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Comments "Massive spider Aragog goes viral":

Author: Bragor
Hell to the NO. I would get a 12 gauge for that thing!
Author: Tukasa
gotta throw away the hole house now
Author: Vozshura
worry more about the red back these little guys
Author: Zoloramar
Your body will decaaaaaaaaaaay
Author: JoJogore
i like this because it is Harry Potter related lol
Author: Doull
Aragog did not deny his children fresh meat
Author: Dabar
Solution: Don't live in Australia
Author: Yozshusho
Author: Mooguhn
Arania Exumai!
Author: Taura
Poor cat😂🤣🤣🤣He had the expression on his face of "this ain't my problem"
Author: Mukasa
Here in Australia spiders kill us
Author: Samujas
1 of the reasons why I refuse to go to Australia
Author: Dozahn
😨That is one trip I'm not takin! I already hate spiders with a vengeance, but this one may jus spook me into a fear coma from the shear shock😫😵
Author: JoJokinos
" Goodbye, friends of Hagrid "
Author: Akidal
I'm a friend of Hagrid
Author: Keshicage
Arania Exumai
Author: Mauzil
NOT THE NEWS, a huntsman spider, really? Come on I'm from Australia, and they don't get anywhere near ten inches, maybe at a stretch 6 inches across. Anyway they are not poisonous, and I should know I've been bitten by on, and all I felt was a sting like an ant bite.
Author: Bakree
Its a little one
Author: Zululabar
Smash it with what ? a bulldozer
Author: Gukazahn
Of course the video is from Australia 🙃