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Comments "Non-Issue: Romney Polygamy Commune Comments From Montana Governor":

Author: Zulkikinos
lol. Polygamists screw their own daughters? I find that hard to believe.
Author: Tojalkis
uh oh romney just santorumed himself.
Author: Meztitaur
Lol what a twoface :)
Author: Kigall
Author: Dukasa
I like reading. Upabittoolate - I like reading... good stuff. You could have given me a link but don't worry about it now. I'm up a bit too late btw. Goodnight from the UK. Peace.
Author: Nesida
Furthermore, what if, in the event of a divorce, custody must be shared? Would your ex's new spouse gaslighting your kid? Would you want your ex's MULTIPLE spouses gaslighting your kid?
Author: Akilmaran
Author: Musida
3) A pinko communist!
Author: Dagami
Eh. It tires me to explain shit constantly to people on youtube. We get it, you like liberty and small government and Ron Paul. Cool, bro.
Author: Voodoolkis
Yes, but they should not be.
Author: Yozshur
at 1:05 helped by the government....funny its ok if his family was helped but not poor people
Author: Mauktilar
It was Mitt Romney's great-grandfather who was the polygamist who went to Mexico with his five wives.
Author: Akinosida
I call the tax benefits government support.
Author: Kalmaran
Having said that, I still am against Gay marriage
Author: Yozshulkree
I know, right! Where are all the republicans screaming for his birth certificate, and claiming he will destroy america?
Author: Daishakar
Wall Street Wet Dream Romney!
Author: Baramar
What if they adopt some of those kids left by their mothers would you be ok then?
Author: Tygozragore
Which far-right conspiracy kook site did you read that one on, nutcase?
Author: Faugami
This is discrimination. Politician should be judged by their policy, not by their skin, sex or religion.
Author: Tygogrel
Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but I don't understand what court system you're talking about. It's kinda late at night here and my brain isn't working at 100% efficiency. Are you talking about well-fare with the "public assistance" thing? Because when did being a polygamist automatically made you a recipient of well-fare?
Author: Kazrazahn
2) A dirty polygamist
Author: Tegis
none of this describes me, so yeah, you're projecting.
Author: Arashirg
Author: Dourisar
Author: Kelmaran
Well then, only by a polygamist if you have enough money to support your family. No need to have a go at Mormons, it's their way of life.
Author: Mazutaxe
i think polygamy should be legal, if you can handle more then 1 women bossing you around and getting emotional every 3 hours then have at it.
Author: Yotaxe
why does that make him a man who will commit incest???????????
Author: Maukora
There is zero discrimination here, so please stop saying there is
Author: Zugis
Why would you care who gets married?What business is it of yours?Atleast we in Europe don't trouble our self with someone else's problems.We don't have straight people caring if gay should marry or christians caring if others make abortions.America is weird.
Author: Shamuro
Acts 4:12
Author: Gurr
and for the record!
Author: Dudal
No you don't want to get in to polygamy and Romney's Father . Especially when Obama Sr. didn't divorce his wives and just kept marrying new ones.
Author: Nazshura
Acts 4:12
Author: Tojam
Genie, is that you?
Author: Shabar
What? I'm gonna have to disagree with you. From the "tone" of his comments, I'm pretty sure he's talking about rape. And I don't see how being a polygamist increases your chances of accidental incest.
Author: Mikahn
Mormons ARE! FREAKS!!
Author: Mami
Monogamy = Christian fairytale, like "God".
Author: Malatilar
You don't even have to read the book. Hell, you don't even have to think about Warren Jeffs. All you need to do is read that JFS article; it's a primary source. Lemme guess, you don't "like" reading.
Author: Shaktizuru
While Romneys few people think he has it in the bag, Ron Paul keeps raking up the delegates.
Author: Tekinos
after reading his comments back i probably agree with you on his tone. But my point still stands, and its not about "you" (not you so to speak, but you know what i mean) as a polygamist, its about your children or grand children doing it unknowingly.
Author: Mogis
Author: Daihn
nope, know the verse, doesn't say atheists are muslims, simple
Author: Tojatilar
Mitt Romney=Miguel Romo
Author: Tygogore
Absofuckinglutly! Kudos to you my friend for telling a plain fact that most right wing assholes in these states won't acknowledge.Kentucky.Missouri,Kansas.Mississippi,Alabama,Louisiana and a few more.These are Welfare states.And disproportionatly take federal subsides from everything from tobbacco to food stamps to farm aid ,etc.etc etc.And yet they vote against their own self interest .Mindboggleing.
