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Comments "Senator Chris Coons: I Wanted To Show Kindness, Respect In Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC":

Author: Akilar
Thank you I hope Dems scour him.
Author: Mogis
Politics should never be a path to amass wealth or a means to increase wealth.
Author: Tesho
Was that Mika who sighed? why does Joe drag and labor on in his questions and commentaries? lack or sleep? boredom? Please speak up Joe, we don't have 10 minutes to listen to anything that could be said in 2.
Author: Yojin
Senator Coons you better not vote for his confirmation.
Author: Grozilkree
Pompeo is without doubt the best lackey for the job.
Author: Mak
His ignorance will ensure that he fails in every way.
Author: Mekus
Republicans are good at the one way street thing. They never help the democrats. Pompeo isn't the man for this job but he is the best one at the moment. The orange moron can't get anyone good on his team because he's a worthless pile of crap.
Author: Sharr
Johnny is my Senator but he's no friend of mine. Also the other one doesn't deserve the title at all
Author: Mazujinn
Pompeo OPENLY ADVOCATES for allowing the US Government to TORTURE other Americans and Foreigners....That ALONE should be enough to disqualify him...He's a SADISTIC K*NT!
Author: Manos
So he's happy dog whistling? Has he no values? No principles? No integrity? Isn’t it this kind of dog whistling we've had from your deplorable party that led us to a demagogue like Trump in the first place?
Author: JoJosar
Mr. Christopher~
Author: Shaktill
5:05 the world is a stage? Are you for real right now Joseph?
Author: Vokazahn
The problem with Pompeo isn't that he isn't a good pick for the state department, it is Gina Haspel should be in prison for destroying documents, torture and lying under oath. Pompeo is also a good fit for the CIA and will likely get fired too for the state department. Trump wants a yes man in the state department, not someone who actually makes good diplomatic choices.
Author: Melabar
yea bi partisianship worked so well these last 10 yrs. dems r paid losers. what a joke. vote em out. put in justice dems ban lobbyist and pac money
Author: Yolkree
Trump does not know the meaning and purpose of diplomacy. The head of NK is saner than Trump .
Author: Tojalabar
The man should NOT be Secretary Of State: Period! People that think Corker is one of the good guys are crazy. He folds and plays “Yes Man” just like the rest of them. As for “Polite Democrats,” much more backbone is needed!
Author: Akigar
Thank you for just being you...🤗
Author: Tokora
Trump knows nothing including the history of our gray Country.
Author: Grogal
One thing to note here is how our political system still functions as if we are still living in the 18th century, requiring members of Congress to be present for voting, and ignoring our 21st century technology.
Author: Magar
This kind of cowardice is what has saddled the world with this insanity and put us all in danger.
Author: Tojas
He has no critical thinking.
Author: Zulurn
When someone opens with a excuse! Sigh..
Author: Mobei
Secretary of State is a stepping stone to the presidency, if one is male. I worry about a former spook becoming a president, especially thinking back to when the elder Bush was president. Do we want President Pompeo?
Author: Mojinn
Then u screwed your constituents.
Author: Gugar
Author: Turisar
Too bad the republicants would never show the same courtesy & respect.