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Comments "Prince Charles attends opening of UK parliament for first time in 17 years":

Author: Yobei
Well, that may be, but I know what the fuck yer up tew buddy
Author: Malasida
they are thief shame on you
Author: Branos
Charles together with the VULGAR EVIL CAMILLA WHORE had multiple adulterous relationships’ causing misery and upset to numerous people including their own children. Camilla’s children’s paternity is in some considerable doubt due to her wanton promiscuity over decades! We live in hope that very soon some third-world/Irish terrorist will do a repeat performance and eradicate the two cancerous parasites, idiot inbred Charles and his DISGUSTING VILE EVIL WHORE CAMILLA from the face of the earth!
Author: Mazukasa
The government tell her what to say. Not with this King though.
Author: Moran
I wanna meet the queen or be the guard
Author: Vukus
I like Camilla now. She's got character and very loyal. She can also keep the kings secrets. For that she has stood the test of time.
Author: Gardagrel
Yew know yew gotta be the stupidest son of a bitch I've ever met.
Author: Shazshura
Nawood billah
Author: Arashishura
Ugly and bastard queen.....she should sell castles, horses and cars and give the money to por people.....she's not queen.....she's only a stinky old bytch!
Author: Vizilkree
Charlie accused of rent rip-off Lord Berkeley demands an independent review of rents charged to tenants (Twice as much as similar homes) Many tenants rent are paid by tax-payer CH.4 Program screened tomorrow 01 July "The Prince +his secret properties "which include a large portfolio.(4 "places "recently purchased in Romania "not counting dozens of Palaces ,Castles Mansions etc."They" own or use , Will show us how deep the snouts are in the public trough.Not bad someone who claims State benifits
Author: Dosida
Yes in the Verb/Adverb Syntax!!! LOLOL
Author: Moogukree
How's your high achieving children and wonderful husband doing?I bet you call them cunts .
Author: Mezirr
dont be immature! this is a speech for the queen.
Author: Tamuro
R tha from Sarth Yorkshire mi owd luv?
Author: Taushicage
Charles may possibly be Prince regent Ive heard because The Queen is finding her heavy duties too much looks like Charles was here to take note
Author: Kigashura
The Royal Family give quite a lot to charity. They host events and such, raising something close to about 125 million pounds in the past 30 years.
Author: Kajirr
I see.Love it.
Author: Vobar
And that House of Lords is a freakin waist of money
Author: Vudole
Everything has been resolved the public understand her position as does the boys William and Harry and most importantly her majesty.
Author: Maran
Yer a lyin' son of a bitch, I'm Frank Garrett
Author: Gatilar
I'm pretty sure she's the queen. What a stupid comment....another ignorant nob!