Author: Moogukora
"helped by the government to get on their feet"???
Author: Dale
but polygamy and incest are as different as fire and water; the only problem i see with polygamy is that it is tradionaly the male that is the only one allowed to have multiple wives; women should be allowed to have multiple husbands too if they want; fuck regulations on
Author: Faeran
.....the REAL issue is that 'they got help to get on our feet..."...HYPOCRITE OF THE CENTURY.
Author: Mazumi
I believe we should place many more limits on marriage then we currently have right now . Infertile couples and couples who don't want kids should stand with gay people in the "no tax break marriages".
Author: Kizilkree
Are you talking about a specific community somewhere?
Author: Gosida
Before you say it, I don't watch fox news or cnn. I dont have time for their opinions on the news.
Author: Fera
That's why I called it a clusterfuck. The legal system as well as public assistance systems are already under strain. What if 1 of the wives has a job? Does she get to claim kids that aren't hers? Can the other wives sue? As for custody, I can't begin to explain the legal possibilities. Hell, how could you get a no-fault divorce when kids are involved? What about property? If you were the wife with the job & you bought something, would you wanna split its value w/unemployed mom in divorce court?
Author: Gohn
I guess that wraps up the general.
Author: Moogujin
And the type of polygamy I'm talking about is not the type that results from years of brainwashing in a cult. I'm talking about consenting adults making an informed decision about their sex life. Why should the government meddle in anyone's affairs if they're not hurting anyone? They have no right.
Author: Goltikazahn
I don't get why polygamy is illegal. It's the decision of a group of people who want to do it. If the women are being forced then that's wrong. If it's consensual between all parties who the f*ck is the government to tell them they can't?
Author: Daitaur
And people actually support this guy?
Author: Memi
>Claim what his grandfather did doesn't matter
Author: Akinoshura
So ... Romney's family was a bunch of refugees -- sorry, "Mexican illegal immigrants" -- who came to the United States and sucked on the government teat (at the expense of real Americans).
Author: Malagul
Romney's long drawn out explanations are hilariously boring.
Author: Mikajora
What's wrong with polygamy?
Author: Doudal
What about polyandry? Also could a man be married to a woman that is also married to another man. Seems like to many problems.
Author: Akinot
I think he brought it up just because it was "Ironic".
Author: Mezigal
I'm no fan of Romney, but from where in this story did you get it where his dad was in the US illegally and wasn't a US citizen at the time of Mitt's birth? Not even being close to being similar to an modern day anchor baby.
Author: Kataur
It doesn't matter if TYT thinks this polygamist commune is a non-issue; Romney's base doesn't.
Author: Gajin
That would be the Magnighted States of America good sir
Author: Samulkree
Exactly! I find it so sad that consensual polygamy is illegal, and yet adultery, where you're lying and hurting people emotionally, is not. How does that make any sense at all?
Author: Tygokazahn
I find this conservatory interesting but not a reason to to vote for the man. I already have plenty of those.
Author: Mezill
Hear, hear!
Author: Tarn
when did Cenk say Mitt "wants to do away with the entire social safety net"?
Author: Kezuru
Some ideas, beliefs, practices, customs, etc must not be tolerated, and certainly not accommodated. While you can't ban a religion itself in this country, many abominations they would foist on society are and will continue to be illegal. You can believe whatever you want as a private citizen. Nobody will stop you. But if you want our consent to be our representative, those of us who have ascended beyond infantile beliefs in supernatural beings can and will object to a Romnipotent presidency.
Author: Kahn
Author: Gushakar
Really? your wife has eighteen different horses? I don't care.
Author: Momuro
So then people would start practicing polyandry. There! Problem solved!
Author: Zuluran
0:58 the tree behind Romney is giving him a middle finger lol
Author: Faesar
No animal on this planet is monogamous.
Author: Doushicage
You do realize you just gave me justification for dismissing all your points, right? Why should I take you seriously when all you're going to do is insult me?
Author: Dull
seriously this has no relations to romney ( unless fox is starting to make a crackdom)
Author: Tausar
Oh I didn't say it was smart lol Not in a million years would I consider it lol one women is enough to handle on most days. Just saying if a group of grown adults all willingly want to put themselves into that, IMO, awful situation they should be able to. I see your point though it can put quite a bit of strain on the government/courts if it all goes tits up.
