hes dead.
Author: Yorg
Watching this video makes me wanna stay single cause most videos like these always as something to do with guys killing girls
Author: Tusida
That guy has an unnerving look in his eye
Author: Nagis
Its sad to see grieving parents in the early stages of loss.
Author: Nikree
So sad for these families.
Author: Zulujinn
Ppl are sick in this world fr
Author: Shanos
There really doesn't seem to be enough evidence to charge him. I get that they have his phone records, but I mean, is there any DNA or shoe prints or anything else?
Author: Goll
Parents meet your children’s dates before they go off with these people 🙏
Author: Taugrel
Rest In Paradise Beloved🙏
Author: Mazukasa
i dont know for sure, but Kalil's Wheeler's body language is SHOUTING guilty
Author: Dogal
The parents😥😥😥so painful when its your child. I have children of my own. BTW- Chris Hansen looks good as he ages!!!
Author: Gohn
Why do the innocent people fool the world?
Author: Kigakus
I'm curious as to what proof they have that he is the killer. Just because his phone couldve been around where she was isnt enough. Serial killers are usually practicing at a early age. He has no record,no cruelty to animals or anything like a serial killer normally would. They need to make sure they get the right person and not put away the wrong man. I would never have taken my moms car without telling her exactly where I was going. I was in my 30s and my dad lived with me but I told him where I was going n when I was coming back. Too much evil in the world someone should always know who you are with in case something like this happens. I know all the folks my kids hang out with, so if anything happened I got their phone numbers. It's not being in their business,its having their back if something were to happen.....shannon b
Author: Kezuru
Justice for these beautiful women.
Author: Gardazil
I hear the moms accent. This is NOT the American dream. My heart breaks for her. For all the parents on these shows.
Author: Mejas
U go young Butler good luck in school 👍
Author: Shakarr
Prayers to the families.
Author: Vudokazahn
stop playing with me
Author: Nelabar
She so pretty smh he didnt have to kill her...he will reap what he has sown
Author: Mejin
$5m bond 🙄
Author: Mom
It looks like he knew how to target good, kind people. Justice for this family and the other families.
Author: Fejinn
WTF he looks so normal! This is crazy and you really can't trust anyone.
Author: JoJom
Trust no one!
Author: Kazrajora
poor thing, no wonder he's mad..
Author: Dumuro
Keep waiting on ur Dream Dad It Will Come An Wen It Does It Will Bring U Some much needed Joy 😁 & time Wit Ur Daughter Again 😥 It Will Soothe Ur Soul 👨 😉💯👌
Author: Vigrel
Ok. First the sister said she asked who the person on the phone was and she said it was nobody. Then she said she wished she had asked. So which is it? U asked or u didnt?
Author: Doshicage
Don’t down play their beauty reporter.. You either looking for a charismatic man or a rich man.. Things are not always as they seem..
Author: Kazrajas
5:24 he did not explode or YELL out in court. I'm tired of this show exaggerating and lying
Author: Gokus
He look jealous, short and misogynist...
Author: Maran
Looking so innocent and normal.
Author: Shaktigor
No evidence. The residents still need to be on alert.
Author: Tall
Don’t give up on life live for your love 💕 ones don’t give this ***** any more oxygen then absolutely necessary because that’s what they want!!
Author: Zujar
That guy's name is such a tongue twister 😂😂
Author: Shakalabar
It’s so horrible I feel so so much for this family’s, there is nothing I can say that would make it less hurt 😢. But I do know this, in the US he or who ever it is will be punished!!
Author: Dolkree
He sound suspect to me, never mind his baby face! If a survivor got away she is a walking witness!
Author: Nikogis
Rot in hell Rolly Roller Weaver dude.
Author: Yozshujar
Aww her dad 😢
Author: Akinotaur
Always keep a sharp object on you.
Author: Gardakree
I'm 23 years old with a child on the way and I have no problem informing my mother (and sometimes other family members) of my whereabouts. Not only will I provide a name (first, last, "street name" and if I know the middle I'll provide that too), but the persons address, license plate number, Facebook page, send a picture, who they're closes friends are and etc. especially after the kenneka Jenkins case, I REALLY have no problem sharing this type of information. And a lot of my "friends" would ask "why does your mom need all of that information?". I just simply tell them "just in case you decide to do some dumb shit, they know how to find you". Smh sad we have to be this cautious but I'd rather be overly safe than sorry.
