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Comments "Security beefed up outside Kamal Haasans house after receiving threats from Hindu groups":

Author: Muktilar
Very good he deserves it
Author: Mizilkree
I luv Nathuram ghodse he is great grand maratha leader,
Author: Dazragore
Kamal Haasan has gone too far this time. He needs stern punishment.
Author: Tautilar
Confusing headline....please change the headline as per the report . Didnt mention 'The hindu terror group ' in the whole report. Why are u confusing people ?
Author: Zugal
Instead of giving security let him be punished by court and he can be prisoned.
Author: Groshakar
Change the video title. Your audio report says "certain group", however your title says different. Terrorists cause terror to a whole community. But in this case seems targeted to only one individual who himself is making divisory statements
Author: JoJogar
Oviously he was to please 'specified vote bank of India'
Author: Mebar
Hindu Terror group? Please correct your headline!!!!!
Author: Arashitaxe
Well he is totally bias towards one community particular and not uttered a single word about jihadis and gives statement openly about one mad man shot to Hindu terror but no to jihadis and their religion.
Author: Dagore
Kamal Hasan needs to be much more concerned about his own religion, and the ever growing Islamic terrorist menace all over the world. Trying to downplay the real threat of Islamic terrorism won't do him or his religion any good. This playing victim card of his is an old joke, and people won't fall for it anymore. Bigotry, Intolerance, Radicalism and Fundamentalism are much more rampant in Islam than in any other religion.
Author: Arashijas
We were safe in british rule safegaurd ou rights we have no place on earth from here no more torture 1000yrs of plight will have hindu rashtra
Author: Voodookinos
What he said is truth. There is extremists in all religions.
Author: Mikara
Based on his statements against Hindus time and again I doubt whether his name is KAMAL HAASAN or KAMAAL HASAN. I mean कमल हासन or कमाल हसन.
Author: Nikom
I wonde at times why ppl say this man is intelligent when he proves time and again he is stupid
Author: Kekinos
Dear times now, I have screenshot. You had initially titled 'hindu terror groups' and now you changed it to 'hindu groups'.