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Comments "Pelosi Floor Speech on House GOP Farm Bill":

Author: Fenrikasa
best put
Author: Akinorn
EXACTLY. Liberals have no knowledge of basic economics whatsoever! The only reason this scum is in the House is because people without minds run around aimlessly in the most backwards state in the Union= California! Stay out of our healthcare you mindless twit!
Author: Mazukazahn
Alk she does is badh republicans in the name of division. Like Pelosi knows anything about middle class. Disgusting. Talk about audacity.
Author: Kagabar
America's only real enemies are Republicans.
Author: Tozragore
I have to agree it goes against bills proposed going back to Clinton's even Carters problem with farms providing food in their local state. Looking closer, I would say most farms need protection from being contaminated, and farm land should not be turned into factories and homes like in 'silicon valley' due to this areas are known for polluted water and increase transporation costs just for food delivery. That fact that does 'child' mean until the age of 21, get job before women.
Author: Mekora
The states that mooch the most from the federal government are red states. You stupid tea bagging hayseeds need to stop having sex with your guns and go read a book.
Author: Dikasa
See you at Hillary's inauguration in 2016. Happy gay marriage.
Author: Vozil
STFU jesus-freak. Christian Jihadists like you are anti-American.
Author: Yokinos
Republicans, care about the poor? LMFAO. They work for the billionaires!
Author: Yole
Judas whined about the poor too rather than giving glory to God (John 12). Not giving glory to God is forwarding abortion and agendas which are incompatible with our Creator.
Author: Jutaxe
Author: Shakagor
Hi, Congresswoman Pelosi. Just wanted to say despite any disagreements I might have with you, I love you as a human being.