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Comments "Rujm el Hiri - Prehistoric Stonehenge monument in Golan Heights fuels mystery Reuters":

Author: Zulkim
Really? They don't see the resemblance to the estimated 10 million "Kralls" in south Africa?
Author: Zuluzil
the people that built this were smarter than us. it is tied to stonehenge and giza for sure
Author: Yoshicage
they did this because it resembles a cave (remember cave drawings) as good as they could make it with the tools they had. Among the more known temples you find the pyramids, both egyptian and southamerican, and all the others noone ever talks about, ´burial ´ mounds in the UK, and more
Author: Zulkim
this is no grave, this is an occult temple, where they took psychedelic substances and meditate to lose themselves on those amazing plains, probably ritual drumming in the back.
Author: Bacage
these are the origin of religion
Author: Kihn
An article I was reading said the site was dated to 5000 yrs ago, and had this casualizing quote "We have bits of information, but not the whole picture. Scientists come and are amazed by the site and think up their own theories."
Author: Mar
my only question is ..why does it have to have been a tomb, maybe it was for something totally different, holes , cavities, rooms can be used for more than just tombs
Author: Fenritilar
Where is the bones of the person that it was made for ?????