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Comments "Mom quits drinking soda, loses 115 pounds!":

Author: Meztilmaran
Trust me when I say this: You WILL lose weight if you stop drinking soda.
Author: Digal
She’s lying she was doing crack
Author: Vulabar
I'm on day 5 no soda... I've tried several times to quit but this time I'm done, I'm sick of being addicted to soda.
Author: Samura
8 days strong💪
Author: Kazill
I'm going to try quit drinking Coke, but I like to have the carbonated drink. One thing I like it Orange Pop, so what I am doing is drinking sparkling water with orange MIO Squirt, and I swear to god it tastes IDENTICAL to Orange Pop without all the sugar.
Author: Menris
I will share a true story about my life. Last November 2017. My blood lab results my doctor said my liver enzymes where high. I was 335lbs. Mostly in my big gut. The next step after high liver enzmes is liver failure. I live right near a gym. I've runned on and off for a 11 years. Week after my November blood lab results I got a gym membership. I once again started running again on the gyms treadmill. I've been running once again non-stop for 11 months now. And this spring I saw my doctor six months later for my routine blood lab tests, and I kid you not my liver enzymes she said our normal now. I lost 35lbs in 11 months. That's including healthy diet as the profession I work in the food industry I know what's healthy and not. I have so much natural energy from running I don't even crave soda for caffeine high. And if you are going through caffeine withdrawl go on Amazon and keyword search a drink called Avaite. all it is, is water and green coffee beans which include caffeine. It has zero grams of sugar. It comes in 45mg caffeine, 90mg and 125mg. The FDA says 400mg of caffeine a day is maximum amount to be safe. This will help start you to get off caffeine addiction in a healthy way. Also now on the treadmill I run 60 minutes straight that's as high as the treadmill allows you to run on a single session. And I run it at 4.5 speed a very fast speed non-stop. With a Military Camelbak (look them up) on me to constantly hydrate myself with Essentia water which is 9.5 PH Alkaline level to keep you constantly hydrated. My legs are super strong and rock solid muscle, my doctor said my lungs sound great, and my endurance is top notch, first class. I'm typing this comment so late night because I can't fall asleep I have so much natural energy from running my body doesn't even need or crave caffeine to have that constant stimulating high. Once I lose my gut I will lose about 50lbs. I'm on the right track. Just some good advice from a former pop junkie. Now a gym nut. Best luck to everybody struggling with pop. You can do this.
Author: Dazragore
I stopped drinking soda three weeks ago and I already lost 5 pounds.
Author: Tojataxe
i wont drink soda for 1 month for every like
Author: Taulkree
I lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks after quiting soda. Plenty of water and walking is the key.
Author: Mazugor
I have quit drinking soda for the past year and nothing has changed! XD
Author: Felkree
Stopped drinking soda 2 weeks ago feel way better and less bloated
Author: Niramar
Yeep she describes me to a T lol...soda is soooooo bad for every organ in your body. I realizing as well, when I don't drink soda I make better food choices. I eat less junk food without soda then with soda. Feeling better every day..and in a couple of weeks I will take a look at my weight standings.
Author: Tajin
Diet pop has no health benefits, actually it seems to do more harm than good.
Author: Gatilar
I've seen the difference I'm not bloated I've lost weight but damn my body feels so different and you have good days and bad
Author: Meztibar
Diet Coke is worse than normal coke
Author: Doum
I stopped drinking soda for a while and I got my libido back and better. Then I drank soda again and I gained weights and got tired. That's just old age and not the soda. I'm 45. What do you think?
Author: Faelmaran
I was addicted to soda too I've stopped drinking it going on 3 days now lol
Author: Fenrishura
I had to quit soda cold turkey. I'm bearly a week in and I already feel less gassy and now my digestive system is getting regular again.
Author: Tuzuru
she probably drank gallon of soda a day
Author: Aragar
On May 11 of 2017, I weighed 244 pounds. Today, September 1 of 2017, I weigh 227 pounds. All I did to lose this weight was not drinking soda. I didn't even exercise. Before, I used to drink than a whole 3-liter of Cola every 1 to 2 days. I'm not gonna lie, at first it was rough. I would constantly crave it every day but around 2 weeks later, I stopped craving it. All I drink now is carbonated water, which is an excellent substitute for soda because it still gives you the fizzy feeling, and it's 100 times better and healthier for you than soda.
Author: Tagore
I totally relate. I just quit soda, I would keep it next to my bed and drink it first thing in the morning
Author: Voodoolabar
I stop drinking soda for 6 months and I got taller and I am 15 and my pimpulse were gone soory 4 the spelling and it's easy 2 stop
Author: Brasar
soda is the devil!!!
Author: Tasida
I drink a 2 liter of mnt dew a day. Thats the equivalent of the displacement of the everyday honda. In soda. Ive been off of it for only 3 days and feel amazing.
Author: Tosar
I will say the first two weeks of not drinking soda is difficult because your body will crave the taste and sugar soda to me is addicting as smoking
Author: Arataxe
Who wants to be my quit soda buddy? We help each other out?
Author: Vojas
That explains alot i run 10k about 3-4 times a week and on the scale nothing changed and i felt like a balloon most of the day. i havent had a soft drink in 9 days and i feel alot better hopefully i can leave soda behind becasue i was drinking like 6 cans a day or 2 bottles a day.
Author: Shashicage
Sodas have so much sugar your body wants to reject it by vomiting it out BUT the food chemists added phosphoric acid in order to stop you from throwing it up. There's no other reason to add it but to fool you into wanting their product.
Author: Mit
I became addicted to monsters. I have 4 kids (ages 6, 3, 2, and 2 months). I drink 1 to 2 a day. I know they are bad for me so dont need that comment. And to make things worse.. Im breast feeding (the caffein dont seem to bother her but still know i need to stop) i feel so out of energy without them. I am going to do my best to stop drinking them starting now and especially because i am the heaviest i ever been. I guess i will update in a month and let yall know how well it worked
Author: Sat
Four days with out monster for me so far. I'm craving them like no tomorrow. Try ing to go.for five days.
Author: Shataxe
How long did it take for her to lose that weight?
Author: Fekora
I drank soda every time we ate out and at the cinema. It was about 1 every 2 weeks. Now I have had it eliminated started December of last year till now with no soda ever. No difference appeared I also replaced to only water. I have eliminated desserts for new years start and have had 1 cookie per month occasionally or 1 piece of Hershey chocolate dark that's it. Why is it that I'm not losing any weight? I'm a high schooler .
Author: Kazizshura
I quite drinking soda since 2013 ..and nothing got changed.
Author: Gazahn
But she still is drinking pop...
Author: Faujinn
Edit: It's now been one month for me without soda 😊
Author: Negrel
It was hard for me to stop drinking soda. I would always crave it. But now, if I really crave it, I would only take a sip and tell myself it tastes gross and flat. It sounds dumb but it helps me. So far I’m doing well with it
Author: Mazujas
Hello friends well it's been 6 months ago I'm not going back staying away from them forever
Author: Yokora
ive stoped drinking soda im on my 5th day wish me luck.This video gives me hope i am over 215 and im 14 years old. i hope i can do this );