Author: Vozil
Now, ain´t this a real RomCum !
Author: Gura
So a straight married couple should not adopt a kid if they can't have their own?Come on this argument falls apart right away.
Author: Yobar
1) An illegal Mexican immigrant
Author: Meztikasa
Mitt Romney, hypocrite much..? What, u mad bro? :D
Author: Kinos
Really, ad hominem? And just when I was thinking we were going to have a nice civilized debate. :(
Author: Fezilkree
Yeh all liberals watch CNN, and all middle easterners are mooslem, good ol' right wing logic.
Author: Magami
Tax benefits. If gay people want to get married but not get any of the tax benefits then I am %100 behind them.
Author: Faer
Author: Vudotaur
Hahaha 666 likes!
Author: Sarn
If it had been Obama, then it would be a whirlwind in the media. Sean Hannity would live on it.
Author: Zulkishura
lol typical TYT fringe viewer
Author: Yohn
Same thing.
Author: Vudotaur
That kind of incest doesn't "float my boat", but it's kinda a necessity. And I'm very much a family oriented individual (which is partly what got me interested in polygamy if the first place), so there will be loads of family reunions and whatnot going on in my family. My great-grandchildren will most certainly know each other, and they will not be committing accidental incest.
Author: Kelkis
Polygamy is a clusterfuck. Think about it. Can you imagine if 1 wife decides to not be part of a polygamy family then tries to put the husband on child support? A court can't force the other wives to give their resources to a kid they didn't produce. Furthermore, how in the hell is a husband expected to provide for 5 families? Research public assistance use in Colorado City, AZ. You'll find that most of those fundie Mormons are on stamps & welfare. I haven't even mentioned custody issues yet.
Author: Sasida
And the trend continues, but I do appreciate the sarcasm. Well played, sir.
Author: Dougami
republican voters are morons who think the republican politicians give a shit about them or anyone else who isn't paying them huge sums of cash.
Author: Akinolkis
(partII) As for the gov't "meddling", I'll be damned if my tax dollars are going to public assistance & I have to abide by the court system & they (the many, polygamist, public assistance recipients) don't. Fuck that.
Author: Meztitaxe
Most Mexicans are like Romney and the Mormons that left the U.S.A for Mexico and they are like the Canadians that work in the states and live in Canada.Just people who on the wrong side of an imaginary line that someone decided to enforce.The only reason Mexicans are treated different than Canada or the Romney s is the color of there skin.
Author: Feshura
Haha. Yup, and there he says it. The government helped his family. If the "big bad government" wasn't there for his family Mittens Romney probably wouldn't be running today. Wait a minute. The government helped the Romneys out about 100 years ago? Oh Em Gee! Romney's obviously a plant by the CIA to have him run for office and have Mexico take over. NOOOO! In fact some people say he was BORN in Mexico. Don't believe the MSM! * Tongue firmly in cheek.
Author: Fehn
You call a right to marriage a government support?Come on.
Author: Tygole
It doesn'tmatter what type of polygamy you prefer. It's still a mess in a practical sense. It's assumed that people are of legal age to give consent to enter marriage in the 1st place. But let's be honest, a "career woman" is going to want at least half the assets AND her kids if she decides to bolt. But considering the fact that assets are considered community property in a marriage, it's a legal problem to mete out the assets. It's not about gov't meddling. It's about court precedents.
Author: Gat
So Mitt Reamme's grandfather was sucking off the public assistance teat eh?
Author: Bakora
You caught yourself this time SCenk.
Author: Shaktikasa
my lifelong dream has always been to have more than 1 wife
Author: Moogunos
>Claim Mitt Romney's policy is wrong because his grandfather may have benefited from it.
Author: Faulrajas
Alright, did you know that Cenk is an agnostic? Why did you assume that he is a muslim? Because he looks middle eastern?
Author: Malataxe
The way I see it; say a man married three women, he would be a polygamist right?
Author: Migal
Hey hey hey we'll have none of THAT in the New Rethuglican order...
Author: Malacage
Yet it's alright for a black president to take our rights away and install Socialism on this country. Go figure.
Author: Mill
It's all so unnecessary, but he seems to think it's interesting.
