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Comments "Parents Say Baby Abused At Daycare":

Author: Malasho
Oh god plzzz bless this little angel with all the happiness in the world. This face this innocent face omg how they can do this to this defence less little poor thing. Burn in hell who ever did that to her. That is not a human that is a devil in a human body
Author: Dabar
That's a BIG baby!!! But damn, my heart goes out to that family. I would be in jail if I found out somebody hit my son! I was asked to leave a restaurant because our waitress was asking about my son's eye condition (keyhole pupil Coloboma) & very rudely calling him a reptilian baby... No bit**h, that is NOT COOL! So I can only imagine how bad it would hurt to know someone abused your child 😥
Author: Gugore
Wow take these abusive jerks out of daycare my son never goes to daycare this is why I keep him at home monitoring him at night when I wake up to use the washroom
Author: Goltigore
My goodness, she is a fat girl, she is huge!!! She needs to slack off a little on the over feeding! It's emotional, by the parents.
Author: Tabei
Author: Tygolmaran
She is a beautiful baby. I'm so sorry that happened to her. How the hell do you beat a baby Black and Blue!! Poor mama. Try not to blame yourself
Author: Shakami
Child abuse should be considered a felony. That poor baby. :-(
Author: JoJosar
And i am $uprised she didnt put a camera in her house to monitor this do people trust others that much
Author: Faegor
3 month old, in a daycare.
Author: Dasho
Craigslist why that website,they are scams everywhere and bad people they lie about stuff!!
Author: Tolkree
I NEVER PUT MY CHILDREN "IN THE CARE OF ANOTHER", unless it was family members. THAT'S ALL. No one EVER babysat my kids and they were NEVER put in any filthy daycare.
Author: Shaktimi
Why on earth would you ever spank a baby?
Author: Nikokus
Morons. Don't put an infant in day care.
Author: Akinogor
cute baby
Author: Gulrajas
I pray that all parents understand this you are never doing wrong by doing right by your child! it's okay to be that crazy protective mother!
Author: Shakat
That baby is to hyper
Author: Dolkree
what not fellonies any what state is this the states I lived in you hurt a child it's a atomatic felony
Author: Malajinn
How do people hit babies .babies are so inoccent. I love babies.
Author: Zulubei
I'm beginning to lose all sympathy for these parents any little thing can happen the only way to be sure is either stay home or work in shifts like a nighttime job if your that desperate for a job.
Author: Dousho
Shes so cute. Poor baby. Why people do these things to babys
Author: Baran
That baby is a cutie. Hope all is well with this family.
Author: Meztinris
My ex and I worked opposite shifts. He worked days and I worked nights so one of us could be with the kids.
Author: Zugami
Awww shes so cute
Author: Meztirisar
Oh she is so cute hope the lady did it gets jail time poor baby how can any one hurt a innocent baby who is helpless sick people in the world someone should be a t the cr a p out that pig
Author: Vigis
These people should go to jail n stay there she did it to baby!she'll do it again!
Author: Kazim
Look at Kennedy I love her. I want her cute self. I knocked my caregiver door in
Author: Malataxe
Author: Meztigul
bless this baby
Author: Vinris
Wait....didn't want to be that "crazy mom", so protecting your kid, especially if it's your first, is a bad thing? And second....Craigslist? Seriously? They can't just go to the phonebook and see certified daycares? They really do look dumb and irresponsible.
Author: Douhn
Justice For Kennedy.
Author: Kigashura
Being licensed, doesn’t mean anything. We’ve had multiple incidents, on the news, in our city with licensed daycare providers.
Author: Magul
Do not look for daycares on Craigslist
Author: Tauzilkree
This is why I don't trust babysitter
Author: Grolar
Stay with your baby the first couple days they are at daycare.
Author: Gror
Buildings like that should’ve been destroyed and people who did it deserve to be punished.
Author: Faenris
Justice for little Kennedy
Author: Moogut
I don't understand why these idiot's abuse these babies. It's very sad that someone would hit any baby or child especially if it's not their child.
Author: Mosida
Poor baby. But as a mother you've got to ask the questions. We're the only ones who can speak for our children.