Author: Zunos
I believe somebody helped him..
Author: Aragor
Author: Yozshuzragore
Any news.
Author: Duzahn
1 comes BEFORE 2
Author: Arazuru
How is it tht nobdy mentioned Sara Buter lastt phone call was frm tht serial killer..
Author: Vokree
Try say his name
Author: Shakaramar
Damn I remember this, I was working in Montclair at the time, was a big matter how much you think you know your child or friend, you never really really know what they do when they are not with you at their most intimate moments
Author: Mugar
They were all so beautiful
Author: Jushura
They said it get easier. No it dnt I lost My 18yr old Son in College 8/15/2010. 8yrs later it still feel like yesterday. You r left with a hole in your Heart 4Ever..God Bless you & Your Family⚘⚘⚘May you sleep in Eternal peace Sarah & My Son Kristopher. ❤❤❤❤❤.
Author: Tezuru
Reporters always say they are chasing the killer. They Are Not. They don't want anything but a Story.
Author: Maunris
So I love my Sons I really do I cant say what I will do if something happened to them but my daughter's on the other hand.. you will never get a trial.. I'm killing you and 5 generations of men in your family Until I turn myself in.. sorry My daughter's are sooo precious to me... When thinking of them they give me energy when I'm tired and strength when I'm weak I look forward to seeing them every day after working a 10 to 14 hour shift they are just so so so so sweet to me and I cant help but to spoil them and protect them... I'm trying to convince them that they are not adults till they are 35 lol and they cant have BFs till then 😋🤗
Author: Shaktishura
I survived the most active serial killer years of the 70's and 80's, and was hitchhiking constantly... with a weapon in my bra of course, I had my hand always hovering by it when out, and not far from it when inside.
Author: Arashit
Kalier wheeler Weaver 🤔
Author: Kazikus
Check the phone records of missing persons!
Author: Voodoomi
Sarah was so beautiful and soft spoken. She helped photograph my sister’s bridal shower. She is very much missed. I hope they fry that man.
Author: Vigal
got Lady Gaga reporting and meek Mills murdering..lawwwd
Author: Juramar
Everyone knew they could be nabbed at any time, and always preparing for the best... expecting the worse.
Author: Voodoojar
do we really need to say the full name of the guy everytime?
Author: Kell
the dad is fine
Author: Mazujar
Author: Vudole
This is truly sad 🤦🏽‍♀️ They are so crazy people out there
Author: Gujora
So many ppl are wolves in sheep clothing. You never know.
Author: Goltigore
All such young beautiful women. I pray they get justice!
Author: Zulugar
Evil doesn't have a look. It can be in the most beautiful person.Really need to be careful these days
Author: Yozshujar
I spoke too soon; they did use the phone records.
Author: Akitaur
They were victims of a serial killer! Stop with the strong independent black woman scenario. Say it like it is, victims of a murderer! Unless you knew these women personally, you have no idea what they were or were not.
Author: Kajira
😩😩😩 Men & women are built differently... Men are naturally stronger than women. No matter how strong or tough she is doesn't matter if dude is bigger & stronger!!!
Author: Dair
The 70's and 80's were great... the bands that were getting started became legends, and the changing of an era that made the 80's the most popular of all times.
Author: Vujas
Uh uh. Single for life
Author: Zulunris
The mother is beautiful. So sorry for this family, need to execute this guy. Too easy on criminals.
Author: Kagajin
👀👀👀 💕💕Jesus Jesus Jesus 💕
Author: Faektilar
Its a sad story... and my heart goes out to the families of the young ladies.My they receive justice in their daughters death.
Author: Vilkis
The myth that there aren't any black serial killers is wrong there's atleast 30 and the worst serial killer in history was black called the grim sleeper who killed over 1000 women in L.A.
Author: Zuluk
This guy looks so unassuming, you would never think he could kill a fly. Looks are deceiving.
Author: Mautaur
And now there's a serial killer lose in Florida! 😧
Author: Kijora
A woman is no match when it come to the strength of a man, but someone with the intention to do harm, and evil their strength will over come a woman any day. People with evil intent that's their power !
Author: Dugar
He has no business wearing his uncle's shirt to court
Author: Vogis
Serial killers have to kill 3 or more, not 2 or 3 or more.