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Comments "News Today : PM Modi Making Major Changes In Cabinet":

Author: Kezuru
Rajdeep Ji.. your way journalism is indeed appreciable.. giving time to everyone to speak is very important
Author: Zolokinos
Retain ur respect in AP
Author: Fetaur
raj dhip sir ur speaking very well
Author: Kazracage
Modi is disgrace
Author: Taumuro
So that by giving some subsidy from govt cause min amount each can get training.
Author: Malagul
india news is all gup shuppy channel .their late nite stories are all bullshit ..plzz refrain from airing such made up stories
Author: Mim
Author: Gazragore
If Criminals entering in to Politics
Author: Dikus
1st is lack of knowledge lead skill training from skill minister.
Author: Nezshura
Very good
Author: Magal
For whom he is encouraging
Author: Kajigami
Sab se badi persani to ye hai ki sare student muh dekh rhe hai intjar kr rhe hai ki kb paisa hoga to ghus dekr job lenge jiske pass paisa nhi hai o kya krega tb to un sbhi log ki mehanat to brbad ho gai or jo paisa padhne me lga o to ho hi jayega barbad
Author: Arashigar
Author: Zule
Thora sa bhi kisi se contact hoti hai bolta hai job dila dunga lalu ho ya neetish ya narendra modi ye sb ghuskhor hai
Author: Jutilar
Will any body accept vulger Language in civilized society
Author: Ketilar
Congress is rising their voice
Author: Satilar
Or kitne log bhi to ye bhi khte hai hmare pass power hai mai job dila dunga kyu khte hai kyu bade bade log se unki contact hoti hai or jo padha likha hai o log bhais charayega
Author: Nizilkree
Do more
Author: Gror
going to good effect me
Author: Darr
Talk less
Author: Mezitaur
Author: Gardarisar
Good speech sir
Author: Nemuro
If ordinary & honest man entering in to Politics doesn't matter
Author: Met
Can't believe our world is in trouble. Dishonest politicians. Put an end now
Author: Yozshubei
Job ko lekr sirf prsani nhi persani ghotala ki hai
Author: Basar
Hamara comment kiya hua jarur reaply kjijiyega
Author: Vular
WORST decision by karnataka people, to elect bjp
Author: Samuzilkree
Author: Faur
Yehi to hai hamara bharat mahan
Author: Groshicage
If business man entering in to Politics
Author: Tulrajas
Thank you,
Author: Tojagami
Still there's no issues
Author: Faeshakar
AP state
Author: Voodoonris
I thought he was god gift
Author: Molar
Modi poocha "ab ki baar modi sarkaar" vusney sirf ek baar ke liye poocha aur log ne dee aur khatam. "Aur Eis Baar Modi Baahar
Author: Kazirr
He won't distrub the society
Author: Sharamar
Loot the public money
Author: Toran
To be frank when modi won
Author: Gardagore
Modiji please give one chance to do better in job placement in all sector
Author: Malagal
India today ne ek bahut hi nayab hira kho diya jiska nam punye prasun bajpaye h
Author: Nitaxe
Because he mind his own business
Author: Zulkigrel
Author: Tojasida
today good news good language thinking is easy
Author: Fegore
Regarding Job creation,
Author: Neshakar
Which we don't like
Author: Garan
Let Mody give a small time employment for MPs. Otherwise their dream of cabinet ministry may never become true being It's first and last chance of becoming ministry in BJP govt.
Author: Fenrirg
And easily get at least 50 percent job all scaleindustries.
Author: Mirisar
I willing to do this kind of work but family commitment not allow to do above mentioned work.
Author: Goshicage
He may try for little feviour from govt
Author: Mulmaran
We want jobs for educated young Indians, financial assistance to Indian farmers,.
Author: Mikarisar
Aristocrat politician in Indian Politics
Author: Shaktizragore
So that all school and collage s and individual start doing exercise to get job.
Author: Tygogrel
Really felt very bad
Author: Voodoosho
Don't be egoistic
Author: Shajas
Best example
Author: Samugrel
Example still using old skill training and basic out of date training is doing from NGO and other lobby organisation getting benefit by doing skill training which is not relevant to advance companies.
Author: Garg
4th one, for poor and unskilled Lower people make them easy by giving free training and also give stifund during training will help them get advance technology will help them to get good jobs because training is relavent per current scale industries or other sector.
Author: Goltinos
Magar plan sahi Nahi tha.
Author: Arashikasa
He is d non performing minister in the cabinet.
Author: Gardat
Let's watch whether lol sabha MPs are make ministers or bring some one from rajya sabha.
Author: Sam
Bloody media bikaoooo haiiiii
Author: Vubar
Surely no
Author: Shaktigal
Because of ur attitude
Author: Sasar
and last but not the least the man himself Mr Shashi Taroor another legend !
Author: Gutaur
Me lga obhi brbad hoga
Author: Malakree
Rajdeep Sardesai ka mooh hua kaala.
Author: Nebar
Chuthiya Rajdeep
Author: Zulujinn
Be humble modiji
Author: Samurg
google democratic accent
Author: Baramar
May help to get jobs
Author: Tygoktilar
2nd Must collect all details of training related information from small scale medium scale and MNC companies and call companies and consultancies to do training relavant as I mentioned.
Author: Tygor
Modi is blank skull and hollow head and Faku
Author: Akinojinn
If u come to Amarawathi
Author: Faekinos
Good speech
Author: Faer
I believe in action and result
Author: Kazigul
Is there any way to sue this media channels like aaj tak , indiatoday , times now etc . Cos on tv these channels waste lots of our time showing ads again amd again. Instead of showing the facts i.e news they are acting like entertainment channels . Trying to build suspense and all. And for god sake how many breaks will you guys take . News is of less than 2 mins but break is more than 5 mins. Please show some standards.
Author: Guzilkree
And uses nasty Language against counter parts
Author: Mezigar
Now Iam contributing some extent in my place
Author: Tataxe
3 rd point, same way generate gvt jobs by doing advance as per current scenario, here adding technologies in govt job and other easimation and costing per adopting new way maths or software , example Include SAP and other.
Author: Malajind
6th , Change the the syllabus and activities of education
Author: Brajora
7th, final one make each one must pass some physical interview during place meet of job
Author: Kegis
Distrub the society
Author: Groran
Jb tk ghuslhori khatam nhi hoga kabhi india taraki nhi krega kyu ghuskhori log ke pass nhi to insaniyat hoti hai nhi to imandari hoti or knowledge hoti
Author: Muzilkree
Make all eduction in one stream and gave advance technology and basic level training as per automation and other level training
Author: Mikami
Daytatreya is from Telangana please make your facts right
Author: Zulugore
5th , creat job at agriculture and other sector by giving advance training to agri and other people
Author: Mujind
Author: Vogami
After observing his attitude towards AP
Author: Neran
Pacl ka news ak bar dikha d0 thanks for news
Author: Yorg
Still there's no issues
Author: Vudoshura
Dhongi again on his way to fool ppl. At first they were unable to create job, busy in Election and now just before 2019 Election he realized that they fail to keep their promise. Shity Govt. Fool ppl
Author: Dijin
Problems will be solved
Author: Mikall
@Niladri Banerjee,,,, I absolutely agree with u. Rajdeeb is such a telented and well articulated person. I also like listening to Mr Pavan Kumar Verma Ji,,,what a speaker he is!
Author: Kitaur
Author: Goltirn
Author: Vujas
Modiji last mission sahi tha,
Author: Akinorisar
isko chashma lag gaya par dekhney ka nazariya abhi bhi corrupt hai.