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Comments "Ron Paul to Congress: If Debt Is the Problem, Why Do You Want More of It?":

Author: Fehn
@Tikiman03 vote him Paul if you think Paul should be president regardless of if he win's the GOP nomination, taking the 'lesser of 2 evils' is what got America into the mess its in.
Author: Faushura
@Rugratsbaybayyy This is one of the greatest comments I have ever seen on YouTube hahaha
Author: Arashitaur
Every empire ends one day...
Author: Zulucage
Vote TRUE Change in 2012!
Author: Milmaran
It pisses me off how all these greedy bastards running for presidency are getting a lot more notability than this man. The only candidate that seems to remotely have a functioning brain. America, dont be stupid and dig yourself into a deeper hole.
Author: Mikat
There will be 10 Airplane Companies in the United States. United Airlines. American Airlines. Southwest. Jet Blue. Delta. Eastern Airlines. Etc. They should be all government. Parachutes are on board. etc.
Author: Neshura
Ron Paul is the key
Author: Kazizuru
This man could actually be too smart to be elected.
Author: Tok
We CANNOT handle 4 more years of Obama, bankrupting the entire world too
Author: Mikakree
He is the only republican out there that is honestly the only one that isn't radical, misinformed and just going against everything Obama says (which can be said to be true because many have been caught saying that getting Obama out of office is their first priority). If he isn't the candidate for the republicans I'd rather have 4 more years of Obama.
Author: Arashigore
He makes too much sense!
Author: Julmaran
Life is a Movie!!!
Author: Kabei
@donrussboy They won't fix shit. The system these days have left congress and our government to be a disgusting greedy place. They put on a big show trying to say the best things and be as big a character as possible to get the attention of voters. Republicans and democrats today are so opposing of eachother's views that they cannot solve any crisis with compromise. We need to go back to a time when America was simple. Too much corruption and greed will eventually topple this country over,
Author: Kektilar
Ron Paul is right!!
Author: Goran
@wishfix i totally agree. if americans dont even take a look at this guy they have not an ounce of intelligence. he has to run. maybe Jesse Ventura will run with him
Author: Ker
in the house of commons their all full of life and emotions here they just have the most bored faces (not ron paul) just genreally
Author: Yot
@SpongeFan02 Regress.
Author: Mojind
"The gentlemans time has expired" wow!! Is Ron Paul the only one who can see what's going on and how were destroying ourselves!!! Unreal!!
Author: Mikarg
This is our President! RON PAUL 2012!
Author: Mozuru
@Rugratsbaybayyy love it! it's going on Facebook
Author: Gatilar
@SpongeFan02 The opposite of progress is congress
Author: Naramar
why is congress so boring?
Author: Zululkis
I'll vote for Ron Paul, but if he does'nt get to the general election I'm voting for Obama. These other republicans are a joke.