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Comments "Motive For Why BILL HICKS Changed His Name To ALEX JONES (waking life connection)":

Author: Mule
I don't know for sure whether bill hicks is alex jones, but the whole thing is really weird. Just as I can't say for sure that he is NOT bill hicks, i'm still very skeptical though.
Author: Vojind
your blocked for offensive language
Author: Gajas
Very good analysis. I've looked into this as well. One of my biggest problems is that the youth and child pictures of Alex Jones... They look like Alex Jones. And the youth in child pictures of Bill Hicks do not look like Alex Jones.
Author: Zulunos
old jones  sounds like bill hicks.
Author: Tojanos
Hi ncbookz, When I disregard all the reasons many people say they think Jones is Bill Hicks, I notice the micro expressions. The non spoken communication sets my BS meter off, gives me reason to suspect Jones could be Hicks. Try turning off the volume. Examine the language rather than the looks. I agree with the observation on the dental comparison.
Author: Meztilrajas
Bill Hicks is Alex Jones - The Satanic Deception
Author: Meramar
Hicks could grow a beard ... Jones couldn't grow one to save his fkn life.
Author: Vir
youre so right about him never admitting not being bill hicks what he does when approach w the ? of being anything hes not is this , admits he is, but in sarcasim ha , he did the same thing when asked on air about being a cia , at frst , no response , then admits but only in sarcasm , absolute GENIUS in comedy style , and( getting out of a lie ) a rule of the greats ! Steven Colbe'rt does the same thing to the point where you have no idea what he "really " beleives ,as he does ive noticed jone
Author: Ninos
If it is Bill Hicks, he's obviously putting on a voice... he would have had plastic surgery and everything too...
Author: Gardadal
The biggest problem is that their voices are totally different. BUT if you listen to alex jones, his voice is oddly croaky and baritone like, as if it may have been altered somehow.
Author: Mushicage
One million lobotomies couldn't turn Bill Hicks into POS Alex Jones.
Author: Shakara
Jones is more likely closer to being Kinison, than he is Hicks
Author: Vudozuru
maybe Alex was the one that died from the cancer and Hicks was called to take over. But they did a a benefit to get out of comedy and take on a irrupting protagonist.
Author: Fausida
ok let me get this straight. They both lived in texas. They both had the same best friend Kevin Booth. They both talked about the new world order. AND they look identical? what are the chances? Kevin booth said that bill hicks was working on a rush limbaugh like character right before his death? coincidence? And Alex looks ten years older than his reported age, when he was reportedly 30, he looked 40. Also, the 1997 radio program where he is reportedly 22 years old is strange, way too knowledgeable to be a dumb college aged senior.
Author: Shakakree
Dude this video is awesome
Author: Samulrajas
Alex Jones certainly is not 40 . Looks more like 50. So , what happened to the real Alex Jones. I have not found any photos of a sick Bill Hicks
Author: Sall
I haven't really looked into the whole, Alex Jones is Bill Hicks much. I've seen the freeze frame dental pics, which if it's real I'll be convinced, but I'll have to check out some Bill Hicks performances/videos, which I'm sure they'll eventually do a close up where I can see his teeth for myself. They each have the same gap, but if the other teeth pan out the odds are beyond astronomical. Which brings me to my point... if that's the case, why does everyone assume that it would be a conscious decision for Bill Hicks?
Author: Nirg
The real alex jones is dead.
Author: Niran
There is 100 percent Truth, the teeth are the main clue. The death certificate is the other clue. Bill Hicks is Alex Jones----the rabbit hole gets bigger and wider.
Author: Nitaxe
There is real truth out there,stop watching Jones...he is poison to the soul...go to shakeandwakeradio dot com for the real story
Author: Grokazahn
If it is so, I'm extremely skeptical that Bill Hicks did so willingly. I'm all too familiar with his stand up acts and his many discussion topics throughout his life (being anti-establishment to say the least) with his last being his genuine outrage and outspokenness on the Waco incident. I would have to strongly lean towards his outspokenness on the Waco incident causing his murder, or if he is Alex Jones, it led him to be mind controlled/brain washed and/or other technologies we are not aware of were used on him.
Author: Nagami
Bill Hicks would eat Alex Jones for lunch! You foolish ones don't even know what you're talking about! good god I have seen Alex bill would not subscribe to the Jones fiber. Bill died for our sins! And you foolish ones are really giving yourselves the reach around.
Author: Tebar
Also interesting to me is that when Alex Jones was on the radio at age 22... He had quite the southern accent. Aside from that, I can hardly listen to him now because his voice is so damaged it sounds painful.
Author: Tojasho
Alex Jones admits to being Bill hicks
Author: Mikaran
Best theory I've heard yet. Until I saw your video, I thought he was just a used up CIA MK Ultra, throwaway, or a misinformation junkie. I follow his channel, but this Bill Hicks thing has really messed me up...