Author: Dashakar
The main problem with polygamy is that it's irresponsible to say you can support multiple families. But the other problems arise in childcare situations. Let's say 1 wife doesn't like the another wife. But since wife 2 is still a wife & a de-facto stepmother, she hits wife 1's kids. Or what happens in the event of divorce or the death of the patriarch? How do they determine possession of assets? You're talking about a family court & civil court clusterfuck of epic proportions.
Author: Sashicage
Obviously didn't bother to look up the bible verse I left you.
Author: Nitaur
Polygamists still get a lot of help from the govt.
Author: Vull
First: There is no reason why multitude of people couldn't enter a mutually beneficial contract and call it a marriage by the way.
Author: Gardabei
Mitt is a hypocrite! You can notice that for MILES away.
Author: Mazujind
marriage/sexual and romantic relationships are more a reflection of economics than anything else. When monogamy is more economically viable, it is more common. When polygamy is more economically viable, it is more common.
Author: Vogrel
Poligamy should be legal.
Author: Zolokazahn
What's his stance on immigration? How about social programs?
Author: Gujar
Cenk, fuck you again, no offense, fuck you many times.
Author: Vuzshura
that's a hypocrite for you. Sadly people are too ignorant to see that and still support him...
Author: Brajind
He is such a hypocritical bloated sack of festering crap.
Author: Daizahn
are you projecting now? i've noticed a lot of conservatives do that.
Author: Zulkigore
those do not always result in genetic illnesses just hairless recessive traits; with a bit of genetic counseling, planed parenthood, you can have a sibling as a spots can reproduce safely;
Author: Maugor
You don't see how it's a legal mess? So if a wife leaves the marriage & wants half & the other wives don't want to share the assets, that's not a legal mess? Custody isn't a mess considering the fact that a wife may not want her kid around the other polygamists? Warren Jeffs didn't marry his own daughter? Are you stupid or something?
Author: Nikozuru
why is the cactus giving romney the middle finger?
Author: Morg
Author: Dairisar
Romney Saïd Hsu grandfather got help from the government, hes à socialist
Author: Malagore
I'm sorry I'm atheist agnostic and I believe in the right for more than two people to be in a polygamous relationship if that's how they want to have their pysical or emotional needs to be met. Most people think that gay marriage should pass. But for some reason if it involves more than one person it's wrong? Finally you can point out these Mormon compounds and then say see this is what polygamy is. Fine Let me look for a case where a gay man touched a child and say see all gaysare pedos.really?
Author: Bragis
by definition? You need to realize that you're the symbol of what you apparently hate. Realize that cultures can change over time and aren't stuck in the time. You're the biggest bigot I've seen in awhile, which is ironic because it's the thing you seem to hate the most.
Author: Daik
diverse get re-married and repeat… it can even happen over generations… so, should me make divorce illegal?
Author: Goltira
Was wondering wtf JFS was.
Author: Dozshura
republican politicians are greedy dinosaurs eager to pander to right wing extremists.
Author: Bralabar
Author: Zulubar
Actually the larger part of Europe has laws against incest...Seems reasonable by the way, seeing that incest produces disabled children.
Author: Akibar
Hand upinstead of handout.
Author: Jusar
I don't get it, if people want to shrug off Mitt Romney's Family Heritage then why do people give Obama so much grief?
Author: Tegal
You know you just admitted that you don't read. Right? I say that because when I mentioned the article the 1st time, I typed out the title of the publication. Like I said, dude, if you don't want to read it & understand how I came to that conclusion given the evidence, that's oyur choice. But you don't get to say who "likes" what.
Author: Kajigor
I know! Let's see if Donald Trump investigates his past. He also lived in France during his youth! Hmmmm?
Author: Shaktikazahn
Correction: Claims mit Romney's policy is wrong because he benefited from socialism when he was young. No hypcorciy, COnservatives are so fucking brainwashed.
Author: Dajora
I also don't know where you come up with a situation where gay people can have kids together. If hey adopt then they should be under the same rules as everyone else. No adoption if you need government support.
Author: Maushicage
I don't think anyone who needs government support to adopt should be adopting, Gay or straight.
Author: Taulabar
thats most i laughed all week
Author: Zulkirg
By this story we can all infer that Romney is...
