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Comments "Russia not a threat to UK & Brits, but threat to neocon plan for regime change in Syria – Neil Clark":

Author: Manris
The threat to the US and Uk is from the Neocons, not from the Russians.
Author: Mikalkis
Its the NeoCons who are the threat to stability
Author: Nazil
Boris apparently forgot its roots...shame!
Author: Faekora
Boris Johnson is a freaking ghoul that has no credibility!
Author: Tygokinos
The propaganda is getting really really old people it's not taking anymore. This idea of blaming your opponent with everything that you're doing is definitely propaganda and the people aren't falling for it anymore.
Author: Kazralmaran
What is coming out of the Parliament retirement home.?
Author: Yozshushicage
Same here in the Netherlands...our gov is also Russiafobia.I love what the Russians has done for the Syrian people....
Author: Tygojar
all BS coming from Boris the clown..
Author: Jukus
Classic projection by the UK. Accusing Russia of causing destabilisation whilst actively destabilising Syria.
Author: Vonris
We can t fall for the establishment threat
Author: Gagrel
These people are totally deluded I guess they think the British public supports all this nonsense
Author: Tekazahn
Finally, somebody talking sense.
Author: Zushakar
The threat to US and UK is the US and UK itself.
Author: Faucage
I'm a uk citizen and my government does NOT represent me or my views or the same values.
Author: Bragore
boris needs to carry out the will of the people, not the mandate of neo-cons
Author: Nikole
Author: Nimuro
Evil nations US UK France.
Author: Shakagul
Good to hear a sane person, saying that which the rest of us think. I thank Russia for the great work they have done, in liberating Syria from western backed ISIS!
Author: Arashilrajas
This chap has it spot on: we are the bad guys. Remember, America started the Cuban missile crisis by putting Nukes in Turkey...
Author: Moogushura
There needs to be Regime change in the U.K.
Author: Nikinos
It's madness. And everyone knows it.
Author: Vuzragore
Yes, Russia is a threat to the neocons & that is a good thing!