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Comments "SECRET RECORDING INCRIMINATES TRUDEAU | SNC Lavalin Jody Wilson Raybould":

Author: Doujora
Wernick the weasel lol.
Author: Dugrel
It is most likely TRUDEAU's mood is driven by CORRUPTION - otherwise he is a fool
Author: Majind
This woman is a god a hero this woman will be the one to save Canada cuz I think she's got enough grease on the entire Liberal Party to have every single one of them prosecuted and they're sweating in their boots Canada stands behind Jody every last one of us cuz she had enough balls to stand up for the people instead of just looking out for her bank account like Justin Trudeau does every single day when he hurts and betrays Canadian citizens.....
Author: Zulkilkree
Priceless!! Downloaded in case it disappears from my "Trudeau playlist"
Author: Shalmaran
the whole government system is a joke. 80 % of people are economic slaves. blind to this reality. wake up folks. we are hugely overtaxed . retirement at 65 ??? if you can afford not to work. what kind of life is that? slavery. bet this guy still runs for another term n blind sheep will vote for him. lol. idiots.
Author: Vudomi
Wernick should be held accountable for his forceful suggestions to Jody ref. Lavalan attempts to avoid prosecution reference their criminal actions
Author: Gozilkree
RCMP do an investigation. Enough of this fooling around with the laughable Liberal investigating themselves.
Author: Shaktishicage
I wouldn't even want him to be a drama teacher
Author: Faet
BOOM 💥... Caught in the act! Proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Trudeau is guilty of obstruction of justice!!!! Give this tape to the RCMP!
Author: Garisar
truDope Must go!
Author: Kelabar
Those that Control the Fed are Trying to Make the U.N. a Socialist World Government through the CO2 SCAM and Agenda 21. The Federal Reserve was set up by the Rothschilds and their Cronies. The Rothschild Family however has the Official Title : " Guardians of the Vatican Treasury ", its even in the Encyclopedia Judeica. The European Nobility are All VATICAN Knights and/or Freemasons too. Once Again : All ( NWO ) roads lead to the ANTICHRIST Papacy in Rome. And Yes this Current System will Fail and the Papacy will Play the Role of " Savior " : Offering the New Age Socialist World System Under the U.N., as a " Solution " to the Chaos. While Unknown to Many the Papacy, the JESUITS, Freemasonry and Other Secret Societies Created Much of the Problems in the First Place. Please do your Own Research and Get Born Again, God bless.
Author: Shaktikus
Any politicians that can back this are unfit for their job on our dime. Lets take our country back or suffer the loss. Edit.
Author: Samujin
Let's see how Turd-oh spins this! They experienced it differently! Bahaha
Author: Bajar
5 dislikes? That must hardcore Trudeau fans. With blooding ears cause they found out their hero is a villain lol.
Author: Golrajas
Madame Jody Wilson Raybould she is a Hero to all Canadian....ohhh my God your angel to everyone God bless you more
Author: Vonos
“Our intelligence” tells us...... There is no intelligence in the Trudeau government, corruptions abound. Jail these crooks,
Author: Akizahn
It's time my fellow Canadian people , no the rats that sneak around with the treadue tripping on his lies, we have the obligation to make this stop and take control of our country
Author: Mazuzahn
Thus is huge I am on the roof screaming it is on!! He lied for the last time
Author: Kezil
Jt, IMO, does politics like a Montreal gangster.
Author: Sasar
This part is already known quite well. Now let's do something about it. I am contacting all political parties and calling bullshit.
Author: Dugor
Down with Trudeau
Author: Zugami
The U.K. 🇬🇧 🇨🇦
Author: JoJolkree
Canada needs more Woods Empire!
Author: Voodoora
jail time twinkle ties Trudeau
Author: Kazijin
Lmao. Canada has been a complete joke for years now.
Author: Vishicage
Sorry. Not buying that spin.
Author: Dizilkree
Liars liars Shame on you esp JT!! Thank you Jody
Author: Kigazragore
I swear youtube is censoring me from you. I've got the bell icon on yet I never see your videos until weeks later.
Author: Zologami
Fight the good fight bois
Author: Tomi
What a position this clerk of the Privy Council is imposing on Jody veiled threats and trying to force the PM agenda what he is implying is unlawful. This is a fascinating view into the machinations of a failing ruling class of elitist backroom hustlers who rule without regard to the rule of law the PM is complicit and must resign.
Author: Shaktikora
Greetings Canadians, We both have terrible PMs who don’t care about us. Time to give them the boot.
Author: Migor
It is the first thing woman does in the Bible. I think the Bible reference is quite apt in this case.
Author: Samusida can't be LYING to Canadians.....
Author: Kalkree
Support from the USA for the Canadians! We are rooting for you to get rid of Trudeau!
Author: Samukinos
I am asking you this from my heart , will you support the change in government by in anyway promoting or supporting a organization that we are creating In light of this new information, no longer will we let this go, we are all living half lives while the creeps life safe and happy. We must ignite the fire Inside , we must join he yellow vest movement here in Canada and across the world . Please contact me if you can support or share this in anyway. Look for videos soon on my channel to show progressive action. [email protected] or [email protected]
Author: Mim
Trudope and his cronies are playing Canadians but I think this might just wake them up the corruption is there too see
Author: Maukasa
Jody deserves a medal. Tardeau deserves a trial.
Author: Mashura
Regards from
Author: Faetaur
Let's piss or get off the pot. Up to you but I've had enough. Do your duty. You are Canadian.
Author: Yorisar
This is what happens when you elect a groper snowboard instructor to sit in the PM's chair
Author: Sharisar
Pain on swamp. Qanon . 17.
Author: Grogis
I love this woman like my own sister. Some of these woman have giant balls putting this soyboy generation of game boys to utter shame. Several strong women taking the reigns of late. Thank God!
Author: Moogubei
I was born on Friday but it wasn't last Friday.
Author: Gazragore
This is great but be prepared. Leftists still won't believe even if they listen to this recording. Brainwashing runs deep.
Author: Grolmaran
Trudeau is proving to be truly naive about the nature of women when he chose to stuff his cabinet. Betrayal is their nature.
Author: Vogrel
No wonder Liberals hate Harper.......He set the mouse trap
Author: Jusida
Can I please use this video to talk about it
Author: Maum
Now we are supposed to believe that Wernick the Weasel did not immediately report back to Sock Boy that he was unable to persuade JWR to give SNC the DPA deal.
Author: Taramar
Climate change is the world’s biggest wealth distribution scheme of all time
Author: Branos
"saving jobs"...? Please.
Author: Tygonos
Prayers for power to the people of Canada. 🙏💗
Author: Vogis
0:28 “It also shows that Trudeau is an absolute liar”... Be honest, is that really new information??