Author: Zulkirr
I am mormon, but I don't like Mitt Romney, he does not follow the moral code my church raised me on, and he is a total hypocrite. Everybody that I know in my church have been the nicest people I knew, in and out of church, what happened with Romney? (I'll answer any questions about mormonism you have, because I know Romney won't)
Author: Kitaxe
Polygamy SHOULD be illegal. It's a legal mess to sort out if, 1 day, a wife decides she doesn't want to be involved. On top of that, polygamists end up screwing their own daughters. Have you read "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krankauer? If not, you should.
Author: Tataxe
@98bigbutt Mitt Romney El pendijo
Author: Kigashura
which ones?
Author: Fenrilabar
My great-uncle shot and killed a prison guard in Alcatraz, I'm personally very sorry everybody. Sorry that he didn't get two of them ZING!
Author: Akishicage
Ask my dad, being married to 1 person is hard enough. why more?
Author: Brakree
UH-OH...Ol' Mitty's Grandpappy wuz a Welfare Queen!
Author: Mizil
*waits for another bland, ready-to-use-in-a-jiffy, generic, unoriginal, baseless comeback*
Author: Goltishicage
Same thing.
Author: Grozuru
So your ancestors were given a chance because of government programs and now you want to remove those same programs so others can't have the same chance your family did?
Author: Tojar
Not really. If you're a polygamist, you're raising all your children together, so how could they "unknowingly" commit incest? Really, if we think about it, the children of people who aren't in poly-relationships suffer a higher risk because the parent, instead of having two wives, might have one wife and a mistress one the side. The children of those two unions would probably never meet as siblings, and would therefore be more likely to meet as potential sex partners.
Author: Ninos
all "gamy" should be illegal. monogamy, polygamy, whatever. all illegal. marriage should not be recognized by the state, period.
Author: Nigor
It's the Journal of Forensic Science's September, 2002 issue. Google is a powerful tool.
Author: Mazuzilkree
Ah... there we go, I know why your statement is so wrong. Maybe you don't like Mormons because of this but please understand that Polygamy isn't exclusive to Mormonism. So when you say that polygamist commit incest, you are greatly wrong because you are referring to Colorado City.
Author: Daibar
*Correction: CNN and MSNBC
Author: Kigajar
One word dominance.
Author: Douramar
First of all, his race doesn't matter. The fact that he's taking rights away is the issue (Your penchant for racism is showing). NDAA, CISPA, and other Orwellian bills are something to be feared, and I also never said if I cared for Obama. But your country is a corporatocracy or a weak theocracy, certainly not a socialist government. You should look into and understand what socialism is instead of just regurgitating the word because network newscasts are throwing it around ad nauseam.
Author: Kajitilar
more projecting?
Author: Juramar
Really? your family did all that? I don't care.
Author: Tugul
Second: government doesn't "help" anybody, it steals from some to subsidise others.
Author: Fausar
Just like when the levy broke in New Orleans, the whites "Found" things while everyone else was "Looting"
Author: Tygoshakar
Mormons believe in theocratic rule. Well, Jesus will rule America, but naturally he will do it through the Quorum of the 12 Apostles (ie. high-ranking Mormons).
Author: Mull
LOL! Hey if you wanna have more than 1 wife LOL you go right ahead. (and good luck)
Author: Shaktilmaran
I don't see how it would be that difficult. I've never been divorced, so forgive me for my ignorance, but doesn't the judge give the people half because there are two people in a marriage? So wouldn't the person wanting a divorce from a polygamist marriage just get like a third (assuming they're in a 3 person marriage)? Besides, there's still the option of a pre-nup, like I said earlier, which is a smart decision no matter what type of marriage you're entering into.
Author: Kazilkree
I can't believe that I'm just now finding out that Romney's granddad was a Mexican immegrant who recieved help (i.e. "welfare") from the US government.
Author: Tolkree
They do. Read the book.
Author: Zuluran
Actually, Romeny doesn't have a problem with LEGAL immigration, although Cenk is skewing the issue as usual.
Author: Malalabar
and I will make the argument, as extreme as it might sound that not even incest itself is bad; even that should be legal (and Switzerland i believe has legalized it) the increase likelihood of genetic problems is remote; it's basically an increase in the likelihood of two recessive alleles coming together;
Author: Mazusida
Author: Milkis
This why Ron Paul will never win and why his followers should just join their local KKK or other hate group!
Author: Moogubei
i love bakhlava!
Author: Zulugul
cactus looks like a pile of dicks
Author: Bajind
If people can be gay people should definitely be allowed to practice polygamy.
Author: Doular
Don't tell me to read a whole book on it.