Author: Gardajas
My mom worked at a day care and the teachers told her where all the places where cameras couldnt see you and pressure points that look like you are just holding then like under the arm and my mom went to the manager and asked if he new what was happening and I can't remember is she told me if he knew or not but she quit and would NEVER put me in daycare and tells everyone who knows us to NOT put your kid in day care like are neighbor to NOT put there newborn in daycare even if we watched him..
Author: Ball
That's absurd that it's only a misdemeanor child abuse I thought was a felony
Author: Kigor
I am a 33 year licensed childcare provider. While I know that there have been cases of licensed daycare providers abusing the children in their care you have to agree that a licensed provider is a world of difference from unlicensed. As a licensed provider I was vetted by the state. Finger printed, background check, health - physical and mental - checked to ensure I was and am capable to watch children, my house gone over with a fine toothed comb. I am checked without notice by the state every 6 or 9 or 12 months. You never know when they re coming. The food program too. They can come up to 4 times per year. I am required to take all child and infant CPR classes, medication administration classes. I have an open door policy. I not only don’t have blinds in any windows I also don t gave curtains only the valance type for decoration. My home is one story and you can look into most rooms. All rooms in the childcare portion of my home (it s located in a one bedroom in-law apt). Get references. Listen to your child. Even your baby. It takes generally about a week for your baby to get used to a new caregiver, the home and the other kids. If it continues after that you have to ask yourself Why is she/he still unhappy. Ask questions. Trust your instincts. Leave leave leave if something feels off.
Author: Nale
The baby won't remember but it's still trauma that she may act out later in life.
Author: Yozshusar
Look at those innocent eyes
Author: Zulkitilar
I didn't hear a single word the mom said at the end. It could have been important!
Author: Vudoll
Craigslist?? That's the first no-no in looking for quality daycare.
Author: Mazukus
She's soooo cute, i feel bad for her, you will forget that hun
Author: Vugul
I’m sorry but I’ll rather be the newly over protective crazy parent than having my kid being abused. Seriously tho .I don’t even leave my baby with certain family members.
Author: Fenrijas
Poor baby.. Poor parents.. 😔
Author: Vudotilar
Got news for u u can put your kids we it h f a mily members and family members abuse kids to this is why when my kids little I stayed home if I did work my husband had my kids I trusted no one for things in our family
Author: Mazujinn
Rule number one: no craigslist.
Author: Kigara
If I was the baby I would cry too
Author: Mikalar
People think that other people care about their kids they dont!! Get it through your head raise your kid yourself nobody wants to rise somebodys else child
Author: Galkis
Sweet little chubber baby! But seriously, hiring an unlicensed sitter off of Craiglist - are you kidding? Parents ought to be ashamed of themselves for their stupidity..
Author: Mezisho
but I live in the hardest punisable states they don't fuck around and they have but one has the death penalty and thoes that do use it one more than the others
Author: Doukinos
That’s the cutest baby ever I’m so sorry that happened to you. You seem like great parents
Author: Zulkikree
I don't understand why people get a job taking care of kids, when you don't like kids. She's evil.
Author: Grom
Sick twisted individuals beating a defenseless baby what the hell
Author: Metaur
Author: Mausar
One very fat baby
Author: Shaktitaur
It's so unfortunate that despite being in what is considered the greatest country that we have both working parents who have to work. Then they put their innocent children in the hands of these monsters who can care less about them and just take their money. So unfair.
Author: Molabar
that baby is so chunky, i want one like it
Author: Arami
Disgusting pig who did this to a helpless baby!!!!!
Author: Tunris
What is wrong with these people abusing helpless babies for their own pleasure. What could a baby do to deserve thst gifs
Author: Nagar
I want to work at a Daycare when I’m older, and I would do anything to keep this from happening at mine. And if for whatever messed up reason one of my coworkers did abuse one of the kids there , I would make sure they got fired, if I couldn’t fire them myself.
Author: Tojabei
Omg how people can be su crucial. This little angel should be hold close to heart and give love and care as much as possible
Author: Shakakazahn
Thats why i never had my child in any care kf anyone who wasnt me... until he was in school. It wa shard cause i didnt work. But it wa sworth knowing he wa ssafe with me.