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Comments "NW Houston Gas Line Explosion / Fire":

Author: Ketilar
Author: Zolozuru
Nice vid. I live in canyon aswell. I had a nice view of it from my room(second story) but i was too scared to take a pic/video when that happened, lol. I felt the rumble for around 10 seconds too, but i didn't see my windows light up, cuz the blinds were closed.
Author: Dushura
Author: Mazuzahn
haha... loud wasnt it?
Author: Malagor
i was in bear Creek plantation on fry and west little york , all true my brother went outside to light the bbq pit and shut the door and booom he came back in i said what did you do ? he was like nothing . but it was scary i thought that maybe it was some kind of terrorism , and i remember driving around and everyone else was doing to same i called 911 and the said we are working on finding the solution at the time, well was a hell of a night, i also remember little rocks falling from the sky and loud soaring noise.
Author: Zulmaran
i live like 15 or more miles a way and it still rattled my windows it took us 30min. to drive over there because of all the trafic and my friend was camping in the next feild over and could feel the heat from the fire
Author: Kazralkree
lol this reminds me of grand theft auto sand Andreas riot mode! everyone RUN!!!! RUN THERES Ppl using flamethrowers lol!
Author: Faetaxe
I was standing in it when it happened
Author: Voshura
omfg thats so cool devistating but cool
Author: Zologis
i was living in bear creek meadows and i felt the ground shake and then we went outside and rocks started pouring down , one hit my head
Author: Turr
Thats got to be natural gas, the smell is added to make people aware of it since it is oderless. You can also tell by that roaring sound, thats the gas blasting from the pipe and catching fire.
Author: Dilkree
i remember that day i was scare to shit everyone was like RUN LOL
Author: Galar
Author: Mirisar
i remember that..i live in SE houston and that rocked all my windows..
Author: Akizragore
Is this in Westfield Village near Fry & Clay?
Author: Goltirr
I love watching everyone panicing. I remember hearing this from hwy 6 and little york.
Author: Julmaran
whats with the rag over your mouth?
Author: Kajas
Yea, I thought a 747 went down in our neighborhood and that was all the way at Barker Cypress. Funny watching the rocks falling down and the kids trying to take cover.
Author: Daigor
Wow, I was about that close but my neighbors were blocking it, I thought it was a plane at first.
Author: Mujar
Incredible video! The fire and the roar of the gas is spectacular enough, but what really makes this video stand out is when you set it down. It provides for a still shot, you got the immediate reaction of all your neighbors, and we could see stuff raining down right in front of the camera. Unbelievable, nice job! I gotta fav this one and share it with friends. Glad you and everyone you know was safe.
Author: Maujar
I remember this. Was at my girlfriends house in coles crossing. Wasnt this back in december?
Author: Mikagar
not really but that would be cool to see
Author: Durr
i remember this i live in fry rd and 529. it was real loud. i remember i heard a plane then this explosion. i tough the plane crashed sence there is a pilot school on barker cypress. i ran out to my mom's truck and got the hell out to my aunts house. i was 14 back then and i was home alone, dont exactly remember how i drove do. i guess i was scared.
Author: Dizuru
It's a bit premature for everybody to run like hell, isn't it? Good clear video though.
Author: Dotaxe
Was there an evacuation order in effect when this happened?