Author: Tujar
Also, why is he being hypocritical about government assistance? ....Total asshat. So he's fine with taking government assistance, but he thinks no one else should get it? Yeah, they call people like him Hypocrites and assholes. You generally don't want to vote for those.
Author: Kazisar
@ToothSIayer It's not as hypocritical as it sounds. He's saying that if they didn't get government assistance, Romney probably wouldn't be as well off as he is, yet Romney is willing to cut such assistance for others. It furthers the point that at least some Republicans are fine with certain parts of government when it suits them, but want to take those things away from others. Unless Romney wants to say what his grandfather did was wrong, this is a valid argument.
Author: Digul
he's not muslim he is an atheist
Author: Akinora
And here he is at the front of the party that wants to crush the poor.
Author: Mikajinn
Author: Fauk
So infertile couples shouldn't be allowed to get married? Or couples that simply don't want children?
Author: Yozshuzilkree
Maybe not illegal but not government sanctioned
Author: Yozshurn
That community is in AZ (Colorado City to be exact). But the narrative is the same for most of those Fundie-Mormon communities. If the husband decides he's had a vision (like Joseph did in the 1800s), he'll marry a daughter. Read the Journal of Forensic Science from Sept. of '02. And if you don't wanna read the book, there's a History Channel special on it. Hell you can even watch it here on youtube. G'head & watch it. Read the article too. I challenge you.
Author: Arabei
Author: Kigarisar
We should all fear someone coming to power who believes in the unbridled insanity that is Mormonism and who refuses to address direct questions about his faith.
Author: Zulukazahn
LMAO! This clowns word choice is just gr8.
Author: Tunos
Mett is just a flip floper.
Author: Samulabar
Again, i completely agree with Cenk..
Author: Dounris
Who the heck is this Warren Jeffs guy you're suddenly pulling out of thin air? As for the distribution of the assets, it's simple; it's called a pre-nup. In regular marriages, most times the partners don't want to share the assets either, that doesn't stop the court from giving the partners what's legally theirs. Sometimes, couples split up, one person may remarry, and one of the parents doesn't want the kid to be round the new spouse. How's that any different?
Author: Kigis
Give me a book about Polygamy, not Mormonism.
Author: Junris
Every family gets tax benefits to aid raising kids (regardless of if they have kids or not), except for gay families EVEN IF they have kids. How is this not discrimination?
Author: Akinobei
We aren't.
Author: Voshicage
who care about have many Wives he has??
Author: Melabar
says muslims are atheists.
Author: Vumuro
Seriously! Planet Kolob! is where God Lives Per Romney!
Author: Mulabar
"A working person who votes Republickan is like a slave voting for slavery."
Author: Nizuru
Author: Tygoktilar
My thoughts exactly, Cenk!
Author: Tauramar
couldn't agree more Cenk, don't give a shit about any commune his grandfather was in.. it's the fact that he coyly talks about his family receiving assistance mixed with his own hypocritical policies that claim the gov't shouldn't bother to help those in need here in America.. Obama may not be the best but he sure as hell is better than this prick
Author: Nikree
Author: Goltizilkree
We already have that as a situation, because if a wife wants half (or more as is usually the case), and the man doesn't want to give, you're in the same spot. Also, if you're in a polygamist relationship, you would be entitled to your fraction of the assets, not half. if there's five in the bed, you get 1 fifth. Sorted.
Author: Mezilkree
What can you expect from a Mormon Ken Doll?
Author: Gardall
El Paso TX
Author: Gohn
Well, if you aren't him, just look at my other posts. I didn't present a complex outline of all the problems but I pointed out the 2 main problems with polygamy. It's a clusterfuck.
Author: Bagrel
Straight married couple should not adopt a kid if they need government money to do so. How does that argument fall apart?
Author: Milar
What a bunch of jokers, man.
Author: Yozshujar
Isn't that a ninja mask?
Author: Kagaran
Could be one women with more than one husband. It goes both ways.
Author: Zologore
And if you're going to say something about it being farther down the line, that's already happening as we speak. If you go back far enough, everyone's really related to everyone else, so we're all committing incest.
Author: Maugore
Absolutely this is an idiotic issue.
Author: Mazugul
It's not about being at's about being influenced by those around you
Author: Zulujind
Author: Mooguk
Wait, wait a second!
Author: Kazrall
"My grandfather has done some questionable stuff" Like slaughtering innocent Armenians?
Author: Tojazshura
mormons are insane racists in stupid fucking underwear.
Author: Kazigal
Eat romney. EAT THE RICH!!!
Author: Gokazahn
That's not what Cenk said. He said that Romney's GRANDFATHER's polygamy isn't of consequence.
Author: Talabar
my grandfather executed 5 german officers i ww2, i think thats questionable
Author: Zutaxe
Author: Gromuro
On an unrelated note, lol at the captcha I just got: unite wives. Seriously starting to think this thing is sentient.
Author: Nikozshura
Big mit
Author: Kataur
Obama's war on women...? What are you referring to?
Author: Tygojin
Author: Mazubar
Supposedly women cycles sync up with each other so when one is in a bad mood the other is most likely in a bad mood. May god have mercy on your soul.
Author: Arara
Mitt Robme will have 5 first ladies
Author: Taujas
Sooo...his ancestors came from Mexico? ....WHERE IS HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE?! I DEMAND TO KNOW! HE'S PROBABLY NOT EVEN AMERICAN!!! XD See what I did there?
Author: Zujind
well, if Mitt Romney being a polygamist or not doesn't matter, and it's just his policies that matter, then why attack Ron Paul for "his" racist newsletters?? hmmmm???
Author: Kagajar
who's genie?
Author: Zugore
You don't know the statement is wrong. I challenged you to check out my sources for yourself & make your own conclusions about the veracity of my remarks. Whether or not I "like" Mormons is of no consequence. You asked "what's wrong with polygamy?" I responded to your question. If you don't want to look at my sources, that's your own decision. But you don't get to change the conversation into a discussion of what I like or dislike.
Author: Akinokinos
no it isn't
Author: Kajilar
Good point
Author: Net
^ is the reason Cenk is awesome. Yeah he dislikes Romney, but unlike other "news" stations, he doesn't catch on to anything he heard about Romney and make him seem evil. He only goes after the facts. Heck he is defending Romney in the first part of the video. This is why Cenk seems very trustworthy to me.
Author: Tygogar
And it's not just that it actually happened, but we have actual footage of Romney himself admiting it, and explaining it in great detail! Holy crap!
Author: Memuro
who you and cannot live with;
Author: Mauzuru
hahaha even nature hates him maybe he will fall into a sink hole like that little Chinese girl
Author: Mirg
yea, but he didn't write them, edit them or anything. so he's not a racist. but they attack him like he is. they still attack him for having an association with them.
Author: Tarr
Tax benefits of marriage are there to help form a family, which the government has a vested interest in helping make sure we have kids for the health of the nations future. Since gay's can not have kids, they should not have the tax breaks.
Author: Shaktisar
yes if one gets pissed off at you they can gang up and nag you into a corner >:D loads of fun XD
Author: Maushakar
True... Or at the very least, a gassy baby.
Author: Kagagrel
i dont think he means that, the main problem is accidental incest, i.e. having sex with someone that you dont know you are related to,and he subsequent possibility of having children with them which are prone to serious genetic defects, thats the biggest problem with polygamy.
Author: Tumuro
Typical delusional TYT viewer.
Author: Gugis
I see your point but we follow your logic at the moment all couples take tax benefits as you say.So no one should get adopted children.It's strange tax laws you have there.In my country everyone pay the same doesn't matter if you are married or whatever.
Author: Kilkis
that cactus on the right looks like it's giving romney the finger. ^_^
Author: Moogur
Two words...
Author: Goltigore
A ridiculous as religion tends to be, it really has no business being brought up in this race.
Author: Bragor
What a lot of people don't know is that most polygamists use gov't assistance. It's challenging to support 10 daughter-wives.
Author: Banos
google poligamy and associated problems
Author: Meztigor
its hilarious that people have a problem with who gives a fuck if i ever get married why not have 2 wives?
Author: Guzilkree
it is Romney sending NASA to Planet Kolob to pick up God at his Home Planet!
Author: Marn
simple baseless, generic retorts that don't address anything specifically. Try again or continue with your willful ignorance/intellectual dishonesty.
Author: Shaktilrajas
"helped from the government to get on their feet." Really Mitt? Really?
Author: Kagataur
lets just assume they all use Dep for birth control, so no periods!!! Woohoo!!! and well i can always have a garage to hide in or something...
Author: Malakasa
Don't forget Polyandry. Where one woman has multiple husbands. I think it should be legal, but can see how it would be legal hell as a reason not to legalize it. India manages to pull it off, but I'm not sure how it works over there.
Author: Kijas
mitt romney is a robot. listen to his words. "my dad's dad". he says this multiple times. like saying "grandfather" is too sentimental, affectionate, too human. even if someone hated their grandfather for whatever reason, i think they still would refer to them as their grandfather. like "my grandfather was a d*ck" or "my grandfather beat me for no reason"
Author: Talar
I for one seriously hope to one day have multiple female life(ish) partners in a polyamorous relationship
Author: Yogor
I can see poligamy, but not incest. retards are not born because people have multiple partners, and no retards are born with gays (no kids), but incest can lead to genetic defects (look at royalty in Europe).
Author: Faerr
As long as you're marrying a consenting adult, I don't give a shit how many wives or husbands you have.
Author: Malakora
how dafuq do you get from polygamy to incest? having more wives means you're more likely to get a wife that's related to you? or is it generations upon generations of polygamy means so many offspring will result in it being difficult to get someone non-related? ridiculous arguments either way; lots of people have multiple wives or husbands anyway, the only difference from todays society and polygamy is that the multiple spouses are not spouses at the same time… people get married have kids
Author: Taujas
what's the matter? i don't see you refuting anything i've said. thanks for the confirmation.
Author: Vudocage
Get your Planet Kolob On!!
Author: Kajir
It would be the same as the Romney dog story and finding out Obama ate dog.
Author: Maular
I don't see how it's a "legal mess" if one wife wants a divorce. It would be like any other divorce. Plus, polygamy does not mean "let's screw our own daughters", the people who do that are morally and mentally sick, and not ALL polygamists do that. Sometimes monogamous people rape their own children too, but you don't label ALL monogamists as incestuous rapists, do you? Just because one person that happens to be a part of a group does it doesn't mean the group encourages it.
Author: Samukasa
Ron Paul 2012.
Author: Nemuro
(part II) In addition, the fact that I used the example of Mormons doesn't change the premise. If Muslims were involved in polygamy in the States (or elsewhere) that doesn't change the nature of the problems associated with polygamy. Divvying assets in the event of divorce or widowing is STILL an issue. Child custody is STILL an issue. Familial, material support is STILL an issue. I guess you wanna focus on the incest part. Hmm...
Author: Fenrilabar
You totally missed the point. But then again, I'm sure this combination of bigotry and lack of reading comprehension speaks VOLUMES on your worldview.
Author: Dagal
Actually im talking about within 2 or 3 generations, but hey, whatever floats your boat.
Author: Daigal
Romeny is a dirty Mexican!!!!
Author: Feshura
I'm not weakminded like the liberals that listen to this muslim douche and msnbc for news.
Author: JoJodal
"I'm sure this combination of bigotry and lack of reading comprehension speaks VOLUMES on your worldview."
Author: Yosar
good luck with that then. And i honestly cant believe you just said incest is ok....
Author: Zolokus
He's half-black. But, figures, that's what folks like you would worry about. And define socialism since you're quick to throw the word around, genius.
Author: Kazrasida
And I'm not saying all whites are like this clown.... I'm saying ALL (R) are like this clown.
Author: Grogrel
No reporting on Ron Paul SWEEPING the GOP election? Fantastic news TYT. We thought you could have jumped on the revolution band wagon since you're at least against the federal reserve and the wars, but no. Stubborn selfish liberal fucks.
Author: Zusho
So? Is that a reason to put people who can in prison?
Author: Dujinn
I am confused.Do all married couples get tax benefits from the government?
Author: Balabar
I disagree to some degree Cenk, the relevance lies in his affiliation with a fucking insane theology.
Author: Togal
Origamy should be illegal.
Author: Taucage
this couldnt be anymore clear. they should tattoo hypocrite onto his forehead!
Author: Meztile
I love it when Romney talks about his grandfather and says he and his family were helped by the GOVERNMENT to get on their feet. Gee, aren't right-wingers always ranting about how the government should stay out of everything, and are always attacking people who rely on government aid?
Author: Shalkree
"They were helped by the government to get on their feet"? Is this a suggestion that the government can actually help people? That government is good? You see this kind of ideological contradictions pop up when you don't use a teleprompter. If Romney were SMART, he would follow Obama's brilliant example and use a teleprompter.